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1. In The Night

All my life I have been told
To bow my head in awe
Now those days are over
I refuse to feel small
Did you really think
This game could end up a draw
Did you really think you had
The arms to win this war

And you sacrificed a lot of time
To keep me to the floor
A renegade left bleeding cold
A stranger in your home
A little species you could breed
And form into your norms
Hey, the little species, now he´s tall
So bow your heads in awe

Here it is, the night has come
The last defense, crumbled down
I´m alone, but I feel strong
I´m taking out the skeletons

2. Double Nature

Born a believer, I walk alone
Can´t find a place where I feel at home
Well I´m crazy, but I am sane
I´m guilty, but not to blame
This is my nature, who I am
If you don´t like it, here I stand

I wanna keep it, though I eat it
Shove it in my mouth
I can't control my evil I
I wanna keep it, though I eat it
Have a bigger bite
I love you baby, though I hate you
I'm a Double Nature!

Now a heretic, I have become
I've lost my faith in god and man
I am a demon, free from sin
But there´s no angel who lets me in
My wheels are rolling, they´re rolling fast
Straight outta hell, away from my past

I wanna keep it, though I eat it...

Now here´s a warning, some final words
Turn me down, and you´ll burn, burn...
I am awaken, I never sleep
My eyes are bleeding, I´m a freak
I´m short of patience, don´t mean no harm
I´m just a guy with a burning heart

I wanna keep it, though I eat it...

3. Falling Down

The higher the flight
The harder the Falling Down

I´m down to earth but could go higher
Though I´m pretty safe here in my tree
I really like to try go flying
But I know I´ll fall like tumbling leaves

The higher the flight
The harder the Falling Down
The deeper the dive
The bigger the chance you´ll drown

I was raised to choke on my desire
Sometimes I felt unable just to breath
So I learned to be a fighter
Now I´m ready for that giant leap

The higher the flight...

4. The Heckler

He´s a nasty one
Can´t take you´re number one
He just hates when you are right
He´s going to hang me high
Filling you up with lies
Don´t want to have his kind around

Can´t you tell me something new
Lack of talent, it must be cruel

If you cant sing or dance
This is your only chance
Tell them all what they should do
Look at that ugly face
You can smell her hate
But girl, try to report the truth

Can´t you tell me something new
Lack of talent, it must be cruel
What you do and what you say is who you are
Don´t try to decieve me

Do you believe me now
We have to put them down
They´re just wasting our time
Lack of confidence, explains the arrogance
Don´t wanna have this kind around

My review: They gotta go!

5. I Wanna Be Loved

You can´t break what is broken
And don´t try to walk the ocean
Dig where you´re standing
A hole in your heart, why don´t you mend it
The suffocation of your feelings
Makes your life lose meaning

I could have met you half ways
But I'm an ego, this is what I crave
I Wanna Be Loved
I just can´´t get enough of it

The girl is sitting in her tower
The boy he´s living in another
He said: Wanna come uptown?
The girl said: Why don´t you get down?
What do we learn from this story?
Both are winners when they´re scoring

I could have met you half ways...

I´ll teach you body language
Baby don´t be shy
The bad girls learned some manners
Don´t you ask me how
Your needs is what I hunger
It´s too late to cry
I want two for tango
Now I´m going down

Are you ready to be shaken
This shake can cause you pain
My feelings are but naked
My pride is high at stake
A force of roaring thunder
No girl can stop this load
I know where theirs is heading
You made me explode

6. Scyphozoa

7. Spreading The Worst

I can´t read, I can´t follow
And I walk in constant sorrow
What I earn is what I borrow
I don´t care for tomorrow

I don´t believe in hunger
Don´t believe in thirst
What I really need to know
Have I been cursed
Here I stand alone
I´m spreading out the worst

Now I walk in the shadow
On my way to the gallows
Didn't steal, I just borrowed
No one reads, no one follows
They don´t need the real me

Now I know what´s hunger
Now I know what´s thirst
Now I really know that
I have been cursed
Here I stand alone
I´m spreading out my worst

8. Bring Me Everyone

I hate to be in love
I don´t like being fine
When I´m at worst
Is when I really feel alive
And I can´t stand to see
You happy people smile
Cause I´m a killer
I would love to make you cry

Bring Me Everyone
I need to hurt someone
I´ll give you love, then I turn you down
My work here, it´s done

They say I´m psycho
And should be put behind bars
That I am damaged
And my soul is full of scars
You shiny people
You should never come this far
Cause I´m a killer
I got murder in my heart

Bring Me Everyone...

Ringing bells in the sky
Is this the bringer of light
No, you fools, it is I
Run for cover or die

9. Forever Begins Today

How on earth were you created
Either it is heaven or it´s hell
I don´t buy: "It´s not your fault"
It´s you, and you must do this by yourself
Take control, rise and shine
You have to quit this living like you´re dead

You wanna break through heaven
You really need to change
So don´t say tomorrow
Forever Begins Today

How on earth were you created
Please don´t treat yourself like human waste
You better bring it up, sweet lady
Before you´re totally falling out of place

You wanna break through heaven...

10. I Am Not Aggressive

What is it you can´t stand?
The way I´m living or that I´m loud
You choose the safest trail
But I don´t want to walk that way
Go care about yourself
I know I don´t deserve your hate

I´m not aggressive
I just do what I must do!
I´m not aggressive
Just because I´m not like you!

You tried to get it out
But you don´t dare to go that wild
Well, who´s the angry now?
Spread your wings, try and learn to fly

I´m not aggressive...

11. The End

Is this what life is all about?
A TV-chef, a homestyled house
The LCD flat on your wall
Will it make you reach the inner core?

Is this what we´re supposed to do?
Forever being on the move
Doing the only thing we know
Our latest version of the truth

We´re just a bunch of normal guys
Who never seemed to learn
To keep our voices down
So here it is, our pride and glory
The finest piece of art we´ve ever done
I tell you man, it wasn´t easy
I never thought we´d bring this sucker home

Now it´s time to face the curtain
Was it worth the pain?
It could always be more perfect
But here it is, our end
You´re welcome to The End

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