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1. Esclavo de la eternidad

Caminas sin importar a donde vas a ir
La penumbra de la cuadra no deja distinguir
Te das cuenta que estas solo y te armas de valor
No te detienes aunque el miedo ya te quiere vencer

Serás victima de la noche eternamente en la oscuridad
Victima de la noche sin esperanza de regresar

Sedientos de sangre a tu asecho esta
Dulce dolor el que sientes no puedes escapar
Pierdes los sentidos no puedes distinguir
La muerte te espera se acerca ya tu fin

Eres victima de la noche eternamente en la oscuridad
Victima de la noche sin esperanza de regresar

Pálida luz la que llena tu rostro
No se escucha latir ya tu corazón

Ya estas condenado a escapar de la luz
A matar por alimento, a sufrir sin dolor

Al anochecer, levantas la mirada
Y el brillo de la luna te hace suspirar
Sales a buscar placeres escondidos
Sangre que da vida a tu alma perdida

Espinas blancas entran en su piel
Suave caricia que la hace dormir
Pétalos rojos dejaras caer
Mientras apagas su vida
Sigues tu camino arrastrando dolor
Cerrando los ojos sin poder dormir
Eterno lamento de no poder ver
Otro amanecer

Ya eres victima de la noche eternamente en la oscuridad
Victima de la noche sin esperanza de regresar

2. Prision de cristal

Recuerdos viven en mi mente sin salir
Que me atormentan y me invitan a huir
Salir de todo y renegar de mí vivir
Saltar el muro que destruye mi existir
Giro mi vida esto es un círculo sin fin

Conozco poco soy un niño en este cuerpo
Siendo así no creo en nadie mas que en mi
La verdad se oye mentira como un cuento
"Verlo es creerlo" esa es la herencia que hay en mi

Giro mi vida en un círculo sin fin

De morir sin mi sueño
Quedarme en un hueco y volver a morir
Aprender del momento
Pasar por la vida y vivir sin vivir
Si hay poder en el mundo
Me ayude a salir de este encierro mental
La esperanza de un día
Romper mis barreras de conformidad

Mis sentimientos y mis obras son
Muros vestigios de un pasado gris
Y aunque lo intento no puedo escapar
De mi
Abro los ojos y veo alrededor
Fantasmas de recuerdos sin final
Ahora comprendo que me encuentro en
Una prisión de cristal

Presiento no estar solo en mi dolor, y se que es verdad
Todos vivimos simulando vidas, nada real, nada real
Somos esclavos de un mundo dañado, y no hay luz al final
Solo pretendes ser alguien normal, y escaparas y escaparas

Prisión de cristal
Prisión de cristal

3. Lady Without Face

That night you seduced my soul
Taking me to that place
Just to see
The crudeness in which
The children of your dark kingdom live
You took me with your look
Without caring that would come
You wise more than nobody
That I wouldn’t see another dawn
You came dressed with black satin
With the face covered with pain
You broke up the peace of the alive ones
You don’t have pardon for my lament

You dominate
In your kingdom of shades, you don’t have an end to stop you
You enjoy
All the suffering, tears strengthen you
They won’t make it
Nobody in this world can escape from you
They will fall
As the cold rain of the sunset

Tender laments fill this hole
Your silent make you mine
Now I’m part of you

Marble’s tablets, for those that are rich
Granite’s tablets, for those that live well
Stone’s tablets, for those poor in misery
Sand’s tablets, for those who will never cry

4. Escape from the Fear's Corner

How many you have to see
To be able to leave?
I can't understand
As it arrive 'til you
Drowning in your misery
Everything believes that's right
Dragging the chains
Of your ruin and desolation

Looking for in empty corners
Something that you can't see
Alone and desperate
Look where you are

You destroy your mind
You contaminate the pure thing that there're in you
To leave your ruin
Falling in an abyss without final

You have to quit it
You have to quit it

You have to quit it

How many you have to see
To be able to leave?
I can't understand
As it arrive 'til you

5. Dreaming with the Reality

Do you remember my dreams?
Do you remember what I said than I going to do?
Just fantasies
Dreams that will never be able to be
My memoirs goes away
My forces abandon me
It's just wasted time
The world rotates without me
I haven't carried out anything
I've been living in a dream
A dream that never end up
Build up hopes creates by my mind
Just to delight me

I'm in a dark room
There ain't road to continue
Living off my memories
Just to survive
The reality becomes nightmare
And I wanna escape
I wanna escape from this world

