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1. Intro

Motherfuckers, are you ready for WAR!?
For war...

2. Declaring War

An oppressed culture on the rise
This rising army, opressers demise the time is now,
Time to go time for war,
Declare it now!
Lets wreck those buttheads lets show them
Who we are no longer will they handicap our movement
With music as our weapon munition in form of words
Striking from the underground
Fighting guerrilla warfare
This is guerrilla warfare pressure from the underground
This is for real guerilla warfare fighting, guerilla warfare
No longer we´ll fightless acccept you threatening us bad high from your thrones n' stuff
We will angry gonna fight you like a mob
We'll fight and like kings we´ll rise above.

3. Chaos

This is chaos motherfuckers
No one can escape this world,
Gets more than it can take
We shouldn´t fuck our mother,
Fuck and rape what is done is done
Is done you can´t rewind it like a tape
It´s getting ugly like Freddy
Mad like your dad after caviar orgy in your
Parents bed incoming attacks,
Earth wind and fire nature calls to arms
Cause it don´t wants us any longer
(we should) better get a fuck it could be our last
Soon human kind is fucking part of the past.

4. Famebitch Holocaust

Gonna fuck your high society this song hates celebrity
U got fucked sucked cocks to get on top
Gonna hail to virginity
Won't shut up in danger to diss you
If you feel pissed we piss you
Famebitch holocaust
Fulfilling every cliche like a bitch ontv
Oh we forgot this whole thing is going mainstream
Spit on you dicks
We're not here to get your props
We're here to turn anger to party

5. Dirty Fingers

Worldwide web champions in writing shit
Acting mostly deconstructive you don't even think a bit
No scene police needed in a struggle like this
For those who think they are law and order motherfuckers drink our piss
Your mouse gets a click this scene gets a hit
In front of the net a brain full of shit
Reload your brains motherfuckers !
Aim ! Shoot!
Stop to suck time for some hardcore we are born to fuck this world like a crack whore
Dirty fingers tiping and you are so important just hope for you fucks that this is just a short trend
Quit this inner trouble that divide sour power not alone but together we can climb this tower

6. Spitting Hatred

They are taking all we've build choking our resistance
Is it a sin not to give in to those bastards pressure
We won't bow down to this plastic culture
Shit on an everything accepting disco generation lead through famous fashion fucks
This song spits hatred to humans upperclass
Swimming in money while others drown in dirt try to stop us and you'll drown in our cum motherfuckers!
This is our heartbeat never gonna give in
This is our heartbeat even if we can't win
A breed born in this war to fuck your life
We won't give in we won't bow down won't be a part of this plastic generation
You can see flames instead of nothing in open eyes when it starts
Fuel for the fire in our hearts

7. The Boys

You want to fuck us
We are too tight
You tried to hurt us
We are allright
You think we're givin in but we will never quit
If your world is a cunt we gonna eat its clit
Don't mess with the boys we gonna rise like no one did before
Better don't mess with we gonna rise like no one did before to burn your world down

8. Chosen Few

What remains is just an ass fuck society just good enough to suck our cocks of war
With our fists in the air torn to pieces by your teeth we wear the blood of our victim that you are
Where is the association one for all all for one an award just for the diehard motherfuckers you bitch are fake so you should better back the fuck up
Better back the fuck up!
This is still underground this is still for the chosen few this is for the ones who fuck this world this one is for me and you?

9. Last Shirt

Its smell surrounds us like the air we daily breathe
It holds us captive nearly no one can break free
Root of all evil BC. Told and we agree living to earn it
Thats life fucking reality
Seduction of mankind total control the root has grown to a jungle do or die
Like hungry wolves they kill for it like blameful kids they lie for it and blinded by greed formed to aherd of sheep they even die for it killed by the wolves hungry for more
Get it on dudes sell your own mother for more
Regardless of the consequence you would do anything to upper your score
But remember you fool it comes the day you've got to drop it
Cause your last shirt has got no pockets

10. Outro


11. Submission (Remix De Chosen Few)

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