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1. All Is Vanity

Beyond the veil I see time's purpose in the passing
Imagined visions left congealing on the stone
’neath which the ritual, the old convention
Dispels the glamour of the corpse upon the throne

Born to a failed prophecy
All they knew was a fallacy
Their eyes turned blind in disbelief
To the higher truth: All is vanity

All empires fall into obscurity
All horizons fail
The more I know the less I hope

Your every action is indifference,
And progenation is the tritest of them all.
The seed they scatter, begetting vessels,
Filled with the hollow promise of a false eternity

Graven in the image of the godhead
Wrought by benefactors of the creed
Whether robed in flesh of flock or shepherd
All is vanity

All empires fall into obscurity
All horizons fail
The more I know the less I hope

All is vanity
All is vanity
All is vanity

Covenants to empower and enslave
In false worth of life
In flock of Christ
Behind the gilt conceit
We bear the earth forged manacles of faiths great treachery
Great darkness lies ‘neath marble skies
So thinly veiled, I implore once more; apostasy!
What does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sun?
A parable to clutch?
This world a monument to shame
All is vanity
A striving after wind
All monotony
The more I know; all is vanity!
All empires fall into obscurity
All horizons fail
The more I know the less I hope

2. Nihil Sub Sole Novum

An ancient sun rises 'cross the sky,
As on this world as any other,
And hasteless turns the dial of days.
In everything there is an apathy

All rivers run and are returned
And yet the sea is never full.
The clever moon will roll the tides
And still its grip will ever pull.
The gales will rage and then relent
But wind will never want for breath.
The forests burn and are rebirthed
Their roots will feed upon our death.
No end to reconcile my anguish
Nihil sub sole novum
What has been before will be again
Nihil sub sole novum
Nunc vadam iterum

In all I feel is apathy
These cruel reverberations are but echoes of the dawn
Ah! The crimson fire reveals and etches truth upon my bones

The constant rewriting in the ages before us
Implicit in the vein, here in his nebula of dust

There came no end to reconcile my anguish
Nihil sub sole novum
What has been before will be again
Nihil sub sole novum

Whilst ever present; this hell is cyclical.
The cost of promise is to fork the path
I chose this burning curiosity,
A searing word to leave upon the page.

3. Lure of the Abyss

It dwells in the esoteric,
The realm of astral thoughts
Latched upon the thinker's art
Scheming for the source.
Engorged by stolen doctrines
Its malignance beckons forth
Now, manifest
Anthropomorphized force

Throned without will for ascension
Quenched by drought in a thirst for truth
For what was I but a spec of dirt within the dust?
Cast aside to return an empty ambivalent soul

When the spark is liberated
As from the cradle torn
The darkness shapes a vacant persona
His nothingness is born.
Behold his lack of lips to read,
His numbing face forlorn.
Grotesque simulacrum of none
Whose coming dulls the dawn

To know the lure of the abyss
Is transformation of the self
The gnosis of reality: a compromise
How can you reconcile the brevity of a single life
With the grander story of humanity?
Glib aphorisms won't suffice!

To resist the abyssal allure
Is to deny the human condition
I persist, the old ideal anew
In exaltation of the null

4. Apotheosis

I reject your veneration
Condemn your lack of vision
No facet of man would suffice to sate deification
Bearing the fools' derision
No prophet am I but the brunt of a tongue
I deify your indecision
Your emptiness, your apathy, your flaws

We all have to fall
To ever survive
Your loftiest goals reduced to last rites

All believers reap their reward
Or are cast into the wilderness
Exiled from fate's illusion
The borders of reality's choke-hold

The burden of faith:
You cling to the old,
Where god had a face, but never was whole.
The price of your prayers repaid evermore
The rapturous stare ‘cross the cosmos and into the void.

Witness the end of all ends
When all becomes grey

You chose not to see the sack-clothed souls compete
Mourning, wailing, down on their knees
Seeking some closure for faith but failing again
The endgame concealed
All purpose is lost
The journey is only beginning

Rich in the scorn of their gaze
Locked in their master's embrace

Writhe in the ash of the son
And so it is done

All of your pitiful lives
Building to this moment
Tangential entity
Behold the new king, the same as the old
Long live his subjugation
Exalt irresolution
Rid of the burden of proof
In this apotheosis

5. Totentanz

In the embodiment of liberty
That all are free to endure
Come now, take part in the coming valuation
Of the great leveler's cure
For those of noble descent
Deigned to descend with the mongrels of chance
All shall be equal again
In amoral finality
In your cosmic irrelevance

Come lambs and wolves
Repeat until we fade
All of our impetus is unmade

Who was the wise man and who was the fool?
Now reconciled in the lifeless brotherhood.
Who was the king and who was the pawn?
All your distinctions are lost to the soil
Whatever adorned you has dulled
Its lustre annulled
'Neath the pathways of worms
Into the archival void
An unchanging force
Hail the triptych, hail the fourth!

Come lambs and wolves
Repeat until we fade
All of our impetus is unmade

Irrational creature
You who sought your reward
There is no escaping this fate
From becoming at one with the void

6. Here Begins the Fall

The steadfast stone engraved with hypocrisy
Imposed upon the right to exist
An obelisk to appease atrocity
Commanding awe to compel you to forgive

The cult of the selfless
A moralist front
To redefine virtue as the serving of vice

Oblivion becomes your final measure of faith

The cosmic guilt of which their code's comprised
That their revelation is in conflict with your will

Upon false foundations
an unchanging law of self-immolation
That you must destroy yourself to be pure
Here begins the fall

Inaction built these walls, our indifference monolithic
An endless penance for a crime yet uncommitted.
Here begins the fall

A sin without volition, shows inherent flaws
In the stonework of the prison, here begins the fall.

We are but animals born to be sacrificed
Upon the altar of altruism
All default to exaltation
As one, all abide
At one, all await
The promises empty, the solace is broken again
Slaved by this mystical deceit

Values enshrined that self-abnegation is spiritual
Our every impulse is denied.

7. The Endless Spiral

Every revelation
Was written in the stars long before
To challenge the account of lived experience
Separate strands of being are not a shared reality

And so to perceive our course
One must exist outside of its bonds

Tangential lives
Spiral ever in 'til their demise
Our seething hearts drift atop the flow
Warped by introspection, beyond all recognition

Digressive lines dissipate
Touching only briefly if at all
To stay the fall
And if this cosmic wheel could narrate
Who would know the text but the author, the other?

Lucretius' javelin
Penetrates the fog
A chance encounter with infinity
The omnipresent past
Becomes the launching pad
So spread your wings towards the edge

Towards the edge of everything
Lost in the vast periphery
To seek the answer to the puzzle of our lives

In his elegant repose
Was existence paralleled?
Did we idly dream the world,
Our heaven and their hell?
Ancient logic thus demands
That all life come to its end
But the spiral ever delves
And the sky anew ascends...

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