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1. Mute

I am Silence

I left it all to escape that misguided place
I left it all to erase that familiar face
Now surely I have nearly reached an end
Soon I'll be all alone in my own Quiet World

I'll mold a world to accept my condition (my condition will be odd no more)
I'll show it that we can be broken and at peace
I'll make my world understand my condition (my condition will be odd no more)
I'll embrace my sinister side (drown out all the noise)
Begin a new life

Ca-Ra-Zu Ni-Mu Pa-Tu
He has created us from a
Point of view we did not choose
We are all broken, singing

I can finally feel
That I belong
After all the shame and pain
My Quiet World is now complete

Behold my new dominion
You will understand

At last they all hear my voice
And this will make them see
That there is no being
In this world that will dare defy me

2. The Spark Of The Archon

THE ARCHON: So disimpassioned
Why can't we see there is more here?
More grandeur to life
We are all so uninspired
It seems that we've all given up
Content with hardly living life

I must find more
I must break free
I refuse to remain in this senseless cage with them
I must find more
But how can I break free?

My head is spinning with this one question
I have reached a dead end
There's not much more I can endure
Perhaps the only option I have is to jump
And abandon all of this

Oh Misery, you mercilessly
Keep weight on their wings
They won't fly free
But I've leapt from these clouds
And now the wind shows me a new way of life
And I forget all their problems quite easily
And I believe that such a leap will make them see
That their troubles are small and worth no woe at all
For there's salt in the sky as I lend myself to the sea

SINISTER SILENCE: You will never understand...

THE ARCHON: Oh Harmony, it seems I've found you in the sea
For now I see the complete spectrum
And I must bring this balance back home
We can now be complete

Ni-Mu, Pa-Tu


SINISTER SILENCE: Do you think you can defy me?
THE ARCHON: Sinister Silence, I am a god now too.
SINISTER SILENCE: You so-called "Archon" choose a path you can't amend.
THE ARCHON: No, surely we will never reach an end,
TOGETHER: for you will never understand...

3. Passage

I am marched to the gallows, for I've done so much wrong
She was just a child, but now
In Silence she lies
With all her innocence gone
I have begged for forgiveness 'till the days grew too long
For my mind and my soul to hold and endure the disgrace
But death will rid me of this state

Silence has called me back
To let me be with you at last
I'll feel your innocent face again
I won't hesitate to return
(Bring him back)

Bring me back
(Let this noose start your passage)
Bring me back!
(Let it bring you back!)
Bring me back, for I still long to see her
Without the weight of this misguided place
I will transcend thee
Misery, oh how I've wished to suspend thee
Harmony, I will befriend thee in death

What is this horrible place?
Why aren't my torments erased?
Where is my coveted piece of harmony?
They promised I'd feel your fair face

Oh Sinister, your trickery!
This was your plan along
Condemning me for my devilry
I was wrong
And now I know that there is no escape

I could beg for forgiveness as these foul winds howl on
But my soul is wreathed in black
Perhaps this is just where I belong

And finally I see her face
"My precious darling, how I've longed to hold you!"
But as my hands approach her face
She turns to a wraith to rule my fate
I am cursed to eternally face the sins I have wrought
Her eyes ablaze, she tells me I will never see light

4. Your Familiar Face

You and I
Could be entwined in love for the rest of our lives
And yet I can't begin
To utter words of my affection within (to you)

But love always finds a way to speak out
I'll write the words I can't form with my mouth
And I'll wait for you to change your mind
And to find - find the love you keep inside

I'll write you these letters that speak straight from my heart
I'll tell you my secrets and share all my dreams with you
But love is lost on you, as it seems
So I try to move on, but still
Your familiar face lingers around

You should be
Composing symphonies of love with me
And yet it's he and not me
This world was meant for only two and not three (two, not three)

I suppose it isn't your fault you don't care (not your fault you don't care)
'Cause no one said that this life would be fair
But when you scatter these letters across my heart ('cross his heart)
You leave (him) - leave me with a burning scar

I wrote you these letters that spoke straight from my heart
I told you my secrets and shared all my dreams with you
But love is meaningless, as it seems
So I try to move on, but still
Your familiar face lingers around

You will never understand what
It is like to be torn down and forgot
To live life ever needing what
Will forever be outside of your clutch
You have left me alone with my mind
You have left me to discover my sinister side

But still, your familiar face lingers around...

5. Come Hell Or High Water

I still think to myself and wonder if this was worth it
For it seems that these days I can't stand still for a moment
(I'm sick of drifting)
And my feet won't rest or re-oppress their pivoting
Oh Misery, your familiar face still lingers around
(Oh Harmony, I never see your face around)
Needless to say, I'm a victim of Lunacy
but that can't begin to explain how

This happened to me, for I still can't believe
That my life is now constantly pulsed in three
And now I can see

This vast devilry you've cast upon me
I'll be stuck in these steps for all eternity
And who would it be if it were not me?
My life once worth living is enslaved by treachery
It seems to be that Hell's high waters
Have brought forth to me an unspeakable horror

I can't seem to just stand in one place
And Misery won't loosen her callused grip
But if I trip, perhaps her hand could start to slip
And I've tried my best, but my feet, they will not rest
I'm oh so conscious and that's why Lunacy will tear me apart

Harmony, an unfamiliar face that now lingers around
Needless, so needless to say
That we're only victims after all
You help me keep these cursed legs from swaying all around
But this time, they'll agree with me

Oh surely this will contend with my misery
So I begin hacking through flesh and bone with fine cutlery
Now surely this will amend all my dignity
(I'm sick of drifting)
And as this weight is lifted, I'm now content as an amputee

You've used every moment to torment me
Now severed and screaming, I will at last be free

6. Chromatic Lights


7. Chromatic Aberration

The spectrum is wide
Through my opened eyes
The colors are a tide
Through the tide, my soul glides

But when the darkness arrives without warning, consuming my soul
The spectrum is lost
Only a wistful flicker of a heaviness of spirit remains
A longing for escape into the wide open spectrum once known

I turn my face for one damn second
And find myself deranged
Psychopathic, stumbling around in this hole

My spinning head no longer holds at bay the piercing cold
It comes rushing back
I am called to submit myself into emptiness
I will surrender now
And soon I will become what I have fought all my life
What I've always run from

With flashes of light, the spectrum returns
And my path is clear
And once again, I feel the tide
And through the tide my soul glides

Chromatic lights break through my jaded eyes
Though I falter now, there is hope
There is reason still
To hold fast and live to see this through
To fail to live my life now
I'd be failing more than myself
Than what I can see
Hold fast, and live to see this through

But there are memories of darkened times still haunting me at every turn
The fear is constantly calling me back
Despite my fevered cries for help
I'm left alone in nebulous black

Morbid moments never cease
Sinister Silence gnashes his teeth

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