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1. Intrue

Metal! Nickel! Iron!
Fire And Steel
Zinc! Uranium! Titanium!
Metal's their will
Cuprum! Yttrium! Plutonium!
Silver And Gold
Cobaltum! Thorium! Strontium!
[This should make you laugh, since in Italian 'Stronzo', pronounced very much like 'Strontium', means 'Asshole']

...Nanowar's True Proud and Bold!

2. Tricycles Of Steel

It's made up of steel, but it's not a motorcycle
It's made up of wheels, but it's not a motorcycle
It's made up of kings, but it's not a motorcycle
It's made of True Metal, it is a fucking tricycle!!

Kings metal power true steel Oh yeah!
Nanowar'll always be there!

Tricycles of steel! Trycicles of steel!
Pollution is low, no fuel to go
We ride the the tricycles of steel!

Din din, the bell rings, our tricycles are for kings
(They run just like they had unicorn wings)
Din din, the bell plays, our ticycles are for gays
(Because there's no saddle where our ass lays)

3. True Metal Of The World

Brothers of the power, true metal of the kings
Ride the king of metal, true power of the brothers
We're the power of the steel, to fight for the battle
The battle of the power, of the steel of the fight!!!

Kings of southern coasts of the true metal of the world
Power's still with us, we'll never fall!!

True metal of the world! ah-ah
True metal of the world!

Hell is bursting out for the holy wings of steel
Steel of hell is holy and we like ham very much
But ham and steel is better, for lunch and for sinner
Battle for the power of the kings of the dinner!

Brothers of true metal howling, fighting in the crowd
Kill for the true metal screaming loud!

[Sample of a fictional radio speaker who supposedly likes to air Nanowar songs:]

"True Metal of the World! Loro sono i Nanowar che ci inondano con vibrazioni metal belle assai!"
"Sono sempre io, D-James-Bond, state ascoltando Radio-Grafia sulla frequenza della polizia!"
"Oggi ho deciso di scassarvi un po' le orecchie, con i nostri fantasmagorici Nanowar!
"Altro che Fiorella Mannoia!"
"Ma che dico M'annoia! Mi ha rotto proprio il cazzo!"
"...e ricordiamo che la masturbazione una attivit narcisistica e di autocompiacimento..."
"...chiaro il concetto?
"...tenetevelo stretto!"

[English translation:]

["True Metal of the World", by Nanowar, pretty cool metal vibes!
Hellohellohello there!
It's me, again, DJ-ames Bond, you are listening to Radio Graphy, on the Police radio frequency!
Today I feel like crushing your ears with the mighty Nanowar!
...much better than Fiorella Mannoia!
Fiorella Mannoia is an italian pop singer, whose name sounds pretty much like "M'Annoia", which means "It's Boring", so her name could be translated with "Fiorella Boring"
Did I say 'Boring'? No, she's not just boring, she really is a pain in my ass!
Oh, by the way don't forget that masturbation is a narcisistic and self-indulgent activity...
Got it?
Hold it tight!]

4. Burger

[In background you hear violins playing the jingle of a very well-known food company commercial often aired in Italy]

[Some knight:] "Un brindisi!" [A toast!]
[King:] "Ciambellano!" [Seneschal / Master of Ceremonies!]
[Seneschal:] "Si, vostra Altezza!" [Yes, my Lord?]
[K:] "UN happy meal!" [A Happy Meal!]
[S:] "Come vuole, ecco." [Sure. Here you are.]
[K:] "Coff.. gouggh..." [Coughs]
[S:] "Sire!"
[K:] "Ma questo happy meal... freddo!" [But.... this Happy Meal... is COLD!]
[S:] "Ma, vostsra altezza..." [But... Sir...]
[K:] "Ma questo happy meal... fa schifo!" [But.... this Happy Meal... SUCKS!]
[S:] "Ma..." [But...]
[K:] "DECAPITATELO!" [Decapitate him!]

5. King

Walking on the hill, with the crown of steel
Going to McDonald's to eat an happy meal

To eat an happy meal, to eat an happy meal
He's going to mac donald to eat an happy meal

He's the king,
King of the hill, of the happy meal
He's the king

Walking on the land, with the sword in hand
He gave the queen a lot of fun
(I think you understand)

I think you understand, I think you understand
He's given me a lot of fun I think you... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

He's the king
King of the hill of the happy meal
Of the queen of the (understand)
He's the king

Singing to the wind, the tale of the king
Of Luca Turilli all the elves and other epic things
Luca Turilli's bad, Luca Turilli's mad
But we don't want with singing this to make Turilli sad

He's the king
King of the hill of the happy meal
Of the queen of the (understand)
Of the wind of the epic things
He's the king

The story comes to an end, but don't worry my friend
Just push the "rewind" button, to listen it again
One more thing we must say, before you go away
We must warn you: Potowotominmak is gay

He's the king
King of the hill of the happy meal
Of the queen of the (understand)
Of the wind of the epic thigs
Of the say of the away of the rewind button

6. Power Of The Power Of The Power Of The Power (Of The Great Sword)

Power, of the power,

Of the power,

Of the power,

Of the power,

Of the power,

Of the Great Sword!

