Dark Lyrics


1. Death From Below

The bastard eagle is spreading its wings
Keeping an eye on your homeland
And keeping both on your back

Majestic symbol of freedom and might
Some kind of beautiful thread
Aiming at you through the clouds
Waiting for its time to strike

We're down on the ground
But luckily we're more than you
Death from below!

2. Dawn Of Slugs

Born in a cesspool
Full of vermin
Raised in submission
Corrosive atmosphere
Legions of parasites prevail

Consume, eliminate
They devour the surface
Consume, eliminate, contempt
This fucking disaster

Welcome home
Welcome to the wastelands
Take a breath of this stinking air
A perfect society based on dysfunction
Get the fuck off and die
Get the fuck off and die

3. War Therapist

You used your voices as you were asked
Followed a shepherd that fucks you up
Gathered by mindless leaders
Your majorities stink

Democracy false flag
Time is over
You should have thought about that before

War as a therapy
Carpet bombing remedy
The people's roar has been heard

If that was a joke, then I didn't get it
Dropping the Lord's burning wishes
Over the infadels' heads

4. Fucktards Parade

Treachery's gone too far
Your path leads to outcomes you can't deal with
Mocking rulers, gangrenous warts
Promising a cure for a disease you're sponsoring

To better quench your greed
You all bow to the lobby

Fucktards parade
Keep appearances up while secretly uniting
To the scumbags they blame on stage
The audience cheers, they cash their profit-sharing

To better quench their greed
They all bow to the lobby
Sacrificing centuries of evolution
On the altar of consumption

All in good time, you'll get what you give
Politics merging with industry
Spreading profit-seeking demagogy
To better quench your greed
You all bow to the lobby
You scumbags merging with fucktard elite
You'll get what you give, you have it coming!

5. Built Of Lies

Too late for apologies
The line has been crossed
I'll unleash fucking Hell on this world
Hordes of flies will starve

My disgust is feeding my burning hate
What the fuck have I become?

This futile story will find its end
Never short of those brilliant ideas
To justify your lies

You're not the first to fall from grace
You'll hit the ground endlessly
The day has come for the wheel to turn
All your efforts are in vain

Nothing will remain

You think you're different
From everything you hate
You'll hit the ground endlessly
Another day, another pointless hope
You'll fucking hit the ground

6. Shit Reminders

Get a well paid job
Get yourself a mean dog
Build a safe sweet home
For a future family
Buy yourself a wife
Say "cheese" to the camera
Make the 2-5 kids
You were told to make

And mine the ground around
Your brand new property
Sitting, but sinking on a shit throne
One more slave has chosen his fate

Ready to shoot your friends in the back
But ready to turn on your heels and run, too...
Using people as tools
To shape as a snake this new world of yours
The way your sick mind approved
The way you've been forced to... or not

I wish I could be careless
But I can't, you're the shit reminders
That fill up the space
Make me think you chose the path of glory
By fighting for something
Waiting for you to spit
Waiting for you to die

7. Designed To Fail

Packaged in a can
In which you have to fit
Proud of a dream you've been forced in
You're designed to fail

Blinded by the fear
Of being wrong
Deformed by your beliefs
You're designed to fail

Lost in your shit dream
Absorber of useless goods
Excreter of useless talk

You're designed to fail

Lost in your expandable shit world
Absorber of useless goods
Excreter of useless talk
The puppet never knows the puppeteer

Why shouldn't we burn the whole place down?

8. Get Exorcized

Wake up you lazy fuck
Or in your sleep you'll be struck
Remnants of a lazy pagan past
Shall be tolerated no more

You're nothing without Him
We're nothing without sleep like you
Act as you were told then
And rejoin God's front line

Instead of praying to your God
Oh Lord, let the meat be juicy
Ducking your head and checking the floor
Through your 50-pound meal
Just get 25
Stop praying and get exorcized

9. Fresh Meat For The Grinder

You signed for war
You'll get respect, they said
As a dickhead
You got what you deserve
A painful bleeding death

You signed for war
You'll get new nuts, they said
Specially close to your dead friends
So fucking far from home

Seeing yourself as a brick
In the everlasting wall of liberty
Much better than an asshole
You're now a breach in the line

Fresh meat for the grinder

10. Repudiate

Always first on the list
To stab my back
Never here when
You're brothers are down

A perfect witness
Of my own defeat
The lights are on you now
So play your perfect role

You already won the game
But who will be there
To watch your crown

I'll never put my trust in your dirty hands
But the smile on my face will be
The last memory you'll have from me

11. Army Of Freaks

Drowning in your cash flow
Asleep and bored
Self-righteous Christian fuck
They find a new reason for you
To overcome your fears
Grab your camera
And make a paparazzo out of yourself
Squeal on your friends

Submit the information
To the central brain
CCTV - citizen
Fucking traitor

Rejoice, your life now has a purpose
You're just an eye stuck on a pole
Fighting bravely for the safety of all
Cleansing the streets for the new order to come

You're feeding their so-called system
Frightened freak
Adding your own pathology
To the global disease

As the weather turns you're waiting for a sign from your master

12. Hailing Regression

Keep thinking for yourself
What you call being human
Don't want a part of it
Now it's time to turn them off

They'll tell you anything
That is good for your ears
Don't want a part of it
They are the illusion

Wait for false benevolence
Masses driven in frustration
Don't want a part of it
They are the illusion

