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1. Ζητω Ο Θανατοσ

Of the Ego
Of the Self
Death of Duality
Death of this Body
Death of Identity
Death of this Name

Annihilation of Greed
The Material World
and What Defines...
For there is no me

2. Apocalypse Of The Ancient One

Throughout the battles with the counters
And caring the battle scars on my flesh
I conjured the gods and the daemons
And i blasphemed them one thousand times
For their ungratefulness in my libations

Some of them smiled (ironically) and declared
"You are not reaching for the patron saints"
And that i want you!
Mischievous God, ancient above all!

Apocalypse of the ancient one!

Come forth into my circle
Because i desire it so
Because i want it, so be done!
Even hurt, fearless i stand

I choose side at the eagle's right
It rouses me, makes me ephebe again
I linger on the thought of the forbidden
I hocus in the thought of tasting
Your flesh and blood

Apocalypse of the ancient one!

Fallen angel i feel
Resurrecting the myth
I have killed, i have been hurt
My voice streams from him who was not

The sight of the goat, bewitches me
The cult of the dagger, evokes you
You have been always dwelling in my dreams
And now you shamelessly reveal thyself before me
Satanically supreme, the great Pan

3. Sleepless Beings

We are sleepless, experience it!
We also live when our senses sleep
Oh, night, you close our eyes
But our blood never sleeps
We shift along something that is moving
And we strive these deepest hours to read the naught

Here and now seems like two separate ways
But separation cannot be!
Through the meaning of our symbols
We conceive the deepest truths
For the ones with sleepless senses
We listen to the words of night and storm
Of woods and stars
We acknowledge death and glorify him

From the five year old boy until me it's only a step
From the newborn child until the five year old boy,
The space is vast

Our bodies show the wrath of time
Our birth is our enigma
From the five year old boy until me it's only a step

We acknowledge our infinite solitude throughout
The cosmos
Here lies the foundation of every religion
We smile ironically before the pensive carefree child
There exist as many worlds, as many as the sleepless beings
We strive for our lives and cease every passing moment
Only the lilies of the fields don't need to do it

4. I Am Lucifer, Messenger Of Your Death

Pale humans, pale causes
Petrifactions, orphans of sickness
Hideous, rotten to the core
Soaked, bigots from the east

You swear to your lies, the holy bible
You testify your lies against all that is vigor
You are the last tinder before your final doom

After the final veredict they will be through with you
The golden hair leader will smile with irony
And nod the beginning of your end

They shall wash away the filth that engulfs you
For you have chosen your future
For you have destroyed our holy tree
Sworn enemies, plunged in lies

You swear to your lies, the holy bible
You testify your lies against all that is vigor
You are the last tinder before your final doom

Fabrications of denial
You, who cannot bear ugliness
You detest everything beautiful and vigor, of divine essence

I take charge to be the conductor of your torment
I am lucifer, messenger of your death
When the light of the eternal phoebus returns
Will crush your ugliness, your weak pathetic bodies

5. Goat Worship

Freezing silence from the forest, the stench of crime
Seizure of the moment and human sacrifice
Goat figured he came forth, of myths nostalgic
Satanically supreme, the great pan
The time of dusk, darkness now is rising
And the outcasts of the day
Lucifer's, the poet now awake
Ironically and with a pale, tormented, blood red glance
They outstare a yellow moon rising
And the specters of the night live again
The gladiators, the hanged and the conspirators
And he, standing in the center of the temple
In the middle of the enormous bloodstain
On the pedestal of the altar
Goat figured, Satanically supreme
He glorifies the time of the sacrifice
Of noble instincts and violence
He, the eternal governor
The Great Pan

6. Faceless Wrath Of Oblivion

I am the monarch who raped the world
I am the destroyer, the upcoming Kalki
I am the ruler of this rotten world
And i am the order that destroys the chaos

In Nomine Dei Nostri
Satanas Lucifer Excels!

