Dark Lyrics


1. Introspective Nightmares

Self critical to the point of lunacy
Thinking of the things I have done
And what I have become
Everything always hanging in a delicate balance
Descent into drunken apathy
Throwing caution to the wind

As the dark horses ride the shores of night
I awake inside a paralyzed state
Frozen in a life of constant turmoil
I must free my mind
So turn that bottle up
Turn up the metal
To cancel all the frustration
To delay and disrupt the horrid engrams

Introspective nightmares, festering in mu mind
My conscience fills with pus and maggots
That decay as they turn to flies
Swarming around, distorting m thoughts
Then drowning in the irresistible rot
I try to kill them with the consumption of poison
And thus begins the purge of mental blood clots
No escape, no respite, only suffering
Wandering aimlessly in this intoxicated haze

No escape from the inner voices
No respite from these twisted visions
The only way to achieve temporary serenity
Is excessive consumption of vial liquid
Then once I fall into enchanted slumber
Too drunk to awake
From this horrible introspective nightmare

As the light grows dim
And this life slips through my fingers
Never did I care if it was meaningful
Just another waste of existence
One hazy day blurring into another
Time itself becomes irrelevant
I must evade the terror
Before my journey is complete on this earth

2. Faces Of Meth

Your innocent youth is now a faint memory
The meth has control
Slowly killing you while robbing your youth and beauty
Turning you into a waste of human

Your body is decaying and deforming
Picking at the scabs on your face
Mindless slave to the glass dick
Euphoria combined with paranoia

Dismantled from the inside out
Feeling helpless never felt so good

The faces of meth are forever changing

Never had a chance at a normal life
Raised by generations of ignorance
Total abandonment of rational thought
Say goodbye to functionality

Too late for recovery the damage is done
Draining the very last bit of self-esteem
Your teeth have completely rotted out

The faces of meth are forever changing

Smoking crystal meth until your face is deformed
Altering your chemistry you start to think like a criminal
Losing control of your very short life
You become a menace to society

Your body is decaying and deforming
Picking at the scabs on your face
Mindless slave to the glass dick
Euphoria combined with paranoia

Dismantled from the inside out
Feeling helpless never felt so good

The faces of meth are forever changing

3. Return To The Underground

No expectations from a pretentious industry
No ridiculous rules and meaningless imagery
Creating the art we want
Unshackled by the ravages of mediocrity
We are totally free
To connect with people on a more personal level
Not restricting ourselves to countless false deities

Regurgitated for the neurotypical masses
Deluded and controlled by popular fashion
Fabricated to feel against the grain
Delusional outward image of angst and pain

Return to the underground
Let the music flow, up close and personal
No smoke and mirrors
No fucking filter

We dedicate our lives
Never faltering
Never weakening from external pressures
We will never create typical garbage
Just to make a profit
No one will ever tell us what to do

Never will we feed you template breakdowns
To blend in with the trends
Or cash in on past glory
Every work complete and honest
Never just displaying skill with mundane filler

Return to the underground
Let the music flow up close and personal
No smoke and mirrors
No fucking filter

We put our lives on the line
Just for this insatiable need for metal in our lives
We will never care about keyboard warriors
And their biased magazines

4. We Agnostics

The idea of a higher power
Has been obscured by calamity
Completely void of spiritual experience
Nothing to give purpose or direction
I will never believe

In the face of collapse and despair
The only higher power I see
Is a bottle of whiskey
As the brown bile rises up in my being
And assumes control of my faculties
I start to believe

Let the temporary false happiness
Flow from the bottle
Let my sense of purpose
Stem from intoxication
As I become lost in the dimming light

I fall to my knees
Accepting the higher power
As it renders me totally impotent
I finally believe
Now hatred flows through me in liquid form
Never again will I succumb
To the voices in my mind
So dependent on impure substances
As many are dependent
On their concept of god

5. In Memoriam (Intro)


6. Bleed And Swell

The diseased one has gone astray
Nodding in and out of consciousness
As you repeat drunken incoherent babble
Rage takes over my face

You waist your life trying to forget reality
With booze pills and cocaine
I will not remain silent
While you piss your life away
This self destructive behavior
I will no longer tolerate

Blackout zombie, faded image of your former self
You become a liability
Trying to stop the voices in your head
With self medication
Forever scarring me
With this constant life of chaos

Too selfish to consider
The pain you put friends and family through
As we watch you slowly kill yourself

Blackout zombie, faded image of your former self
I have to leave, I cannot stay
I wish to feel my pain and survive
And let my open scars bleed and swell
Bleed and swell

7. Delirium Tremens

Trying to stop this insanity
Time to end the consumption of evil rotten nectar
Hopelessly afraid of the voices and the visions
And the vivid hallucinations
The poison has bonded with my chemistry
Manifesting mental inability

Caught in a vortex of habitual behavior
I try to break free
But every time I try
To turn my back on the poison
I start to shake uncontrollably
And my heart begins to race

Beyond brilliance or intoxication
Stumbling on the line of life and death
Crossing over into an alternate state
Has become a necessary path

Stuck between the voices in my head
And the ringing in my ears
I recoil and tremble in horror
Every attempt to escape the malignant toxins
I feel the fear and begin to shutter

Delirium tremens!
The perpetual fight within
Has become too much to contain
As the purging ritual begins
Not one single moment of clarity
No serenity just delirium tremens!