Time has come to dig your grave
I'll be the first to piss on it
Time has come to dig your grave
Ask for help, throw yourself in Hell

13. Cockroaches

Oh Sensei please teach us
For you've nothing more to learn
Behold the cockroaches from above

As the unstoppable flow
Of your knowledge enlights us
We the plebes are all yours

Still got nothing to say but still omnipresent
Still got nothing to say but still talking shit

The only thing you know about the sea is the shore
You arrogant fuck, you ignorant freak

Using your tongue as if you were chewing shit
The stench of ignorance precedes you
A massive ego that still makes you think
You're smart enough to prove the others wrong

14. Wrong Turn

You've woken in a state of apathy
Paralyzed by fear
You thought you were safe
Dogmatic pressure is upon you now
Spend your life for a job you fucking hate
No one gives a shit
Forced to live on your knees
By decree of white collar prophets

Can't you figure out your own fall
Rope around your neck
You're just a slave
This hidden war is already lost.

15. Let The World Burn

Let this fucking world burn

They know who you are
What you're doing with your life
They will seek every move you make
Every word you speak

Giving out the truth
For a better world
The assholes are everywhere
But who cares?

Reaching the top level
Of the ignorance scale
We're taking ourselves back
To days of shame

Building a new graveyard
Today's idols are scum

Wait for your turn
To be smashed on the ground
Feel the pain
Going down your spine

Creating fake dreams
To better steal your life
An existence spent on running away
From their lies

16. Piss Off (Part 2)

If you don't see nothing
Try to figure it out
Did you just get anything?
So piss off and get out!

Fuck your lack of IQ
All the ego-trippers like you

I'd better belong to nothing
Than be a part of your shit herd

You learn nothing
You teach nothing
You sound like fucking
Voodoo bullshit to me

If you feel cursed, then you deserve it!
We're not like you

17. Waste By Definition

Prisoner of your own image
Forged by years
Worshiping gods that were created
To keep us blind

You'll get the first place
In the bastards' hall of fame
We don't give a fuck
About what you pretend to be

This is your own defeat
You won't get respect
Through such miserable acts

Always complaining about yourself
Never here to walk into the lion's den

A lesson well learned
Your face speaks for itself
Fifteen minutes of glory
Is just what you'll get

18. Unfair For Whom?

Ironing your war-like panties
As a perfect display
Waiting for the next riot
Chilling on the sofa

Two-faced but hidden behind your silk scarf
Won't show your perfect white teeth to the media
Btu give them this newly manicured finger

Try to make me believe
You're sick of this unfair existence
But unfair for whom?
Certainly not for you!

As far as I can see
You're daddy's punk
On his Sunday revolution

As far as you're concerned
When the time to run has come
Get your gold-plated ass
As quick as you can
In the warmth of daddy's home

19. Bring Them To Ruin

You're another brick in the wall
They've built to keep us blind
Ignorance through consumerism
A new religion for trendy fucks

Twisted truth and apathy
That's your new reason to live
Do you need anything more?
Get a fucking brain!

Welcome to the new era
Where easy cash leads every fuck on Earth
You'll taste the skill of my Morgenstern
Everything changes except the bastard that lies within you

Payback time is now
Consider this as a warning
You're a fascist teen
Who deserves a good neck-breaking session

20. Begging For The Obvious

Working to live and living to waste your time
Begging for the obvious
Pants down! On your knees!

I can't stand anymore of your moaning
Just can't stand anymore of your tears

Those rights of yours should be taken
So take them or steal them!

Those upstairs need you to be their slave
And as a slave you shall be sacrificed

21. Redline

We put our trust in justice
Praying God to define our enemies
Learning to kill on request - God's request

How could we know? Why should we know?
We've never been told

War is beautiful
Fireworks everywhere
Bloody remains
Blown up in the air

The rope is not strong enough
To support the weight of your bullshit
The tunnel has no end
Flies will feed on your remains

One more step back
You'll get what you give
One more step back
Return to the grave

22. Blind Disciples

Countless years of mass destruction
Will lead us to the end
Everyone is going to suffer

There's nothing more to wait from them
The bastards are leaving the boat
Afraid to lose their wealth

Their leader is gone there's no more God to pray
They have a nice place for you on their island of greed

Free hanging for the assholes
Delight for the lies that blind

23. Betrayer

No one's on your side
Never look back, you've lost your way
All your steps are leading to nowhere
I have a plan for stupid fucks like you
Move yourself into the line of fire

How much time will you spend

Searching for a bitter end
I'll put the final nail in the coffin
Of your worthless plan

Just think twice and
Get the fuck inside your hole
Talk to my hand, you can't dodge this
You're a leader in shit backing
I'm better off without you

Freedom of talk for the dumb
The fucking apple fell
Too far from the tree

24. Behind The Mask

Silent as a blank sheet
Blinded by your so-called wealth
Look what you left behind you

What can you expect
When all hope is lost?
You signed your own defeat

You own the right
To shut your fucking mouth
Look what you left behind you

We've made our choice
Collapse cannot be avoided
You signed your own defeat

A thousand sleepless nights
Learning to lie to yourself

You dug your own grave
Just when you turned your back
Closed out from reality
You've got to escape from this

There's no need to talk
To swallow barbwire
There's no need to talk

Born as a hero
You'll die as a fucking insect

Jeje – Guitars
Tom – Vocals
Benj – Bass
Seb – Drums

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