I wanna live in an eternal dream
I wanna build my own reality
There're clouds in my mind
They don't allow me to see beyond

I live in an extraordinary world
I don't know to differentiate the reality
Of my beautiful nightmare
And I feel that I 'm lost
In that forbidden dream
That doesn't abandon my life

I look the high sky, I try to know
Why all my dreams leave me?, I'm prisoner

I image a fake reality to continue with my life
I wake up and I'm even dreaming and I know that I need to wake up


When I sleep I dream that I'm alive
If I close my eyes I'm dead
Everything is lost time
There ain't longer remedy

6. Pensamiento oscuro

Cierras los ojos aunque no duermes
Un frío intenso corre en tu cuerpo
Recuerdos cruzan por tu mente
Todo es fugaz, termina ya
Sabes que esto no es nada normal
Y se que entiendes lo que ocurre
Hay una fuerza que te hace pensar
A donde iras? Hay mas allá?

No lo pienses mas, deja el temor
La vida termina
No escaparas, acéptalo
Tu mente es suicida
Suicida, suicida

Toda tu vida has esquivado este momento
Pero lo cierto es que es mas fuerte que tu
Y aunque tu miedo hoy te impida hacerlo
Tarde o temprano el sufrimiento de ahogara

En un segundo estarás liberado
De esta miseria que corroe tu existir
En un segundo saldrás de este infierno
Da el pasa que te aleja del sufrir

Toda tu vida lo has esquivado
Pero lo cierto es que es mas fuerte que tu

Y aunque tu miedo hoy te impida cometerlo
Tarde o temprano el sufrimiento de ahogara

En un segundo, estarás liberado
En un segundo, acaba el sufrir

7. Flying in the Cloudy Sky

Can you see it? Can you feel it?
How black your future will be
Do you like what you see?
Do you like what you feel?
A dark light
Is coming for you
Let me be your guide
Let me leave your pain behind
World of pain, go away
Call me

I've come to help you
My hands are the way
You know I've prayed so hard
Let me be the one
That will set you free
In a land of freedom
For always and forever
Where is? The devil is god

Flying in the cloudy sky
Call me now

Losing your mind
You see things in a new way
Time is running short
Death is closer
Than you think

Follow me, follow me

Hope, into you hearth
Tears, falling down

Flying in the cloudy sky

8. Natastor

[English version]

Handsome angel they create you and for your fault we have sinned
Today you govern in the abyss and hell is your home
Adored in aquelarres you were center of attraction
I pray to you Natastor listen to my petition

Five points has the star that inverted you will carry
Black chalice and human blood at the mass you'll drink
Creator of the malign here is your servant
Take me today to hell that only death I wanna see

I'll bring your death alive walking without feelings
Torturing the house of the souls coming in ecstasy

Today I'll dedicate my soul to you power
Natastor you will infest with black sperm to the humanity

Now the cross won't be able to stop the truth
Jesus Christ can not against you Oh! my king


9. Blaspheme

Ideas without senses appears in my head
Satan has came and he wants obedience
The sacrifice altar is for him
My brain doesn't works I belong to Lucifer

The prophet cried corrode your church
And the priest chins fills me of sadness
To disturb the nun I have the aptitude
It is a bless that Beelzebub gave me

Praise the force of badness
My mission natural destruction
Sale my senses to king Leviathan
And my soul is for Beliath

To profane your dammed integrity
To diffuse stinking dirt
Sacrifice the delicious kindness
And destroy the putrid society

Dirty prophecies religion gives us
Distributing their lies until your extreme
Being a damned priest is a putrid profession
To lie parishioners and funk them without reason

Lustful aquelarres caress my senses
Black infernal mass that finish in moan
Incubus n' Succubus hurt until the end
Everything is marked with Satan's claw

Satan's claw
Satan's claw
Satan's claw

10. Mental Inquisition

You arrive without asking it on a madness world
You are nobody in this world 'cause you don't have conscience
When you are just a kid, they destroy all your innocence
They baptize you of bitterness with a bath of believing

You live with strange rules of praises and reverences
You life only goes around a church
They don't teach you to live, just to wait the prophecies
And little by little they consummate you with their false idolatry

False envoys and prophets
Death disguise in purity
Black priests of badness
Consummate you in a mental inquisition

Trying to get the only salvation
Profaning scare that live in you
Now you preach death and destruction
Fucking demons

Malefic satanic rites
Blood, abyss, profane
Wars, lies, holocausts
To sink us in a mental inquisition

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