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1. Midnight


2. Destroyer

Feel the fear
Grow sharp as silver under midnight
Your time is here
The will to fight begins to disappear

Bright lights linger on a distant shore
A flickering spectre of a temporal semaphore

Forge the years
Martyr to the world I though I'd lost
Cold wind blows through me
Forlorn the birds fly home

Creator of worlds
Legacy of broken dreams
Destroyer of worlds
Driven by egregious fantasy

Master of my own horizons
Come within my reach once again
Master of my fate
Come within my reach

Not another soul to be seen
No one needs to see how the slate is wiped clean
I am overwhelmed by this raging sea
I long to disappear in a grey eternity

Feel the fear
Forge the years
My will to fight begins to disappear

3. The Last Man

Tomorrow as he wakes to find he is the last man
All that went before has no meaning anymore

Nothing left behind for the last man
Living out this remnant of time in solitude

And he will seek the end - final days for the last man
Too much weight to bear
No one left to share this dying sky

Everything left to decay
Everything just a memory
For no-one ever to recall

4. Oblivion

Rising and falling
From cradle to grave
And all of our precious, fleeting time
Is slipping away

Millions of pitiful fading lives
Running in vain from the shadows of death

Our worlds formed and faded
Like the words of the dead
Another generation sliding into oblivion
To the darkness ahead

Look upon the corpse, your captor
Taunting silently of our demise
Leaving all behind forevermore
Even yourself, even your mind

Why can't we live again?
All these riches lost to time
Skills and knowledge lie buried, forsaken
With all those lives

Millions of beautiful fading minds
Searching in hope through the shadows of death
Falling blind into the shadows of death

5. My Killer

I feel it twisted
The blade within my flesh
Silent words are spoken
In the stillness of death

These dying eyes
will turn away
From this torment
From this slaughter
From my killer

You can have your share
But mine as well?
Life is fleeting now
Only time will tell

This illumination
Burns hell from my eyes
My vindication
A thorn in your side
And as the blade keeps twisting
I feel no pain
Frozen still as the world keeps turning
Dust to dust once again

I'm far away
I'm lost to you
Devoid of fear

6. Wars

You take the form of all our fears
Broken minds for twilight years
No return and no remorse
Imprisoned in the here and now

We fight the wars we used to play
Kill and destroy for those we obey
One man decides another's fate
Don't hope for change, we know it's too late

More bloodshed
More destruction

Turn the page and nothing's changed
New leaders, new conflicts
Death all the same

We show our children how to hate
Never learn from all our mistakes
Look at the wasted world we made
Look at the bloodshed, the sorrow, the graves

7. Third Season

These beautiful mornings
Dreams turn the key
Light on our world dawning
Wake, awaken me

Soon they would come calling
Capture the free
When they bring the storms in
Come away with me

After all these years
Still the blessed one
From the battles lost
So much has begun

This is our season
When the leaves fall
Early twilight
Keep me in your warmth

Here within your arms

This is our season
When the leaves fall
Early twilight
Keep me in your warmth

No more tears may fall
From these weary eyes
Still I see the sun
And my spirits rise

In the autumn air

As we fall to the winter
Keep me here by your side
Far away from tears and mourning
From the world where they reside

When we wander through the wasteland
Through the darkness, through the night
In the spring life will awaken
Warmth of summer comes in sight

From cruel skies
She was my shelter
Cold in my grave
In darkness I beheld her
From dying light
New paths discovered
Lives intertwined
Two exalted lovers

Cold in my grave
Broken I held her

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