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1. Chain Of Spirit


2. Rebellion

I was the first spirit create
the first one equipped whit force and wisdom
provided with the full power of God
able to create other celestial spirits
in everything similar to me..
"I'll rise to ascent to the sky and raise my throne above the stars of God"
Angel will be around me to allow
the spreading of my light
Angels endowed with all the celestial force.


Your reign is under reath the shadow of sin
God's hand will drive you out in to the eternal deep.

"My name brings entails the light of knowledge"

One can obtain supreme goods only through pain and suffering
and it's on then that I'll buil up my reign.

The way to redemption through matter is long and painfull
but it will and by taking me home again
so I don't fear the divine judgement because my existence is tied to it.

3. My Dominion

Hear the vertebrae of the angel
on which our recovery is scanned with no rest.
"My fire purifies"
Follow my son's flames touchin th sky,
where the throne of the Creator belongs,
between clouds of dizzines.

...and scream awful blasfemies in the earsof
the enemies who will fall in front of You.
Spit stream of lava in their eyes unable to see.

Satan, withdraw these unshaped bodies refusing
sight these wounds will never be healed,
glorify the Father who saved your life.

"Father, I have already created flames
more blinding that the sun
and counted tears will soon extinguish it,
in the dusk You'll see my power and will know
madness in the attempt to oppose me.
But I will always be the son You generated
and by denying it will deny yourself.
Even if it's impossible to reach You from my
incessant hate, new sins will come to rouse
this pyre of spirits...
...losing a fight, however I prevail!

4. Heaven's Sword

I'm the arcangel chosen by God
to fight and defeat the group of abject angels.
Me saint warrior of Heaven, armed with
the Creator's pity will hunt You out of Heaven
and throw You into the burning furnace.

"Love Me"

My pity will hurt your pride,
My sword your body,
in your tears there won't be salvation.

Michael, I don't fight to remain in Heaven
but to kill the highest number of His sons
'cause He doesn't "love me"
and so He'll pay with his angels' blood
and you, the chosen ones, hit to death,
will fall with us in the deep oblivion.

Lucifer, your proudness has driven you far from
the light, your place now is in the shadow
where the warmth of love doesn't exist
where your swears won't reach the most High's ear,
where there will be sorrow and chriping of teeth.

...Me, saint warrior of Heaven, condemn you
and with my sword I create the existence
cancel each mistake of compassion.

From my limbs it drops the blood of defeat
from my eyes the tears of consciousness
I precipitate behind in a ocean of fire
I see my brothers shouting and swearing
while falling with me.
Light little by little disappears to give to darkness
don't give up my Seraph, the altars of compassion is far
and it'll come the day in which my wounds will heal up
and my army will recover the strength and it will be then
that we'll come again from darkness... to Fight!

5. Fallen

Damned the will today it wants a brother as its enemy
You to whom the libra of justice was entrusted.

"light dissolved in ego falls in pleasure of defeact,
unspeable secret of true, this cry's for your victim"
you showing yourself without veils,
and brandishing the sword blind ardor hides reason.
... no, not tears, not for me!

I condamned you to fall!
Just I word I keep for you... war!

From blood and from mud new shapes will grow
and new hands will fight into darkness,
for me that I know how to love my sons.

"Now I evoke the bolds
now I lead the army of courage,
new missio is calling,
for expanding the fears in the skies
and revealing the road,
come to me... sons!

6. Inferno

Between ice and flames my reign will arise,
where thives and torturer will find their home,
where weak persons' tears won't find love and compassion
but the neverending torture with pure violence.

...sorrow and tears will be the cry of my empire...

Here the only music will be the divine lamentation,
richness and ambition won't be a sin
but a reason of proudness.
Here i'll build up my sweet home and i'll call it Inferno.

7. Last Temptation

I walk along the path of the damned
beside the shadow of death to please the cursed
and rape the souls of the repentant.
I am the fire which burns the plant of compassion
I am the hatred which wraps eternal damnation.

...I drown in the tears of the dead...

I live to destroy the sky, obscuring sun
with my storm and burning the dead with my love

"Deliver me from evil take my soul on your lap
in the garden of death"

In this garden i grow my virtue
torturing the bodies of tempted souls.

8. Decaying

A dress of ice will cover my flowers,
the power of chill will stop the time
and all the thing while the wind will sweep
what remeins of my children away

"Father, i've done my work,
Lucifer and his angels have sank into oblivion,
your compassion has blind their eyes
but it has not saved their souls"

A ray will reflect itself on your face,
angels of darkness, and while your eyes are burning
i'll be there crying to see you...

"In my tears you'll understand all my despair
in my words the repentance and the shame,
in my heart there will be anything but sorrow and pain"

9. Color Of Grace

Beneath the fire,
wax is writhing in motionless mourning
from envy to damnation on the candle of affirmation
between the ribs of the weak and jaws of beasts sacrificing
their lives to evil there is a safe support.

Drops of opaque wax, greedy rats earn color from hatred,
new color of ambition.
Drops of incandescent wax will wet their
reign with unavoidable shame.

Deep river beds are devuring the ground and dying
horrible shapes without eyes
thanks to those who want to be better
the gear of discord will move
in perpetual and alternating motion.

Drops of opaque wax, greedy rats earn color from hatred,
new color of ambition.
Their smoke will rise, anxious to mud the sky.

Creature of temptation
preach apparent beatitude with immaculate damnation.

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