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1. The First Spring Without You

Also there has set in … the first spring without you
And again I go on a path of my tears
Where once we were happy
And in sweet embrace of scarlet twilight I saw her sad eyes
As if a wingless bird, she’s my grief
And we shall die together … you are my mournful gust

2. Path Of My Tears

I don’t feel fascinating heat of your caressing hands
I forget our last dawn in crimson rays
Your farewell embrace don’t warm me
And your mysterious whisper don’t beckon me in eternity

I’ll harden by a tear on your sleeping face
And with death will go in your calm dream

I see dying away stars
Falling from an abyss of eternity
If you could extend to me the hand … your hand
And conduct me along a path of my tears

I cry with an entreaty in dying sky
Among bleeding stars I seek for your glowing eyes

Stay by me, full me with your fire
And pray, hear my voice, come back to me

Become me and full me with your fire
And pray, hear my voice, and return to me
I was your heart so long as light hasn’t stolen it
I was you so long as the mist hasn’t separated us
I touch by shivering lips to icy stones
I kiss your shade sliding on a path of my tears

Whether you remember our maiden dawn
What warm whiff has woken our hearts?
Whether you remember how we died
Among smoldering combustion of our life

3. Once We Were Happy

Really my heart will bleed always
And my cut off wings will not grow again
Really I’ll never touch to lips of eternity
Blossoming scarlet flower on my grave

At one time we were immortal
At one time we were the only
Now you’re the snake in my heart
The snake in my bleeding heart

And we’re as wingless birds in a paradise garden
Cry above a grave of our eternal youth

Please, deceive me
Say to me what is it only dream
I’m spring in a crown from dead flowers
I fade in dance of solitude

And you stung me having filled a blood by venom
And then I did know that so the hell starts

Please, deceive me
Say to me what is it only dream
But I’m too alive what to believe your lie
I’m too dead what to see salutary light

The eternity was our name
We drank youth from the rivers of bliss

But the sin has made us dead …

4. Sweet Embrace Of Scarlet Twilight

Open to me a secret of your dreams
Where I’m the hero of your lusts
And in sweet embrace of scarlet twilight
I shall become the knight of your night illusions

Neverland, I have believe in your myth
I was so naive in my death
I knew, that not return in a reality any more
Charmed by your fantasies

I’m a naked nerve in your hand
You see all my dreams through
Whether you dream of me now
When I speak these words

Now I belong to you forever
My rest is stolen by your kiss
And let moon becomes our witness
When we shall merge in sweet embrace of scarlet twilight

5. I Saw Her Sad Eyes

Her face is mirrored in lunar glowing
The tears, so sweet tears are flowing from her eyes
Eyes, so sad eyes look at me for the last time
Let to touch them with my gaze for the last time

I’ll never forget when our glares have united
I’ve feel a fire and something has woken up inside me
And as a beast I wanted to take possession to her
But having thrown on her I’ve dissolved in her shade

We’re as the lover flowers
But we can’t touch to each other
And the wind breaks off our petals
Those are so beautiful in rays of a sunset

I saw her sad eyes, her eyes for the last time
I was her cry, I was her tears
I’ve touched her soul for the first time
Having broke her as the crystal castle

In her eyes I see my reflection
Heavens full of stars and moon instead of pupils
And the tears flowing from her eyes
Are transform to celestial crystal

We’re as snow on the sun melt in our embrace
We harden as a sculpture and we peter for ever
And something invisible binds us
In silent dance of grief connecting us together

I would like to forget it absolutely
It is more never to recall her
But every night I look in heavens
And the moon draws her portrait again

6. As A Wingless Bird

She’s my grief
She’s my tears of despair
She’s sleeping beauty in my dreams
She’s ashes of my hopes
She’s voice of my eternity
She’s frankness of attracting midnight
She’s mistress of my heart
She and nobody except her

Bird, celestial bird
Bird, wingless bird
The bird remain with me for ever
… She’s my grief

No, beloved, not for us this spring
We have lost our happiness outside our bodies
All that you see now it’s only dream
The reflection that never will happen

At one time we were birds with you
And with enjoying soared in the clouds eternal
But arrows of death pierce our wings
And we’re as if silence have felled in our life

That day when I’ve stretched hands to heaven
She as a bird has felled on my palms
By the wounded bird tearing out from my dreams
By the angel it’s in the flesh … by the bird without wings

She’s my grief
She’s in a captivity of the body
She’s a wingless bird
She’s all my dreams
She’s embodiment of fantasies
She’s the castles in the air
She’s got used to ground
She and nobody except her

If only I had wings, I would give them to you
I agree eternally to be tormented on this ground
If only to enjoy your flight
In heavens that are so far away from me

7. ...And We Shall Die Together

The hands are closed in the last embrace
The lips are merged in farewell kiss
I see the sun is setting in your eyes
In your sad eyes are full of tears

All what was inside of our now is dead
We see burns out fire
He was burn in ours hearts
And now die away by the wind of grief

Human voices are calm down
Bird’s singing is calm down
Your crying voice is calm down
And your eyes are closing for ever

It is not what I saw in my dreams
It is not what we dreamt when on is awake
It is our a last minute
And we’re in the power of perfidious moment

A last gulp of air
A last beat of heart
We kept our oath
And we shall die together

Ours rivers are dry up
Ours flowers are picking
Our night is disappear forever
In the rays of betrayal sun

And we’ll set off for eternal journey
Lying together in a boot crossing the rivers of death
I die away feeling your kiss
And how sad if you feel same

Vladislav Shahin - vocals
Alexander Glavniy - lead guitar
Evgeniy Vecher - rhythm guitar
Evgeniy Kozlovskiy - bass guitar
Artem Lygun - keyboards
Vjacheslav Kapusta - drums

Session musicians:
Oksana Krivenko - soprano
Anna Dobrydneva - female vocal (also on concerts)
Andrey Chistoserdov - violin
Alexander Ulanov - flute

Thanks to monzer.d for sending these lyrics.

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