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1. Midnight


2. My Sorrow Is Yours

Hands are held
Within your hands
Every breath a gift
Laughter rings within your walls
A room they fill may silent fall

My sorrow is yours

Adorn the wall
Where autumn sun
Long shadows cast
Memories of treasured times
Our burning hearts lock tears inside

My sorrow is yours

3. Who Am I

In the words of many I'm your saviour
In the words of many I am lies
In the words of many I came down to Earth from the heavens
In the words of many I walked blind

If you see me
Who am I?
If you know me
Who am I?

Some may say that I deceived you when I promised life
Some may say that I left you here alone in the depth of night
Did I conquer the grave, can I save the lost?
Or forever a figure carved and broken on a cross

4. Ohm (Ritual)

5. Don't Turn Away

From the eyes that drew you in
From confessions of our sins

My love
Don't turn away

From the beauty of our song
From the days we knew no wrong

My love
Don't turn away

From the ties within our hearts
From the world we've torn apart

My love
Don't turn away

From the arms that long for you
From the pathways we walked through

My love
Don't turn away

From the tears of pain and love
From the wars we rose above

My love
Don't turn away

From the hands now quivering
From these unseen golden rings

My love
Don't turn away

6. NDE


7. Child Of Light

Many times you've laughed with me
Your smile stays with me
Lights the darkness that found me
In this emptiness
Til I walk with you again
Time is slow to heal this pain
Light is dimmer than before
Even though I'm seeing more
Beacons shine throughout the night
Even for you child of light
A passage to another shore
Distant friend and open door
Yours forevermore

8. Another Day

My summer child
I remember you
Running through the leaves
And hiding behind trees
Now you wonder what is true
Don't you remember good things too?
Another day slips away

In these times of separate lives

Mine is still calling out to you
Is there nothing I could do?
Such a trial you've been through (my child)
So many paths
You will journey on
One day come find me
Upon this distant shore

I know you wonder what is true
And you remember good things too
Another day drifts away

9. From My Window


10. When You Leave

You can stay and never question why
You may be afraid of nothing
You may wonder what horizons hide
And become a slave to yearning

No one can go
Where you must go
Find your way home
When you leave

And who knows where these summers go?
How the winter comes so quickly
We can stay here as seasons ebb and flow
As we watch the endless flight of the free

No one can go
Where they must go
To find their way home
When they leave

11. In Remembrance

I wish for you the very best
As selfish love I lay to rest
The years which you have given me
Brought me strength and liberty

So go in love and peace now and in remembrance of our heaven

The skies grew black with clouds of rain
The nights so long with no refrain
Where once was light and beauty here
Our days were darkening in fear

I long for her and for our love
I long to see blue skies above
My eyes are dim and weakening
No refuge in this world of sin

12. Last Song To You

Down to my world came a shining star
Down in the deep where the darkness rolls

Where she illuminated night and day
She took my hand and I was born in flames

She came in storms that made the windows shake
Behind rain misted panes I'd look and wait
That night forever stays within my thoughts
Loved her from then until I breathe no more

And if this should be my last song to thee
Sing beside my grave
Shine your light on me

See the woods where we would walk in leaves
In our first autumn in the smoky air
Like a child I carved our names into a tree
It stands within those woods two lovers once walked free

And if this should be my last song to you
Walk beside my grave in the morning dew
Though my heart death has claimed
Let my words of love remain.

13. Light And Shadow


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