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1. Come Hell or High Water

Unmask the ageless nemesis,
The numbing face of death,
and we shall gaze into its eyes.
For we are ruthless, malign descendants
With our purpose re-devised.

Now, begins our reign as lords of our domain.
We shall be victorious again.
We are the draw of your last breath,
Fearless in the face of death.

For the gift of a kill,
Dead and yet still we live to die.

Felblown winds are propelling us towards the great beyond,
Where virtue's value is untold.
Here at life's ending
Grimly ascending,
A test of strength upon the soul.

Now, bring down the rain and drown in our disdain!
We shall be victorious again.
We are the draw of your last breath
Fearless in the face of death

For the gift of a kill,
Dead and yet still we live to die.

Come hell or high water,
For we shall bring both!

I once was man,
Now I am one.
In death is life:
We are reborn as gods.

[Solo: Carcarrion]

Now, here at the end of every fucking thing:
We shall be victorious again.
We are the dark that stalks the stars.
We are necronautical.

For the gift of a kill,
Dead and yet still we live to die.

2. Black Sea Misanthropy

Great mother of this wretched earth,
Our call to thee;
"Extend across these wasted lands; Reclaim totality"
Swift tides align to take the world beneath their deathly stride,
Floods rise god-sized here at the end of time.

Death set upon your world.
Behold the great apocalypse unfurled.
Arise, O mighty ocean!
A deluge to slake, leave none in your wake,
And so our extinguishing will shall be done.

Bring it down, you raging ocean waves!
Come forth, eradicate these slaves.
Bring it down; reclaim the lives of man
From whence they were birthed, returned to the earth
Black sea misanthropy rise!
Bring it down.

Re-awaken the leviathan that lurks in the black abyss,
Release the waters of the polar circles from winter's grip.
Defy! Divide! The common enemy is humankind;
Define divine when they all dead do lie.

Death set upon your world.
Bare witness to the cleansing of earth.
Arise, O mighty ocean!
Saltwater's the cure, so cold and so pure,
And so our extinguishing will shall be done.

And when no morning comes,
A new day rises for the worthy ones
We are as legend to the world long-gone,
Where the rain falls forever…

3. Ghosts of Men

As civilizations rotted beneath the waves,
We ventured forth; unto eternity!
No star did guide us 'cross the endless sea,
Yet faded lights did beckon me.

And as I sought their origin I was drawn nearer,
A manifestation of cadavers became clearer;
A sea of spirits, an ectoplasmic mass:
The culmination of the age of man.

All of a sudden, the wisps and wraiths encircled us
Their hollow visages unearthly glowed
As bright as fire, pearlescent white hot rage
Yet never strong enough to break death's cage

They are the ghosts of men,
In servitude, they seek their promised heavens.
Deathly ghosts of men;
Here you'll wait, to haunt this world, to know forever.

Our wake spewed murder as we slogged further on,
The prow stained black with filth of ages gone,
The keel cut through their bloated corpses as water
Yet still their essences remained in pursuit of their course.

Like a typhoon, the ghostly lanterns swelled and soared,
The winds grew strong and mangled limbs were blown on board.
Sallow and faceless, a mirror of their fate;
To go unknown and die in plight,

Ignis Fatuus, you have no power here,
We'll rend your spirit, just as we purged your world.
All proved unworthy; they could not save themselves
From the maelstrom, the high waters of hell!

[Solo: Naut]

Then one spirit materialised from the flecks of bloody foam upon the deck.
Yet it was stifled bound within the grip of a noose still around its neck
It gave a warning. It went unheeded.
For what of theirs would we wish to hear?
They're worthless, like the bodies left for gulls to tear apart.
Worthless like the scraps of bone picked clean by crabs,
Worthless bloody remnants of a culture made of nothing.
Worthless like it fucking always was.

We are the ones who remain!

