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1. Until The End

[Words & Music by Michael Carlisle]

As I await my time
I assume the responsability
With my heart in Christ
His direction is revealed to me

He gives me eyes to see
Real life reality
Living day by day
Along His chosen way

I used to follow idols
Things upon the earth
They added up to my selfishness
I learned that Christ must be first

Spiritual maturity is what we require
Eternity proceeds our death resist the rebels desire
You need to make a stand
Get on your knees and pray
Turn from your selfish past
Put your pride away
Seek God with all your heart
Listen to His voice
Satan has denied the truth
You must make a choice

To take your life away from Christ
What's it really worth
To exit from eternal life
And die upon the earth

[Luke 8:1-15]
[Ephesians 4:12-16]
[Hebrews 5:11-14]
[Deuteronomy 30:19]
[James 1:2-18]
[Joshua 24:15]
[Hebrews 6:4-6]
[I Peter 5:8-9]

2. Brutal Warfare

[Words by Steve Rowe, Music by Jayson Sherlock, Steve Rowe]

Demon Forces
They must bow
Saints of God arise
And kill deprivation
Evil bondage
Will not claim the church of Christ

Brutal warfare
Brutal warfare

Pain and torment
Cast from below
Stand strong with God's armour on
Inflicted with hate
Spiritual war
Christ's the victor know this well

Put on the full armour of God
Stand against the devil
We are not fighting men
But evil forces of a dark age

Rotting minds
Avenge yourselves
Submit to God outwitting Hell
Intense offense
Awesome victory
Bludgeon to death bondages

Belt of truth around waist
Righteousness your breastplate
Gospel of peace on your feet
The shield of faith and sword of God

[Eph 6:10-18]
[Mark 16:17]
[Romans 8:13]

3. Bathed In Blood

[Words & Music by Jayson Sherlock]

Blood poured out for you
Blood poured out for me
The blood of Christ that is
The blood that set us free

Blemished we are no more
Cleansed as white as snow
Redeemed by the sacrifice
Almighty power you know

Death has been destroyed
It has been overcome
Complete annihilation
By the Holy One

You can now enter
Into God's kingdom
Do it before you die
Now is the time

[Eph 1:7]
[Col 1:14]
[Isaiah 1:18]
[Eph 1:7]
[Luke 12:32]

4. Satans Doom

[Words & Music by Jayson Sherlock]

Behold the one called Lucifer eternally damned
In caverns of despair
His mind infested with hate for you
May every soul of his death be aware

We reject you Satan the prince of hate
You'll pay dearly for the atrocities you've done
Your head will be crushed and vile gore spurt
It'll be all over for all who hate the Son

Choose not to die
Choose after-life

Vengeance is mine saith Almighty God
Whatever you sow you'll reap
Unlimited power is found in Christ
You must arise from your deceptive sleep

Come before the writhing flames
Witness the death of your spell
For Satan is stripped of strength and power
Left helpless to burn forever

Soldiers of hate on the war path to doom
Victims of their decision to deny
Destructive consequences befall the denier
Almighty will reveal to them why
No more sacrifices required
Away with your satanic attire
Wake up mislead children of wrath
Escape the consequence of the fire

Must you prolong this charade of gore
The hands of time in continual movement
The scum of the earth that you call master
Has already been defeated

Behold all this of which we speak
Is genuine warning to those who'll listen
Illusion or fantasy this is neither
Decide for Christ you must hasten

[Deut 32:25]
[Gal 6:7]
[Matt 28:18]
[Psalm 72:14a]
[Mark 16:16]
[John 3:18]

5. Turn

[Words & Music by J. Sherlock]

Death, hell, torment suffering
Will overcome you unless you turn to Christ

Pain, anguish, endless destruction
Will overcome you unless you turn to Him

Hellish deception, visions of horror
Will overcome you unless you turn to Christ

Mental mutilation, demonic oppression
Will overcome you unless you turn to Him

So turn to Him

6. No Return

[Words & Music by Jayson Sherlock]

Welcome to the Kingdom of God
You've made the best choice for your life
Now you'll never be alone
'Cause He always will be with you

It's easy to fall and sin
But that won't please the Master
So stay close to His side
And you'll never be harmed

There's no return
To things of the past
There's no return
Old ways are now dead

Do not return to your vomit
Just like a dog in disgrace
There are better things in this life
Pursue them and you'll reap rewards

