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1. The Cost

In 1920, a young man of 14
Declared himself to be, a preacher of the faith
Second World War
A German who loved the Lord
Preached for all to hear, facing all adversity

The cost, of discipleship
The cost, to stand against all evil
Deitrich Bonhoeffer
Lived and was martyred for the
Christian faith.
The cross, we all must bear
The cross, under which there is no fear
Live and die, for what we believe
No liberal theology

In the 1940’s, a hero of the faith
Refused to stop preaching the gospel
He saw the evil in the Third Reich
Had to protect the weak and the oppressed.

He rescued the Jews to neutral Switzerland
Stood for the Lord, in the face of Hitler
Martyred for his faith, 9 days before freedom

Are we prepared to die for our faith in
Jesus Christ
Now fear is gone as we long for home.
The true church, that is a miracle
Standing for Christ, in the face of death

The cost [9x]

2. Feed Your Hungry Ears

Soul food comes from the living bread
Feed your ears- inside your head.
Deep inside, the soul it goes
Day by day, faith grows and grows

Fill your ears with words of truth
Your soul is hungry for food
Coming out across the stage
Where the band plays Gospel faith

Feed, feed your hungry
Feed your hungry ears.
Need, need the sound
Need the sound of Jesus.
Kill, kill all of your
Kill all of your fears.
Feed, feed your hungry
Feed your hungry ears.
Right you are, hungry no more
You have been fed the truth
And received the Lord
Everyday comes meals of,
prayer and the Word
Repentance and redemption
They are now yours.

3. Extrinsick Forces

Extrinsic forces, embattled on all fronts
No more choices, attacked all at once
Surrounded on all sides,
Of food and peace bereft
A poisoned arrow flies, towards his last defence.

Though he fall,
He will not be cast down.
He will rise, he will rise
He will stand.

Daily battles, trouble everywhere
Terror in the night, nauseating fears.

Permeating sickness,
Ravaged life from limb
Odds are stacked against,
To ever walk again.

I once was young, now I am old
I have watched them rise
And I have watched them fall
I have striven, but through it all
I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken.

4. Realm Of The Skelataur

No flesh found within my body
Righteous word is my liposuction
Read the Word and find the path
Away from the evil flesh

Realm of the Skelataur
Slender on the Holy path
Realm of the Skelataur
Moving with the Lord we march
Throw all the chains off
No bondage seen within our ways
Realm of the Skelataur
Righteousness in our faith

Kill off all the evil ways
Eyes aglow within the Heavenly gates
Look inside a righteous heart
And find the glowing of the light

Realm of the Skelataur… Realm of…

No flesh found within my body
Righteous word is my liposuction
Read the Word and find the path
Away from the evil flesh!

5. Slaughter Demon Headz

Let’s slaughter demon headz!

Slaughter demon headz
Slaughter demon headz
Slaughter demon headz
Slaughter demon headz

6. Our Anthem

Do not break the post momentary scrolls
Envision the triumph of a primitive bloodworld
Self-titled brain cleaner, relentless, erasing
The silver cord is killing the evil addiction

Read the scribe of the scrolls
Until all is live on the hammer of God
Realm of the Skelataur

Mortification, shouting the truth unto the world
Now is the time to revisit the truth of the past
Forging in stone, the truth of the future
The Gospel of Christ is our timeless code

The code by which we live
The code by which we forgive
The load of life, resting on the Saviour’s shoulders
Our code shall survive long beyond the
Time of our passing on.

7. 40 Day Fast

How many years are in the crunch?
Jesus prayed a 40 day fast.
Taught us all what we need to be
Praying daily on our knees.

40 day fast!

8. Total Thrashing Death

We shout to the sky
Eagle wings on which we fly
High above the deadly fire
Worship at the triune altar

Total thrashing death
Total thrashing death

The bridge of death we cross with faith
We cannot be touched by the flames
Raging from the pits of hell
Looking forward, gaze to grace

Thrashing the death
Killing the fake
Finding the faith
Eternal skies, living the light

God’s arms are opening wide
We have thrashed the death inside
Living in repentance days
Into Heaven, we’re embraced

9. Enrapture

Look up as redemption is life
The monarch now has arrived
Immortal the forgiven shall be,
Just a choice for all to see.

Enrapture the return of the King
Enrapture on that day we will be
The thunder cracks the night of the sky
Enrapture, caught up in the light.

Seek out the words of the truth
Find your way or the pain will be brutal
Eternity without the light?
3 score years and then we die!

Eternity is a forever time
Find your way to pursue the light
Enrapture is where we want to be
Just in submission, salvation receive!

The ways of the past are all gone
Eternal light is our royal home
Look up as redemption is life
Eternity is forever time.

10. Grave Sucking

Grave Sucking- bad!

11. Pushing Weird Buttons

Tempted by the things that this world offers
Step by step you walked off on the wrong path
One by one you find yourself in a barren place
Just one prayer and you’re back on the narrow way

Pushing weird buttons, buttons!
Pushing weird buttons, buttons!

Go back to the old way
Go back to the saving grace
Go back to the saviour
You have walked too far away.

Seems to me, somewhere you lost your faith
Blame the keys offered you, by a wayward voice
Lost in a jungle of lusting for the forbidden fruit
Tastes so good but poison kills your soul of blood

Faithful ways
May not be what a preacher says
Faithful ways
Come from the worship of the Living Bread
Eat the body and drink the cup of faith
True repentance, just one step away

Blood transfusion brings you back to the place
Where you began walking in the truth and faith
Ignore the pull into the devil’s garden
Do not blame twisted blind religion.

Steve Rowe — Vocals, Bass
Lincoln Bowen — Guitars
Andrew Esnouf — Drums

Thanks to skippyrocks for sending these lyrics.

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