Dark Lyrics


1. 911

you said this is far too much- better give it up
thoughtless deed you should’ve known
never will I let you go- never alive
sorry about all the mess I have done

sneaking around your house I open your door
I hide into closet I hear you go to bed
I walk slowly and quietly beside sleeping you
razors blade so beautiful at dark and it’s very cold

you can call 911
I really don’t care
she won’t get up
she’s very much dead

black winged creature comes down to me
she says I’m your long awaited insanity
whispering get’s louder in my room
there’s a hole in the wall couple of meters from me
I’m breaking thru to the other side
I’m slowly drifting from my sanity

she can’t breathe she looks me to my eye’s
razor blade is cutting deep blood flows free
I fucking hate this shit but this is what she needs
cheating liar bitch, this is something I must do

now she’s silent and she’s with me
she won’t get away because she is free
which one awaits, Satan or God
God please no, I don’t want to drown in blood


2. Ante Mortem

In my dreams I do what the fuck I want
go to places which don’t awake my hiding nature

it’s better feeling than this, there’s no windows barred

place with no shades, there my soul has no scars

distressed again, time to fade away
no men in black, or do you exist

in my dreams
I see things
I know something new
should I believe it

I know where I came from, and I should go back
they’re waiting for me, soon I’ll be gone

you will see what happened to me, I’ll be gone
you got all the time in the world, just think about it

you’ll be sorry, I know it already now
that doesn’t worry me, I’ll be far away

3. Deathwish

when i burn, do i bleed?
my eyes might boil, what would I see?
maybe my future, perhaps my past
senseless curiosity made me a loser

MESSAGE came beyond the grave
CHANCE to see all the world
A DEAL which I regret

you possessed my mind
you are the reason to these crimes
you oppressor of life
driving people toward genocide

just tell me one thing, did I have a choice
deathwish, just a silent voice
growing inqvisition and merciless mutilation
deathwish, just echo from my mind

you possessed my mind
you are the reason for these crimes
you oppressor of life
turning people towards genocide

4. Final Gathering

5. Lucy

It’s time to tell a tale

There was a girl who lived in south
and she had a terrible disease
she knew it would only take a year or two
she needed help but from who
she met a woman called Lucy Fur
in couple of days they became friends
Lucy said I have something I have to tell
does the word rebirth ring your bell

let the time begin
believe in me

you will be living in a icetower
everything you want you will receive
you will live above the society
no more wasted days and years
sign your name on this dotted line
let us have your life
I’m the one with cure for your disease
I’m the one who cares

let the time begin
believe in me

6. 14U

7. Pain Of Pleasure

strange looking cube,
terrible urge to twist
change my life
earn couple of extra bucks
ripping pain locking me with chains
changing my life to new direction

the game I shouldn’t play
the pain of pleasure and the pleasure of pain
I certainly won’t be free after this
extreme prejudice

four creatures from another level of life
what I want is what I get
so sad so painful dirty surgery
without anesthesia no mercy

the game I shouldn’t play
the pain of pleasure and the pleasure of pain
I certainly won’t be free after this
extreme prejudice

fear has no limits
they have arrived
when they have finished
the terror will begin

the pain of pleasure
the pain of pleasure

8. Realm Of Chaos


9. Silent Violence

10. Sunrise

I don’t know what I’m doing here
Why did they have to take me
I don’t see any action around
Just a green horizon ahead

The Sun rising

It was just another afternoon
The shadows were evil
Their faces seemed oddly deformed
They arrived in a big black car

The sun rising

They waited me in the livingroom
Their pride flowing out of them in waves
They took me away to fight this war
Proudly killing the enemy
Destroying all their plans

The sun rising

Waking in a mine field
There’s my enemy to kill
They won’t see me if I’m lucky enough
I can shoot them to their back
Just couple of meters and I’m

The blood red sunrise

11. Where Fears Reign

Jukka Kyrö – Guitars
Juha Vuorma – Bass
Pasi Pauanne – Drums
Markku Jokikokko – Guitars
Aku Raaska – Vocals

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