Now go and share with others
What God has done for you
If they care not for your new life
They will receive God's judgement

Do not return to your past
For your past is now dead

7. Break The Curse

[Music & Words by Steve Rowe]

Eternal love, hope in life, satisfaction, peace of mind
Do you feel these things inside
Or lost your life's denied
Christ has come to heal your mind
To win and be revived

You run from God, you smashed the gift
Thrown from glory, it's your own will

Christ has come to heal your mind
So choose to be supplied
With life in glory here on earth
Eternity break the curse

Running from Christ don't do it
See the light run to it

Cross over or you will die
Run from darkness come tonight

Break the curse, that's in your life
From daze of fear, to shrine of light
Feel it break down deep inside
Your soul has come alive
Expelling demons brand new birth
Eternity break the curse

[I John 3:8]
[Hebrews 11:1&2]
[Psalm 14:1]
[Mark 5:15]
[Luke 9:23]
[Luke 11:9-13]
[Mark 8:34]
[Joshua 24:14-16]

8. New Awakening

[Words & Music by Michael Carlisle]

Eradication of disobedience
The lake of fire for the dying soul
The crucifiction brings true remission
Eternal life the eternal goal
Christ descended and took the keys
Enthroned majestic God's right hand
The great comission children of God
You eyes on Jesus you of faithful witness

Are you willing to learn
Rise up people with power
Are you ready to burn
With fire from on high

I won't choose pleasures of sin
For a short time
I won't betray the sacrifice
That Christ made for me
No excuse to enter the state of sin
I will not turn away

Satan's name exposes all he is to be
Reprobate with no authority
There is only one name by which you may be saved
That's the name of Jesus Christ
You must realize death is the result of sin
Seek God's forgiveness seek it down within

[John 9:25]
[Luke 10:18]
[Hebrews 11:24-26]
[Romans 11:14]
[Cor 15:21]
[I John 1:9&10]
[Luke 12:4-5]
[Romans 6:22-23]
[Romans 6:15-18]
[Col 2:13&14 John 14:6]
[Zech 3:2]
[Eph 1:19-23 Romans 6:23]
[Matt 28:16-20 Acts 13:38]

9. The Destroyer Beholds

[Words & Music by Steve Rowe]

Disease in your life rots your soul
Wretched hindrance to your growth in God
Recycle countless sin, bondage brings
Wretched hindrance to your growth in God

Look at the young man
Look at his face
What is the reason for this change
Revival in his heart
Causes havoc for the devil

The destroyer beholds

The destroyer beholds

Your faith infested by the flesh
Backslidden in your heart you have no time for God
You don't read the word, what's your case
Backslidden in your heart you have no time for God

Your God calls your name, you've been saved
You won't be tempted beyond your strength
Reach out to His grace, make a change
You won't be tempted beyond your strength

[Romans 3:23]
[Psalm 51:10]
[Romans 8:2]
[Revelation 3:15&16]
[I Cor 10:13]
[II Cor 12:9]

10. Journey Of Reconciliation

[Words by J. Sherlock & S. Rowe, Music by J. Sherlock]

His eyes could hardly see the long road ahead
Blood and sweat dripped down His face as He was lead
His body was beaten, far beyond repair
They thought He was just a man
But He was the Son of God

This man was not guilty of any sin
He had done nothing wrong, He was innocent
He chose to take all the world's wrong
And take it down to the abyss

The journey continued to the place called the Skull
Step by step He staggered on, the sky was getting dull
On and on He kept up with this pain He must take
He went through this when will the world wake

Jesus Christ is the only Son of God
He did all this for you because He loved you

Many were weeping many more laughing
Many were mocking many were scorning
This man would do what no one understood
The sacrifice was made by God's own right hand

At last the arrival at Calvary's hill
They tore off his rove and naked He stood
They nailed Him to a cross they got their wish
But in three days they'd never guess

He rose from the grave!
He rose from the dead!
He rose from the grave!
He rose from the dead!

[Matt 27:32-44]
[John 19:17-24]
[Mark 16:1-8]
[Mark 15:21-32]
[Luke 24]
[John 20:1-8]
[Luke 23:26-43 Matt 28:1-8]
[John 19]

11. The Majestic Infiltration Of Order

[Words & Music by Steve Rowe]

God rulz

God rulz

[Psalm 2]
[Revelations 19:11-17]

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