Dark Lyrics


1. One Voice

This one's 'bout what we feel today fucked up music for a fucked up world fucked up girls, fucked up boys equal where youre form together one voice

2. Aggression

Angryness, shouting angry words to you fucks cause angry is what i am meaningless, your values, words, promises and prayers to me life is too short to make your problems mine life is too short to live it this way don't believe in shit you do today you wanna fool me, i gonna push all in and you still wonder why we clench the fist and you still wonder why we're fucked up an pissed and you still wonder why we act this way and you still don't care what we feel today chainsaw reaction, just reacting on your moves chainsaw reaction, chainsaw reaction aggression, it's what you make us feel

3. Rockets With A Message

Fire on children can you see them explode terrorizing air attacks but you've done nothing wrong they're marking rockets with a message to you hell is waiting it's money and power, religion fake honour bringing the death living life in fear this goes out to you fucks killing for profit, killing for money or just cause you're fucking dumb in the name of your gods your false believes sitting on your thrones you gonna burn with the devil raining bombs on their heads filling bodies full of lead no warning from above say goodbye to the ones you love living life in fear feel the bullets fly near nowhere to run nowhere to run you will never grow old filling streets with death hear the buildings explode raining bombs on their heads filling bodies full of lead no warning from above say goodbye to the ones you love scarfaced kid the guys got a hit the barrel spits fire like music in hell the ground filled with blood and guts as the pavement turns red show them what they've done bring out your dead

4. Your Game

Don't get on us with your crap motherfukker this here'sx'rated and means suck our dicks don't know if we tell the truth but we do what we feel and if you'll hate us all, this here is fucking real what are you looking at ? Don't we play your game ? What are you looking at ? Want a picture motherfukker ? You talk shit, sell shit, act shit, are shit if you are hardcore, hardcore is a worthless bitch you think 'boutshit you shouldn't do leave and get a life bitch don't play your game or what ? Come, come, front us with your shiny team like king kong breaking free stomping on this whiny scene

5. Generation Fuck

Fuck shit out ya head follow the path, the golden one press the fuck-button, receive input like a junky cunt this is generation fuck receiving input like a cunt 24/7 brain rapture 24/7 shit gains in ya generation fuck generation slut to become their food raised by sharks profit, profit suckout, overdose profit, profit sickness, machinerie this is generation fuck receiving inputlike a cunt qu'un tas dabrutis consommant leurs conneries fuck shit out ya head youre better off dead fuck me

6. As The Blood Runs Cold

They broke you day by day endlessly now on their knees praying for forgivness no mercy left inside for those who made live living hell payday and you're back in action packed and armed, bloodlined satisfaction no mercy for those guilty fucks equal who will pass your way he'll eat your slugs gun to their heads finger on the trigger good to feel god like you are their creation fuel to fire unleash the beast make 'em burn make 'em burn and you are their creation sell your soul to the devil tell your story to the world infamous in your actions as the blood runs cold the bodies pile up you ask the question why kids run amok that's why so many die

7. Strong N' Cute

Hey folks stop that quick, you gonna land hard if you don't stop that shit if you like to be drunk or prefer to be sober if for you this is a trend for you its already over you think you're true as fuck, it's true we fuck you tik tik boom, truth fucking awaits you strong boy hetero you even have to hate gay cute girl mirror time longer than a disco bitch fashion punx, fashion punx fame slut some living it you're wearing it fashion punx blah blah, talk talk und so weiter und so fort you know what i mean cause all i sing was sung before like all i do was done before you're not worth hearing my angels voice you homophobic backstreet toys

8. Skeletal

Hey dry skinny cunt do you think you're beautiful bones stick out of your skin shadow of yourself ingurgitate, regurgitate stick a finger deep down your throat suck, suck the toothbrush what you feel's not part of the deal coca to your nose cocks to your mouth good job girl blow'n shut up hope you won't break on your way to pret a porter like glass in a stony world you're a model gonna be a star hungering down to size zero skeleton on the catwalk defile of skin and bones horror show for the jetset aura of regurgitation

9. Kid's World


10. Imagine

Weak human, diggin it's own grave religious believes, hate cause of race this world in war since mankinds existence brainwash 'n fear breaking every resistance take a look at the news, hate, chaos, war 'n death take a look at the news, now imagine no religion like on a bad trip believing in fairytales preachers tell shit in advantage of weapon sales and the people do follow weak like shit i maybe weak too but i follow my dick love, peace and unity far away from false believes imagine love imagine peace but we are all infected ill'n sick

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