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1. Through The Door Of Time

As I walk
Through the door of time
I knew what I have been and
What I've become
So many lives
And experiences
To reach this stage
To Be Awake
Now I've returned
Down to the Earth
As a Messenger
As the Door Keeper
Now Understand
That life is endless
And your body
Is a leaf upon a tree
Deeper you've fallen (The soul of chaos)
Higher you'll be rising (The Heart of the Lion)
Death is a dream (The Cycle of time)
The leaf is also the tree (The All in one)
As I walked
Through the Door of Time
I knew what you've been
And What you've become
You will return
Down to this Earth
As a Messenger
As the Key Bearer

2. Dark Wings Of Deception

Speaking to the Gods
All the truth they cannot see
I know the cost
That I pay to be the one
I spread my wings in the dark
Cloaking my light with the night
To take the hand
Of all the ones who've fallen
I use the Dark Arts
Casting out deception
A silent flight in the night
You only know when I strike
Walking in the world of sorrow
Walking Among the Shadows
Waking the dead is my goal

3. The Threshold


4. Behind The Mask

At your side I've always been
You were blinded by the belief
Too blind to see that I was here
Too blind to see that I was near
Let me see deep in your heart
Cause I am the light guiding your path
I am the one who's from the sun
Take my hand and follow me
To a land where you'll be free
Behind the Mask of anyone
It's your true self that you will find
Leaving the mark
Leaving the mass

5. Calling The Spirits


6. The Sacred Medicines

Given by the one
For those with pure heart
The gift of power
From the creation
"Around the sacred fire we are gathering singing our chants with a clear
voice to call upon the four directions to call upon the Great Spirit"
Mother, I call you the Earth
Father, I all you the sky
Brothers the air in the sea, on the lands
Share with me, your mysteries
Respecting all forms of life
Respecting even the night
Life is within everything
Night is a part of our being
Around the circle we smoke the pipe
Friend of the eagle in the sky
Those are the Sacred Medicines
Mitakuye Oyassin

7. The Pillar Of Balance


8. Quetzalcoalt

Descending from the sky
To guide them out of t he dark
Thousands of years have passed
And he returns at last
Flying (Through the times)
Guiding (In the hearts)
Hiding (Waiting for the time)
Rising (Wings of the light)
Venimous love
Translated by the words
Wisdom of the past
Reflected in his acts
For the ones who talk with the spirits
For the ones who walk among the fields
For the ones who are grateful to the sun
For the ones who know his true form
The enserald light
Coming from the heart
Soon will be a rebirth
For the people of this Earth
The time has come for my people
Raise your head and be proud
Your call has been heard
By the divine that I serve
As long as your heart understands
That I'm the one who has been sent
To connect you hand in hand
With the one which you descend

9. Quest For Vision

Let me be with the flames
That I can be my worst enemy
I'm taking root within the body
This nature where I become a man
Alone in the dark
All the creatures are around
Scream and cry in vain
It's the mind who suffocates
The illusions are strong
So many things are wrong
In this world of hatred
Faith in you
The visions are true
Stronger in the dark
With the spirits now you are bound
Singing your new faith
It's your true name they evocate
Faith in you
The visions are true
Your power is true
The vision is you

10. Dreaming


11. Temple Of The Sun

Entering by the crown
Connected with the Divine
Filling your soul
Putting you in control
To speak without the mind
To speak no more lies
Healing everyting
That's been hurting
Awaken from the bottom
Lighting the seven suns
Rising to the top, all the doors are now open
For the one
Channeling, that pillar of light
From Beyond
Who will dare to be the first
Who will dare to cross the threshold
Who will dare become a God
In the Temple of the Sun
There is no more fear
There is no more hatred
There is no need for all that pain
Where love has been awakened
Love is a state
Starting with faith
Open your eyes
Dare be the one

Rob the Witch: Guitars/ Vocals/ Keybaords/ Additional Percussion
Dominik: Bass
Rick: Drums/ Percussion

Thanks to ride_the_lightning_141 for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to nexa666 for correcting track #4 lyrics.

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