7. Pino

[This one is a joke about Nanowar's song "Master of Pizza" - a spoof on the gap between South Italy and North Italy - which has been much criticised for being racist, since some idiot thought it was all serious]

Ehi, ragazzi abbiamo una chiamata! [Ehi, guys, we have a call!]
Sentiamo chi scassa la minchia [Let's hear who wants to break our balls...]
Pronto, chi parla? [Hello?]

Sono Pino [I'm Pino!]

Ciao Pino, da dove chiami? [Hello, Pino! Where are you calling from?]

Da 'na pizzeria. [From a Pizzeria]

[Speaker:] Pino, sei in onda! Vuoi dirci qualcosa? [Pino, you're on air! Would you like to say something?]

[Pino (with STRONG Naples accent):]
"Si, volevo dire 'na cosa... che... voi di Radio-grafia siete bravi guaglio', per~ ce 'sta una cosa che nun me piace tanto... voi dite Napule cos".. cosi... Napulebbello, ce stanno tanti problemi ma non  che sono tutti cos"... Anche con sti Nanowar... Master of pizza... basta.... avete rotto il cazzo... non ne voglio senti' cchi."
[Yes, I just wanted to say... that... you guys at Radio-Graphy are Good Fellas, but.. there's somwething which... really gets on my nerves... you always say all those bad things about Naples... this... well... Naples is beautiful... there are many problems but... not everybody is a criminal... also, these Nanowar guys... they've got me pissed off... I don't wanna hear them anymore!]

8. Metal-La-La-La

I'm under the shower, in the Metal Tower
I wash my hands from the poser's blood
I clean up my armpits, perfume my true hair
Then I polish my long flesh sword
And I say:

Metal! - LA LA LA LA LA

L'acqua sul mio corpo, scivola leggera [The water sweetly runs on my body]
Uuuuuuuuuuaaaaaa, ci starei fino a stasera [Yeeeeeeeeeah, I'd stay here until this evening]

With pride I recall, the battles that I fought
And proudly I'm singing this song

[Guy:] "Oh, ciao!" [Oh, hello.]
[Big man:] "Ciao." [Hello.]
[G:] "Anche tu sotto la doccia?" [So, you're in the shower, too?]
[M:] "Evidentemente si. [Obviously, yes.]
[M:] "Oh, noto - con piacere - che ti caduta la saponetta." [Oh, I see, I - gladly - see, that your soap fell down.]
[G:] "Ah, si, grazie! La raccolgo subito." [Ah, yes, thanks. I'll pick it up right now.]

[Sample from Dario Argento's Suspiria]

[M:] "Ehehehe..." [Laughs]

9. Gioca Tru

[This song is a spoof on the well-known Jou-a-Jouer (which sounds very much like Gioca True), which basically was some kind of game aired on Italian radio in the late 80's in which Jocelyn, the speaker, mentioned some actions or items, and the listeners (obviously they should be at least two in the same room) had to do/retrieve it. I know, kinda idiot.]

"Benissimo! Allora invitamo tutti i nostri amici ascoltatori al nuovo gioco estivo! il gioca true!
[Good! So, we now invite all of our listeners to play our new summer game! The Gioca True]

"Siete pronti a giocare al gioca true? [Are you ready to play?]
"No?" [No?]
"Allora cominciamo!" [Well, let's start off!]
"Fate quello che vi dico io!" [Just do what I say!]
"Le regole le conoscete..." [You know the rules...]
"...e se non le conoscete..." [...and if you don't know them...]
"...cazzi vostri!" [...well, you're in deep shit!]

Bere birra! [To drink Beer]
Rob Halford
Sputare [To spit off]
Pogare [Moshpit!]
Scapocciare [Headbanging!]
Andare in moto [To ride a motorbike!]
Cantare le canzoni dei Manowar: HAIL, HAIL, HAIL & KILL!! [To sing Manowar's songs!]

Heavy, Metal!! Heavy Metal gays!!

Better pizza than happy meal,
It's better pizza than happy meal
Healthy food is made of steel
Better pizza than happy meal!!

Nanowar, Nanowar living on the road
When we're in town posers explode
We only attract whimps, 'cause we're too dumb
Just two retard people, that's Nanowar's crowd

Queens of metal, we're here to make you laugh
And if you don't, we're gonna kick you ass
Keep on burping, we always will
Other bands play!!
Nanowar Gay!!

