Dark Lyrics


1. Wake


2. Shadow Of Sorrow

As the last autumn leaves are falling
Blackened skies yield rain, has the sun disappeared?
Another winter descends like dying hope
Let me see through it all that you're still near

Oh Lord
Never let me lose hope

If I stumble in the shadow of sorrow
Will you lift me, will you carry me through the years?
If the weight of the world brings me down to my knees
Will I feel you dry my bitter tears?

Oh Lord
I need to see you through my tears
Never let me lose hope

Lead me through, lead me on
lead me over the gates to a new tomorrow

In the days of disillusionment
Frustration and discontent
In the hours of doubt and disbelief
Days of mourning and of grief

Oh Lord
On the edge of the depths of despair
Never let me lose hope

Hear my cries!
Desperate hands reach out to you
Washed in tears of pain
In these eyes, remain the shadows of yesterday
Will you steal them away?

Hear my cries
Desperate hands reach out to you
You who suffered pain
In my mind, I see the weight that fell on you
To bring me home again

Give me hope again

3. Burning

Shedding my old skin
Looking down, deep within
Falling, fading, all is changing
There is no normality

I can feel, I can taste
Everything laid to waste

Marching backwards through the years
Facing long forgotten fears
Yearning, searching for a reason
What is my identity?

It all lies in ruins
The world that I once knew
I'm searching the wreckage
Just to find a grain of truth

All of us shadows of our former selves
Must still receive some illumination
Frustration, confusion, set me free
I walk through the shadows, of my sorrow
And fall down to my knees
Oh Lord, please comfort me

Marching backwards through the past
Facing all my fears at last
Lost within the creeping shadows
Twisted, charred remains have cast

4. Hunting Season

Why run my friend?
There's nowhere left to hide
Why search the ruins?
There's nothing left to find
We live, we breathe
But we are numb to life
We grieve
The tears have dried in our eyes

And beauty - we pass it by
Purity - cast aside
We carry a crushing weight
Our fear, our lust and all our hate

Our fears and all our hate
Our fears and all the violence of all these years
The burden of all our fears
Where will it end
There's nowhere left to hide
There's nothing left to find

Such beauty we do not see
We pass it by
While we destroy each others lives
Still we kill, still we maim
We ruin, we blacken
We're still those children
The ones who mock and threaten
With our own rhyme and reason
This is our hunting season

5. The Mist

Where is your hand oh my love
Lost in the mist I can't see
Paths where we walked are no more
And the light in your eyes has grown dim
Oh my love
Light in your eyes has grown dim

Once I could I could hear through the woods
Your voice as you called out my name
Finally fading away
Silence is all that remains
Now my love
Silence is all that remains

And that which I deemed without end
Draws to a close without time
Find for yourself a new dream
Though in our hearts we will grieve
For lost love
Though in our hearts we will grieve

6. In Darkness

Have mercy on me as I plead for forgiveness
Observe with compassion, these tears of remorse
I awoke in a prison enshrouded in darkness
Out of my depth with my face to the floor

Please reach out
Rescue me
Take my hand
Do not forsake me
With blood cleanse me
As I yearn for salvation

Look upon the face of a man lost in sorrow
Who lives out his days with a burden of fear
But now as you lead, help me to follow
As a prisoner no more, for I am released

Have mercy on me

7. Lost

I've been to the depths where they show you
The meaning of sorrow
I kept my life because I still needed tomorrow
There is always something remaining
In the back of my foolish mind
To keep me searching the pathway
For an answer that I left behind

Don't leave me behind

When you've taken all you can take
There's really nothing left
Of what you thought was living
Now it's so much worse than death
There's nothing left to offer
And now you're falling blind
Can't seem to find a way back
A feeling that you're lost this time

So take my hand
And walk with me
All is not lost

I've been to the depths, so don't tell me
I've never known sorrow
Still reeling from yesterday
Still bleeding tomorrow
But there's always something remaining
At the back of my foolish mind
To keep me searching the pathway
Till I stumble at the end of my time

8. Through Greenest Meadows

I ran with you through greenest meadows
Entranced by you, (in) slow fading evening glow
You led me through where purest waters flowed
Remember you felt so safe in my arms
Long, long ago
So long ago
But now let me take you back
Through greenest meadows

I stand and stare at the distant hills
December sun falls on faraway fields
I'd do anything just to reach you again
To lie in your arms, for these wounds to heal

Let me take you back through greenest meadows
I want to see your eyes without tears tonight

Sunset streaks across the sky
Winter came, flowers died
Beautiful things, must they come to an end
So will tomorrow be the day our love dies

Walk with me my love
By flowing streams
Take my hand on the shores of the sea
Live again tonight with me

I stand and stare at the distant hills
December sun falls on faraway fields
Let me take you there again in my arms
For only as one are our dreams fulfilled

See me lying here
I cannot sleep
Can't sweep these cobwebs away
Solitary, with just a distant memory
These walls are closing in

I ran with you through greenest meadows
Entranced by you
We danced
So long ago, my love
But now let me take you back.

9. Shadow Reprise


10. Your Cold Embrace

Grim lives lived out with bitterness and contempt
Unforgiving, cold, half living, half dead
Self appointed judges on thrones of clay
Mocking those who reject their loathsome ways

When I sense your cold embrace
I reject your loathsome ways

I see them judge by their own fallen standards
I see them worship at the feet of fools
When blind follow blind, death lies waiting
Inhabiting empty lives where programmed minds
Remain so confused

Believing in nothing except what they see with their cynical eyes
Paving the way for their children a bleak future awaits

When I sense your cold embrace
I feel your emptiness

11. Encircle

For years I was held in a suffocating grip
I closed my eyes, I bit my lip
I cried to you, too young, too weak to fly
Afraid to move, Would I suffer if I tried?

Does the sun still shine like in my dreams
Does it light up the outside of the walls that encircle me
Is it just an illusion the things I see
Through crumbling stone, light begins to bleed

As I become someone I do not recognise
Caressed by fear, afraid to open blinded eyes
Behind the walls the naïve one so frightened
Cannot loosen the grip, it just keeps getting tightened

I know I saw the light begin to bleed

There's a world outside, it lies before me
A world on the outside of love and dreams
I wish to lead my life, I wish to walk the path of freedom
(But) if I hate, I'll never escape
The pain that imprisons me

With you I learned to live and breathe again
Learned to loosen the grip, then I broke the chains
As the ghosts of fears fade, I see in perfect clarity
Leave behind the ruins of the walls that imprisoned me

And the sun still shines like in my dreams
The world still turns, but not as once it seemed
My mind is clear, my eyes, my spirit see
As your broken hands are healing wounds in me

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