Dark Lyrics


1. Vow Of Vengeance

Deep in the valley a vista of sorrow Stifling Choke Odour of Carrion Oil thick Smoke
Bodies twisted mounted upon broken spears Solitary figure stands amidst these battle
dead In absence of sound solitary tear falls Immense funeral pyre flames fill the air
Thousands roast staring their prayers left unsaid Silhouettes of birds of prey
cycle above their heads
Blood mass is spilt Thunder / Lightning
Bursts of life and ear drum Gathering of Night Wing
Blades slashing flesh Self sacrificing runs like a river forms a rune of enlightening
Scratched in the sand Dances through air
Vrill power consuming
Pledge Allegience Sour Vow of Vengeance Ascends a PHOENIX Ascending
Triumphant to his enemies end
Their blood fills their grail cleanses the land Angel of Darkness Death dealing hands

2. Black Seed Sown

Crows sing in cruel dark clouds Murder descending Cross red skies Parched wind
Howling in the ears of dust caked dead
Dreams rotting in a pit All spilt blood coughing Over / Death's caress
Clown God is Dead! Ascension through martyrdom
Beast is loose. Black Seed Sown. Bloom through blood rich soil
White flash of sonic doom. Tidal wave of blackened flesh
Cries of loss turn to dust CHAOS falsehood killed by truth
Utopian dreams Drown in piss With no other use
The Highways of abuse Burning pages of a book Nowhere left to look
Images of angels Impaled unpon red meat hooks
Aeons Come Aeons Die Chaos Lives forever...
Hope finds no consolation here for a word like never Seraphim set your worlds ablaze
Mince the holy cows Metal rusts in the whirlwinds of War / Fall to Dust
Black mist wake Shines trail of destruction Landscapes of entropy
Gates open for the Maggot King Kings return Death throne

3. Apostasies Legions Arise, XUL!

So you came to me for answers Hateful to utter laughing aloud
Here it stands defiled and proud stained of shroud and disembowelled
Out of the shadows where hate dwells kneel
Present your throat Shadows behind us gather
You looked sad, rolled your eyes
little girl Virus chewed host through passages hot burrows in furrows and sorrow
Did I scare you? Didn't find a shroud that fits you? Love the sound...
...As earth covers you. With no way out what else are you here for?
Cast aside in the whirlwinds of war Fly in Darkness
Expiring Cries pour the venom from my eyes

4. Under The Sign Of Life's Living End

Night times violent shadows consume you Predatory passions ignite
Sublime the sanguine that edges down your spine Your fading pulse beats merging
with mine Your subsiding breath fading pulse A kiss filled with need A need filled with
hunger Veins hymen broke over clotting black lace Shredded nylons pulled over your
pretty face The grass dies beneath you red flowers wilt cut moist glistening Nails
Lays to waste, like tainted teeth smiles Soiling Sex Sex Sex
Like leaks out Saw mascara smudge Missed a heart beat Your lords empty call
Osiris pact presents Immortal ends, What Joy! of infernal love Eternal laugh
When trends rot in fields of Mars
Sun shines Maggot blood Tree roots Under suns set
Under the ground Under the Sign of lifes living end, ever
Lifes living end for good and for Dog Under the earth awaiting Lillith's call
Bind Love Blind Hate Living in eternal wake

Steve Hughes — Drums
Morte — Vocals
Rev. Kriss Hades — Guitars
Greg Morelli (R.I.P. 2008) — Guitars

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