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1. Alchemist

Full moon the night's silence
The murmur of leaves, a hope
Into the dark, happiness the rain
His work room got brightened by a lain
Old books, dim images
Dreams and primal sacrifices
Experiments, medieval voices
Occult writings, the notions (beliefs)

Wotan's statues with emeralds
Rivers' ancient deities
Flowers that blossom at night
And mortuary effigies of Gods

Into the abyss, the love, the magic
And the stone, life everlasting
Proud he is marching
Towards the Elysian Fields
Along his way, the shadows and the dead

Zeus (Wrath of the Gods):
For years they were silent
Forgotten by their followers
Who forgot their ancient power
Who forgot their terrible wrath

Wake up masters of my soul
Your disciples are waiting for your call

Now Zeus has risen from Olympus
And sit on his golden throne
Aris has gathered up the hordes of doom
To regain the lost realm

Wake up masters of my soul
Your disciples are waiting for your call

Artemis slays the unfaithful
With the help of Aris lord of war
Soon all the kingdoms will be fallen
And Zeus will be the ruler of this world

2. Zeus (Wrath Of Gods)

The greatest wind of all
Son of Astaraios and Eios
With his power he can tear your skin
With one blow he can move a mountain

From podogrous born
The winged horses of Achilles
A mighty demon-god
From the depths of the netherworld

He is the messenger of spring
His symbol the winged horse
A great warrior
Winged, powerful and proud

Oh, mighty Zephyrous
Give us thy strength
Crush all our enemies
With your dragon sword

3. Zephyrous

[Song is in Ancient Greek]

4. Winter War Memorial

I can see the winds, I can breath the chilling cold!
I can touch the spectral colors of the night
The son of storms I am, the black night from yester worlds
The flame of war desire burns inside my soul

Spellbound by this blind passion
In battle lust my mind is drowned
Red is the path to the war field
My panzerfaust respectfully I hold

Under the pale horizon of the eastern front
Across the endless sea of clouds
Pride becomes a side of Pain
Honor fills with courage my soul
Draped I am by those melancholic hills
A hawk in eerie, I am waiting fearless
All senses gathered, instincts sharpened
Dwelling in total blasphemy in this winter war.


Olofoteina ta synnefa toso psila!
Parthenikis broxis stagones me skepazoun,
Kai ola edo, I timi, to Aima poukYlla zesto
Kai ego monos pia:na polemo akoma
Winterwar memorial

5. Iketis

Elasipe, mastigi ligiri tetraoron arma diokon
Klithi makar Helie, Panderkes exon Aeonion oppa!

Bright rays of enlightened knowledge
Cross the kingdom of Rhodos to the right side of Zeus
World master Iketis, Crimson you have stood
From within the gleaming battles of Maiandron
In between of solar light systems
White stones magnetize my soul
And black holes guide me to the Olympian Fathers.


Naer Mataron, Naer Mataron gaia kai Idor
Ouranie Iketi, Ilion, Irida kai Eosfore
Rhodos ascend to the sunrise of Helios
Beyond the dawn to the Golden peaceful waters

Empires pass, Generations come
Under the dome of Ouranos
And I, Plan the path again
For The iridian visitors from beyond

6. A Holocaust In Front Of God's Eyes

Pure primordial feeling, brutal feeling
A wolf pack wander in my mind
Burn, plunder, destroy, total war
Philosophize by looking the luminary sun
Konx-om-panx, the mystery is over

Once I saw a Christian church
I looked it with pure primordial exe
It smells me this rottenness of Jehovah
This cheapness of the subhuman of the cross
I saw the flames burning the son of God and his saints

Day by day, year by year
You fade away, you get lost

In the new millennium and for the values that have been lost
I dream the world without the subhuman of Jehovah
I announce the return of the Overman
Who brings back all the sign of the Yggdrasill
All the amenities of the drama of life
For those of the blood
Who gave it in the battle
For those of the blood
A holocaust in front of God's eyes

7. Steppe

Son of Europa rise up your head
Wherever you see plain
Before it was a forest
Under the ice, have remainded
Our traces of our arms!

When it's full moon
When the wind blows
Along the path, you can hear a song
A song which tales, where we begun
To fight invisible enemies
Along the path we crossed by
Between us different languages, but one tradition
Between us different nations, but one legion

We begun spring
The woods where green (and) the trees in bloom
Beyond these mountains
There, where we stopped
Wounded by winter
We the new soldiers, while our hearts
Inside the tanks
We silver eagles
We, the frozen Eagles

From the path we will not return again
You young of Europa, do not forget us!

8. Kalki The Avenger - Lightning And Sun (Death)

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