"'spetta, spetta, pure io voglio canta' sta canzuncella, dai... fammela fa'..."
[Wait... I want to sing, too! Please!]

[Speaker:] Oh, no...
[P:] "Dai..." [Please, come on...]
[S:] "Non possiamo... siamo in onda.." [We can not... we're on air...]
[P:] "No, guarda, me la fai fa', o chiamo mio cuggino e ti spa'..." [No, wait, let me sing this song, or I'll get my cousin to shoot you...]
[S:] "No.. aspetta." [No... wait... please...]
[P:] "Ggiuro, te faccio spara'..." [I'll get him to shoot you...]
[S:] "Va bene, solo un pezzetto..." [Well.. ok, but only a little bit]
"Paesa, cumpaesa!" [Neapolitans... Fellow neapolitans...]
"Tutti quanti" [Everybody...]
"Stateme appresso!" [Sing along with me...]
"Pronti?" [Ready?]

Rubare! [To steal!]
Sparare! [To shoot!]
Taroccare! [To sell pirate CDs!]
Cerchioni della macchina! [Car wheels!]
Caffé! [Coffee!]
Tazzulella 'e' caffé! [A cup of coffee!]
U'bab^! [Bab^!]
A'pizza! [Pizza!]
A'pastiera napoletana! [Pastiera!]

"Poi c' moto senza casco..." [Then... oh, motorbike riding without helmet...]
"...discariche 'abbusive..." [Illegal waste dumping!]
"...poi..." [Then...]
"...che tenimmo..." [...what else?...]
"...o Vesuvio!" [The Vesuvio!]

10. The Number Of The Bitch

Forgive me, oh mum and dad
For the telecom sent the bill with wrath,
But I believed that the call was short
Let him who hasn't a girlfriend
Go and call the number of the bitch
Even if it is an expensive number, this number is 166 166 166

I was alone, I took the phone,
I needed time to think the number I saw on tv
Who did I hear! can I believe
A pack of horny lesbians howling back at me
I've always thought, I've always dreamed
Of magic whores to come and perform sodomy
'Cos in my dreams, it's always there
One dirty slut who takes my dick orgasming to despair

Night was black and I wanted to fuck
I've passed all night to see, Rocco's films on tv
In Netherlands the whores are close at hand
But in Italy, they're pretty hard to see

166 the number of the bitch
Hot chat line is going on tonight

You can go on, 'till the end of the road
You just have to be aware, shemales who hide out there
In the night, cars' lights are flashing bright
Bitch-hunting has begun, sexual work is done!

166 the numer of the bitch
30 euro the price for you and me

Pigs and gays, and everyone who says
" I am too arrapate, to stop to masturbate"
Take the phone, order some whores at home
They come to... make it rise and melt it down like ice

166 the number of the bitch
144 the number of the whore

To a sexy shop, I will return
And I will get more videos and hotter stuff of porn
I have the programs on pay TV
I have the hands to make libido take its course

11. Entra L'Uomo Di Sabbia

[This is a joke made up of a literal translation of Metallica's "Enter Sandman", it's pretty hard to make some sense of it in English.]

Di' le tue preghiere piccolino, non scordarti mio figlio di includere ognuno
Croccante fuori, morbido dentro, tieniti libero dal peccato, che arriva l'uomo di Sabbia

Dormi con un occhio aperto, attaccati forte al cuscino

Uscita luce, entrata notte, prendi la mia mano
Con la pasta del capitano

Qualcosa sbagliato, spegni la luce, pensieri pesanti stanotte e non si tratta di biancaneve
Sogni di guerra, sogni di pace, sogni di pollo alla brace, e di cose che mordono

Dormi con il culo scoperto, attaccati forte al cuscino

Stai zitto piccolino non dire una parola. E non badare a quel rumore che hai sentito.
E' solo una bestia dentro al tuo letto, nella tua testa nel tuo cassetto!


12. Triumphant March Of The Nano-Warrior

La- la- la- la- la
La- la- la- la- la

Triumphant march of the Nano-Warrior
Going to his grandma living on the hill
Triumphant march of the Nano-Warrior
Crossing the path through the forest of steel

13. Outrue

Metal! Nickel! Iron!
Fire And Steel
Zinc! Uranium! Titanium!
Metal's their will

Cuprum! Yttrium! Plutonium!
Fire And Steel
Cobaltum! Thorium! Stronitium!
Metal's their will

Gallium! Prometium! Palladium!
Fire And Steel
Metallium! Germanium! Tecntetium!
Metal's their will

Fermium! Caesium! Einsteinium!
Fire And Steel
Litium! Radium! Berillium!
Metal's their will

Thanks to tobia.tesan for sending these lyrics.

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