Dark Lyrics


1. Violence Academy

Open the gates
Into your mind
Welcome to a ride
Darker than the darkest sky
Find piece of a violence
From corner of your thoughts
Submit to its will
Let it control you

Step into old the old circle
Release brutality
Now learn to use your skill
To war, torture and kill

Crawl deeper inside your mind
To find the truth
It's all beneath your eyes
The unwritten rules

Violence academy
Obsession to kill
Violence academy
Lethal ability
Violence academy
Extreme cruelty
Violence academy
Total fatality

Brutality of all this violence
Just illusions of your twisted mind
Now you found your own way in violence
You graduate with the highest marks

2. Thrash Hammer

In the heat of the fires of hell
Where the embers are dancing
We have forged the perfect weapon
Strongest metal that you've ever met
Faster than a bullet, heavier than a lead
Carried by four raging beasts

Now we bury you down
To the thrash underground

Let the blood paint the streets
Your head meets the anvil
True metal through your skull
That's all you need
The strike of thrash hammer

Attack of unforeseen violence
Screaming vengeance straight out from hell
Breath of black smoke and fire
Bringers of infernal destruction
Greatest weapon that's ever seen
Crush your face another thousand times

3. Violence For Violence

There's a war in the streets
I see death in every corner
After every step
I'm closer to crush your head

Lust for blood
Drives me insane
I sharpen my knife
I'm ready to kill
My eyes striking fire
I'm raging inside
No more, this feeling, I cannot hide

Extreme violence controls my every thought
The ancient hatred have risen from its hide

Violence for violence
I scream for more
Violence for violence
Until I fall
Violence for violence
Reaper is here
Violence for violence
Your end is near

I take no prisoners I kill them all,
and after killing I kill some more
I'm full of hidden hatred
Bitterness and rage
I'm the perfect weapon
For this bloody war

I feel how the darkness embraces me
I hear those howling beasts
I feel how the darkness calls me
I follow the path of the beasts
I feel how the darkness embraces me
I have become one with those beasts
I feel how the darkness calls me
I am those beasts

I am the revenge against society
I am the wisdom in all of insanity
I make my own justice just for myself
Eye for an eye, done is done

4. Unknown Abyss

Holy smoke fills my lungs
I escape from reality
Thick smoke
The source of all my wisdom
Behind my deep red eyes
The world isn't enough for me
Before I close my eyes
I take another hit

Now I fly

Into the place where mind of giant grows
I follow the fly of the white crows
I don't feel any mental slowdown
On my way to the unknown abyss

Once more I start to mine
Deeper and deeper than ever before
I have found my new level
Now I walk among my own gods
Or are there any gods
I try speak with the universum
But it doesn't answer

Inhale my brother inhale
Steps into labyrinth of your mind
All is now so crystal clear
Escape from prison of your thoughts
Now you're a free man
Open the gate one more time
For your final funeral pyre

5. Thrash On Your Grave

Cold north wind through this graveyard
The first snow has covered all the tombstones
Reaper's scythe has struck again
Taken away one of the best

Now the misery fills this blackened heart
Empty eyes starring the hole in the ground
Tears through face whiter than pale
Like a hellish rain through this funeral day

When these wounds turn to scars
And lake of tears froze
When all sorrow is drunk away
And all memories turn to gold

I thrash on your grave

Another grey and misty morning
Seeds of sorrow have started to grow
Heavy steps along the empty road
Only the candles light this darkened road

Like thousand razors cutting inside
When I slowly arrive to place where you lie
Now I stand like a shadow on your grave
There's no words to say, only memories remain

6. Rest In Business

I'm dancing on the razor edge
I live without fear
They all say my end is near
They might be right
But hell ain't care

Fuck off their system
Fuck off their rules
I am a free man
I'm not their tool

There's no point to attack
But there's always a reason to kill
No reason to fight
The battle is over before it begins

Living for danger
Danger is all I see
I might be insane
But that's all I really want to be

There's no point to attack
But there's always a reason to kill
No reason to fight
The battle is over before it begins
Your hammer is useless without the nails
Without powder your bullet just an empty shell

7. Speed Of Death

Meet you face to face
Tonight we won't just talk
It's time to face the fear
This all will end in blood

Justified act of violence
Murder in the name of law
Bloody killing show
Torment for peace

Now your execution is near
Face it without fear

Poison in your veins
Bullet through your head
Rope around your neck
Feel the speed of death

Welcome to your death
It's time to take your final breath
Meet the blade of justice
You will die by my hand

8. Strongest Falls

Nuclear clouds cover the earth
No hope for mankind
Prophecies have come true
Acid rain came out from the skies
It corrodes all the skin away
Strongest concrete starts to melt
It turns to its original shape/form
Storm of fires strikes with the power of thousand suns
Burns to ashes all shapes of life

So many years we
Prepared to bury ourselves
Now the earth is the grave
For all this human waste

Do you see the light through the cracks of these walls
Do you see the tears like waves against this dam
Do you feel how these mountains crash
It's just illusion of it then the strongest fall

Nuclear winds through the earth
The final explosion
No more stories to tell
Mother earth, now on her knees
Slowly she breathes
Her last breath
From darkness all begins
Into the darkness all ends
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Those famous words
Hid the truth

9. Too Drunk To Thrash

I've heard that wine is fine, but whiskey is quicker
Everything goes for me, just pull the trigger
I won't ever spit into the glass
And in the parties I don't fit in to the mass

I cannot remember the lyrics, I am too drunk to thrash
I dropped my drumsticks, I am too drunk to thrash
Someone stole my guitar, I am too drunk to thrash
I fell off the stage, I am too drunk to thrash

Straight in the morning a vodka with ice
Again I’m ready to roll the dice
Drink this bottle or two with me, don’t be shy
I still drink the old ways until I die

I cannot remember the lyrics, I am too drunk to thrash
I dropped my drumsticks, I am too drunk to thrash
Someone stole my guitar, I am too drunk to thrash
We all are too drunk to thrash

Fuck off and once more
Hell I care if you don't dare
I drink for joy I drink for sore
Never too drunk to drink some more

10. Burn

11. Messenger of Death

Hannu Sivusuo — Drums
Joonas Kiviniemi — Guitars
Aku Korhonen — Guitars
Ilkka Sepponen — Vocals, Bass

Thanks to joonas.kiviniemi for sending these lyrics.

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