Dark Lyrics


1. The Manuscript

Within the words lies something cold
A glow of light from one so old
Every page calling my name
Symbols excuse me of all blame

Your presence here astonishes me
The colossal things that you will read
Just breathe my name to set me free
Your soul alive will be my fee

And one by one the numbered fall
My duty is its own reward
Better do ill than suffer it
Alarming fingers of my wrist

My name is dark and my want will claim thee
The command to weep has now been given
This is how the words are freed
And the lashing whip of utter greed

A ruined soul and empty man
A lost shaow so old and damned
An awful martyrdom, so holy and feeble
A winter face, lonely eyes
A husk containing bitter lies
To sleep now, buried away
To be read again, to be obeyed

2. Vår gud över er

Wintershire, we defend, up hills high
Into the dark weave of a great dark storm
Cold, red snow, from their flow from sword and bow
Kings and men, fall or fight, a punishing
Everywhere, thousands lie. God almighty!
Driving them from our land to their sea

Great fathers and sons, brothers everyone
Out upon that scene, under wintersun
Draw your blade once more. From the trees they pour
Say a prayer out loud. Let us end this war

Sweat at the sword and the killing hand
Let the steel answer them. Show no mercy!
And snow leaves a drift of sin and loathing
Yet they come evermore. What is this!

Many fell today, and their bodies lay
All across this land as their spirit fades
Name upon name, fabled and brave
Years of doing this, but they always came

My wounds let me know the rage of winter and the world
Every hour, I'm broken down. I will not kneel before you broken
Nearer now, their faces clear. And books held in bloodstained gloves

Right from here I can see the whole world dying in their flames
In the beginning, were the words they forced into me
Pages inked in blood. A new God comes to save us all

3. A Pale Shroud Of Longing

I placed her steady, in front of me
And within her lips, she caved into me
And hold her fast I did
Lest she be swept from this earth

The sullen coast of her heart
The menace of her island
I know that I am unkind
I'm honoured, lover, that you still try

Her heart, careful and broken
She places its pieces below
And with the length of her whole body
Are shadows so very old

Her body was a belief
My kiss its dedication
A serpent this is she,
Whosescales release the ocean
Her weeping face, I hold in my hand
As her salutation

It's from her shadows
She took me, to cast asunder
Se that fears my presence
Loves me when I'm absent
The growing blindness of my soul
Sinking under

4. Only Tears To Replace Her With

Salvation dropped me from her dying arms
Endless, the skies are dark
This world is nothing without her
As it limps from beauty's answer
It dies in the hand of summer
This long savannah of her

The weapon of your body
Lays my city to waste
From blood on my golden sand
I came up and washed you

I'd lost saints for you!
Drew towers into the earth
And a silver blade from God
Hands directly above us

Bacchus drowns more men than Neptune
And I put my name among them
I hate everyhing around me
But I want to carry you back
To Heaven

Andrew Craighan ‒ Guitars
Aaron Stainthorpe ‒ Vocals
Hamish Hamilton Glencross ‒ Guitars
Lena Abé ‒ Bass
Shaun Macgowan ‒ Keyboards, Violin

Thanks to gothful for sending these lyrics.

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