I am a thousand infernal storms
I am the wrath of the demons and giants
I crush the walls and i smash the law
Long live death - I shall prevail

In Nomine Dei Nostri
Satanas Lucifer Excels!

Dominus Templi Sine Nomine.
Cuius Memoria Evanuit.
Pestis Evomat Inexorabilis Iram Meam.
Triumphus Meus Veritatem Tuam Erit.
In Nomine Odii Sine Vultu.
Flagrum Tormenti Mei.
In Aeternum Ardebit Regnum Meum
In Incubo Sine Exitus Est.

7. Parade Into Centuries

One year is swept away
The novel one arrives
And from the yester year
I carry within my heart
And soul the moment of the mist
One glimpse around the fire
One breath of sacred night
Sanctified to the invincible sun

Throughout the centuries
And into the great idea of our dreams
Around a sacred flame,
Feasting the everlasting worship
Saluting with the eternal way
We sworn our oath again
Hallowed oath, sworn to the dead
Sanction to the immortal idea

Forlorn by time we guard
The secret meaning of existence
One spark of insobriety
Divine and inner joy
The whispers of primordial past
Rest alive inside our hearts
Amongst the atrocious sounds
Of an unworthy age

8. Whispers Of Begotten Premonition

What is happening to me?
I dive into forbidden and sinful thoughts
I no longer see the lines, I am feeling lost
Am i what i always craved of becoming?
Or him, who always was?
Forever winner, forever sleepless, forever in love
With something undefined
Always fighting my inner daemons

Which is my destiny? Which is my ordainment?
The truth is that i know it well
But really the asseveration is what frightens me most
When i become mundane,
When my feet root into the ground
When i lose the divine essence that dwells within me
I smile with irony before your face
Shameless vagabond, free
Living for that sacred moment
When i will be free from your bonds

Observe me, flaunt me
You, my inmost Daemon
Bless my choices and curse this moment
When the devil got a hold of me

You i always serve
Under your flag i always fight
Now, i am asking you
That which i always craved
Always to live free

I overset my complete being
I shall return from the land of fire
Bearing the wind of change
And trust me, that you will witness the great meridian tide
And praise the lord
For the day of the great harvest

9. The Cult Of Doom And Dagger

I transcend over the waves of the centuries
Following the path traced by him who was not!
Marching against the scalding river of oblivion
Counter to the waste words of nothing
I rise my stature straight, all around me eyes devoid
Eyes sicken from the disease of lost hope
Lost youth, lost wilderness

Abyss, the black abyss
And the wraiths and fools dance the villains dance
Arrogant harlequins, runaways of Kaiadas
Acclaim the burning of the carnival

The cult of doom and dagger!

Mystic moment, dream like...
Into the sacred night,
Renegade of this glare reality
It is now the hour of the great return
Into the heart of winter, before this sacred night

The cult of doom and dagger!

Into the centuries of the centuries
Comes the glorified time of bloodshed
Which shall drown Moloch and Mammon
The flock grazes on the city's fold
Oh, wolves in hunger...
The cult of doom and dagger
When the blade will freeze your flesh
You will behold the one and only truth
That ultimately you own one meter of black earth

10. Ode To Death (The Way Of All Flesh)

Welcome to my world. I open wide for you to behold
A magic, dreamlike world overflown by hatred
Everything here moves following the prism of death
Everything recollects the predetermined end
At the neighborhoods of the opposite people
At the roadblocks of the districts

Before the idea of destiny manifests ones soul aspiration
For the world the desire for light and rise
The fulfillment of its destination
It is strange to no man
Only the expatriated, serotinous human of the city
Loses her from his eyes
Beyond the idea of destiny and throughout fear
I magically bond with the inevitable end
Death in the world of senses

[The Church of Naer Mataron:]
Let's rise above the principle of casuality
To which the fear of life tries to defend
By forming another world
Along with birth, death becomes a fact
Along with fulfillment, the end becomes a fact
We, the birds of storm and hurricane, we know this well

Kaiadas ‒ Bass, Vocals
Asmodeus ‒ Drums
Indra ‒ Guitars

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