Fear of being sober, fear of aberration
Stuck in an introspective nightmare
Serenity prayer will not save me
From the grasp of delirium tremens!

8. Self Immolation

9. Life Revolted

I'm losing, I'm losing
I've lost all that was sane
Heart, body and mind revolted
Pandemoniacal identity unfolded
Now this life goes down into the chasm
Deep into a hole, inner sorrow and depression

I'm going under, so far under
I've lost the ability to comprehend existence
Thoughts of happiness gone, violence remains
Clarity abandoned, only desire for pain
Time to go, insanity beckons

Life revolted by the choices that were set
Absolutely feeling disgusted and wrecked

Negativity made sentient drives me to the edge
Laying more burdens down upon my soul
Until pushed deeper into a dark hole
Where running rampant and indescribable
Live my thoughts that once were controlled

Feeling so revolted by the day to day
It may be time to throw life all away
Nothing is real when life feels concocted
Miserable, a thing of pure mockery

Late night shakes. Toxins my dominion
Through my veins chemicals dominate certainty
Nothing is real when life is revolted
Self-immolating logic, I must ruin my soul

In the mirror I dared look, incubus of distress manifested
Not sure if you are even real, doesn't matter
I will keep soaring through the confusion of my lunacy
The undoing began with the poison I gathered
So it shall end, mind deterioration, embracing dissolution

Despair and debauchery holds my soul hostage
There is no escape I have gone mad

Skull is shaking, eyes wide open again
Living with a stranger in the mind unspoken
A stranger growing stronger crawls out of the void
Not a corner
For the former tenant inside
Degenerating, unyielding, massive state of ruination

Still my eyes are vacant, masking the chaos behind
Every single day, and every single night
My thoughts a raging storm, and offer no comfort
And you, your words are adrift
In endless waves of deceit
Distorting any chance for me to exist
Destroying any chance for me to exist

10. You Will Die Alone

Constructing a self serving hierarchy
To pamper your weak little ego
Feeling the need to subjugate others
To feel better about yourself
Full of countless double standards
Undeserving of the praise you receive
Living a complete lie
Sensitive ego held up
By the smoked and mirrored masses
Hiding behind that big front

You will be exposed
For the slimy person you know you are
You will suffer for all to see
Your selfish ways will strangle you
You will die alone

I laugh at your petty little games
Narcissist used to getting your way
Thinking we should be grateful
For your twisted web of lies
Always underestimating the people around you
Utterly disgusted by your presence
You will die alone
Your fake smile and mannerisms
Loaded with condescension
Makes us sick to the point
Of vomiting in your presence
Wallowing in your own slime
You fit right in to a society
I will never want to be in

You will be exposed, you will die alone
Cocooned in your intricate web of lies
You will be exposed, you will die alone
The facade is over, you will die alone

11. Husk

Drowning in obscurity
Grasping what is left of me
I'm still dreaming — severed vital parts of me
Scattered like glass shattered
It's an unseen internal disaster

Please take away all this pain, or take me away in the night
Got nothing left for this place, time to move to the next life

Everything is drained of essence
Hard to hold coherent thought
Tunnel vision, shallow breathing
Everything is what it's not
All embrace, hail the rot

I am now the spiritless, a ghost no longer resides
Now my specter is a refugee fleeing the wars inside
So it seems that down is the way! Husk!

Sanity weathered, serenity never! Desire extinguished, eager to leave this!
Nothing is left of me, nothing is what it seems
I picked a good time to die, to be alive
Pushing opposing forces to find light in this
Found only black in the place you said heaven is
I guess the light was a lie to hide behind

I found that the silver lining
Was just tragedy in hiding
I found that the hope you cling to
Is just that, just hope, you need to
I found that the strongest wither
Deep within their spirits shiver
I found we're on borrowed time
The falling sands are yours and mine
Drained from this, its light gets dim

I've stood long in the blighted winds
To the end and then back again
I've seen gods be written in
And return to myth again! Husk!

Let it go, watch it drop
In the end we all know we will stop!

12. Pharma Culture

No money in the cure, only in the medicine
Never addressing the problem
Prescribing drugs just to get you by
Corporations lining their pockets
With our shattered lives
Creating a society of zombies, awake but still sleeping

Slaves to the yuppie scum drug dealer, giving opiates to children
Diluted and hazed nation on the verge of collapse

At the mercy of political greed
They live in their castles, the rest of us suffer
In this doctor approved narcotic wasteland
Turning pain into profit
Feeding on souls, destroying countless lives
The lost line up and beckon their saviors

Trading their very essence for the mirage of feeling complete
And so the light dims and the pain fades for a day

Not disappearing, just displaced, further away than ever
Turning your bane into profit
They use your weakness to propagate the device
Tricked into feeding it with your life
Not knowing the cost
So many lives living that are already lost
Planting the seeds for
The next generation to kneel to the beast
Propagate the machine, turning your plight into profit

With each day, more become entangled in their web
Assimilated and sedated, overprescribed and hollowed
Ambitions downgraded to visions
And exchanged for fading memories

The hypocrites imprison us, for possession of a benign plant
While pharmaceutical drugs
Kill more people than all street drugs combined
While our working class struggles in absolute poverty
They seal our fate to a life of slavery

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Thanks to johnwaynehill for sending track #3 lyrics.

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