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1. Et Lux Perpetua

The life you lived before is gone
Led beyond the pale by the cruel and distant Sun

Forever now beyond our reach
Your features frozen in a callous mimickry

Twilight sounds
Outstretched hands
Those you loved were the ones that watched you drown

The light that lit your eyes is gone
Turned to alabaster as your life had just begun

Stood alone in empty space
Eternal child with age now etched upon your face

Cursed to see you turned to stone and cursed to watch you fall
Cursed to see you take your place among the bright and beautiful

Twilight sounds
Outstretched hands
Those you loved were the ones that watched you drown

Those that survive bear the burden of blame
No mention be made of the forbidden name
Stand fast against the cruel winters rage
Wait for the dawn and the light of a wiser age

Et lux perpetua luceat eis

2. Death Becomes Us

It's coming to us all
No matter where we run
Here and now is all we have
Let all be said, let all be done

Every second closer
I think I see the shadows approach

No one knows the hour
No one knows the day
In one moment
Death Becomes Us

We trim the branches
But still one thing holds true
When the flood approaches
We are bound to the earth by the roots

All is loss and all is vanity
A chasing after winds

In shadows grasp at shallow sanity
Life ends as it begins

The whispers of our own humanity
Remind us of our sins
And our pride and in our vanity
We try to catch the winds

A quality of life
A true and loyal friend
A still and quiet mind
with which to face the end

No one knows the hour
No one knows the day
In one moment
In one final breath
Death Becomes Us

3. Bleak Endless Winter

Bleak endless winter
Curse this cold
Never ending night of misery

You are silent
Will you save me in the end?

Nobody can carry your burden
Bowed low in the grip of disease
Crestfallen, forsaken
Please take this bitter cup from me

Soul wasting sorrow
Broken again
I close my eyes, let it wash over me

Lost in darkness
Will you save us once again?

Futile listless cries
A slow demise
All is wasted

Stone cold faces
Look away
Far below them, slowly we creep

Sometimes this feels like there's nothing left
You failed the test is this punishment?
They twisted your words to condemn us
Was it ever the way they were meant

They fall silent
As they turn
From the helpless, from the weak

As they turn from the weak

4. Father

Losing ground
Numbed and bound
Silent tears
Burn these eyes
Loved once, now despised

Face this day
As hope recedes
See this light
Fading in time

When do you
No long try in vain?
To reach out one more time
Opened doors
Closed again and again

You are always in my thoughts
Two summer children
Never forgotten
Shadows have fallen
On me

Walk away
One with pain
Within my room
All these words
Never heard

So far away you cannot know
My children
Never forsaken
Your light is fading
From me

You are always in my thoughts
Never forgotten
Never forsaken

Father bid farewell to your children
No longer there to watch over them
Hear their express their disdain for you
Too far away to explain
While someone else has taken your place

She is their keeper and their defence
Shielded as they are from your influence
Watch as they drift far away
Never again will you see them play
No one else can take their place

Sometimes living is all that is left
Some say another day us coming soon
So much time is lost
So much time.

5. Graven Years

At times it seems nobody knows, nobody cares
The road I've walked, the weight I've borne

The blood I've given the blood I've shed
The graven years upon my face

When all that is sure turns to dust in my hands
I find myself in a place where no one stands

And there is no one here to find
No one to turn my heart to gold
No light to pierce my blinded sight
No hand to nourish this dying soul

I was wrong, was lost, was gripped by fear
had pain, had loss, had wounds to heal
You were there when I was consumed
To hold and love and whisper dear

Found here as a man laid bare

6. My Silent Wake

Summer long gone
Autumn passed on
Took away the fading light

Now as I look upon the earth
I cannot grieve
As I wait for my rebirth
For my reprieve

Goodbye sweetness
Bitter regress
Bleeding through my waking hour

Now as I look beyond the earth
I cannot grieve
As I wait for my rebirth
For my reprieve

This empty grave
I lie still
My silent wake
Yet I breathe

Your will be done
I am no one
I run
Far away from their approach

Now as I look within the void
I cannot see
Must I wait for evermore
For my reprieve

7. Between Wake And Sleep

Encroaching and swamped
By decisions made resolute
Time sails swiftly on leaving its wake
Stolen are the fineries of life
In never ending menial tasks

Rushing between wake and sleep
And neither fulfilled

Service is not slavery
When done in love
What a weight love can carry
Through open eyes lust deprives
Lord where is strength
Where is salvation

See the work of calloused hands
Hear the weariness of breaking voice
Feel the ropes bend a faltering back.

8. Journey's End

Another wasted night
Running from a falling star
Waking in the shadows
Wondering who and where you are
Longing for the morning
Wishing you were far from here
In another lifetime
Where the lies and truth are clear

Onwards we travel
Always moving forwards
Our damned curiosity
Self destructive vanity

Must we take this path again?
What knowledge will we gain?

I won't be alive
When the changes come around
How can we survive
Running to the siren's sound
No one lives to see
What becomes of all we knew
Another tragedy
Another rage is coming through

I am wandering far from here
In another time and another place
There is no one left but me
Set adrift from the rest of the human race
I can see what I want to see
And become anything that I want to be
Drinking from poisoned streams
Losing touch with self in a fraying reality

I see it all coming down
All journeys end.

Kate Hamilton — Cello, Clarinet, Hammered Dulcimer, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Tank — Drums
Ian Arkley — Guitars, Piano, E-bow, Synthetizers, Didgeridoo, Vocals
Andi Lee — Bass, Vocals (backing)
Jasen Whyte — Drums, Vocals

Thanks to jonandbonniemac for sending these lyrics.

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