4. Dominion

When the darkness is cast onto the light,
Your peace becomes illusion obscuring liberation,
Where hope is lost
When blood runs black as night
Our distant call to you
Is beckoning infernal flights

Dominion in death,
Dominion here after life,
Your will is our own
Salvation lies in the unknown

Descending down the endless spiral,
Into the void beyond the farthest borders,
Embrace us now you callow scion,
Find consciousness and freedom at the end of time

Cross the waters amassed by the damned
Incessant piety corrupting our divinity
Beyond the fires of your internal hell
The angels mourn for you as we ascend oblivion

And as the heavens burn
We shall transcend the empyrean
As interstellar elite
We have proclaimed our dominion

5. Abyssal Gigantism

I conjure, I address, I exorcise,
The divine right.
Come and obey,
Behold the symbols and names:
All nine sides

Abyssal Gigantism,
Abyssal Gigantism,
Unholy atavism,
Abyssal Gigantism.

Before the throne of a forgotten god.
Beseech the onset condemnation.
The genesis of evolution,
It was all your conjuration.

I abhor, I exalt, I abjure
Your counterfeits.
Come and obey,
The designated ground awaits.
All thirteen circles,

(Solo: Naut)

"...and they will then immediately talk with thee, as a friend speaketh unto a friend. Ask of them all that thou desirest, with constancy, firmness and assurance, and they will obey thee. But if they appear not yet, let not the master on that account lose his courage, for there is nothing in the world stronger and of greater force to overawe the spirits than constancy. Let him, however, re-examine and reform the circle, and let him take up a little dust of the earth, which he shall cast out towards the four quarters of the universe. And having placed his knife upon the ground, let him say upon his knees, turning towards the direction of the north, that it was all his own conjuration..."

6. Pride in the Great Colossus

Pride in the great colossus, made great as the task commands,
Wrought by the strength and power of bloody hands,
Carved from the black obsidian of the leviathan's tomb;
God of unholy nightmares, grotesquely hewn,

This is the coming of the end,
The herald of the last divide,
The avatar begat by all.
There is no lunacy in pride

In the great colossus,
Like Eve from within us grown.
Bred from a million victims, each gave their bones.
Spawn of abyssal giants, chaos become flesh in form.
Forged in the depths of the glacier: undeath reborn,

If pride is a sin, then all are as guilty as Him.

[Solo: Carcarrion]

All hail the great colossal one,
All hail the profane congress between gods and men: "Futui post mortem!"
All hail the great leviathan,
All hail the golem carcass,
The nashamah breath for the titan of death.
All hail the great colossal one,
All hail the dark catharsis.
Purgation of sin through indulgence in.
All hail the great leviathan,
All hail the coming harvest of the weak and the failed,
To add to the one who is hailed!

Pride in the great colossus, unleashed upon the waning world,
Scourge of the weak and wretched, pathetic churls,
Guard of the new Gehenna,
Overlord and minister of your baptism of fire at the end of all.

7. The Heroic Age of Antartic Exploration

Treacherous and virginal;
The endless wild hath spake its call,
Our yearning souls were seeking the unknown,
To go beyond the shoals to forever roam.
Wanderlust had brought us here,
Far away from the mundane,
Wives and lovers wept their farewells;
Never would we return again.

Fate set all our souls aflame!
Polar champions we were named.
Long before the heroic age,
Antarctica flowed in our veins.

Nothing left, not a tale untold,
Within the confines of this earth,
Only onward through the endless cold,
Destined for uncertain berth,
Yet still we dreamed of the unconquerable,
The platform for immortal life,
Legend's seed, gave us urgency, and so we stand
Dead at sea until the end!

[Solo: Naut]
[Solo: Carcarrion]
[Solo: Naut]

As Hell froze over we arrived,
Upon the shore of the other side
On the unholy mountain of eternal battle: Erebus, we'd stand,
To look upon the fractured mirror of existence,
Our destiny was upon us,
The prophecy is what we'd carve.
The ascension from mortal man to transcendence,
The earth sinks forever under black sea misanthropy.

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