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1. Future Violence

Living in the world of chaos
Aggression in the air we breathe
Every day is war
The revenge is sown

Future violence
Something you won't see
Future violence
On the final road
Future violence
Cold strike of the reaper's scythe
Future violence
Just hold your breathe

Four riders from the sky
Now it's time to die
Sweet nuclear hell
Storms have arrived

World is different now
Air is too thin to breathe
Polarization done with blade
Total destruction

2. It's All About The Pride

My strength's built with the strongest parts
One with my thoughts, one with my mind
Sometimes I suffer, every time I struggle
There is no loser
You can't win this war
The way was hard but I walked through
To be what I am, what I really am
Call me an asshole if you want
But do you know me
After all

It's all 'bout the pride
You can't fill these shoes
It's all 'bout the pride
I walk my own way
It's all 'bout pride
Live like a king without a crown
It's all 'bout the pride
It's all 'bout the pride

I live with passion
I live for myself
That's the way I fight
'n I fight it well
These word's from my heart
I don't hide behind the lies
Together we stand
With all respect and pride

3. ...and More Violence

My fists have date with your teeth
My knee to your head till you bleed
My elbow through your nose
What a brutal fashion show

Things have changed
Just like I said
Now we meet again
This is my revenge

I can't control my aggression
But I don't care
Like untamed beast
I attack without mercy
Forgiveness is out of date
The fashion is new kind of hate
Violence after violence
And more violence

Storms have arrived
Cold rain from the darkest sky
Winds breath slowly death
Surface pierced by hate

4. Seek The Truth

Too many times I have been silent
Left words unsaid
Too many times I have closed my eyes
To see the truth
Too many times I haven't heard
What you tried to say
Too many times I have denied
The feeling that gets me alive

Too many years I have lost the fight
Without the fight
Too many years I have hated
Things that I should love
Too many years I haven't spoken
With a mouth of truth
Too many years I've been scarred
That no one's there

Can we go back and start again
And say those words that we haven't said
Can we light the fire of life again
And start to breathe
It's not too late to open our eyes
To see the things, to feel the love inside
Start to care, stop to hate, stop the war
Breathe the air so free

Always seek the truth
Always speak the truth

5. Harder Than This Life

It was long way to go
Now I'm walking these streets back to home
And what a trip I made
To found back to my roots
I have made mistakes
Lost many years in darkness
But I've learned my lesson
And I'm proud of every scar

This is our town
These are our streets
This is where we're from
This is where we belong
This is in our hearts
This is our home
This is where we thrash
Here we thrash

Far away from home but always proud of the place where I was grown
And the road goes on, still too many stories untold
And all those memories from childhood with lakes and stones
Brothers by my side, and all those brothers who have died!

This thrash is harder than this life

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