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1. Razorback

People aiming every arrow
But cannot get through the skin
Raw hide of the years of service
Standing strongly for The King
Why not stop the pointless onslaught
We already know who wins
Evil defeated on the cross
Two thousand years of demons lost
Curses flying from the evil
Hatred from the darkest wing
Nothing stops the Jesus calling
Nothing kills the strongest will
When will you turn from your hatred?
Just accept that God will win
You have just to say a prayer and
To your heart God enters in
Razorback of Authority
Razorback sees us remain
Nothing penetrating the skin
Onward we march unto the end
Sick and filthy evil concepts
Who do you think you impress?
Not considering the young ones
Copy just the evil path
One million boring same expressions
Then you face the day of wrath
It is not too late for your soul
Now is the time to repent

2. Erasing The Goblin

Erasing the goblin, pointing the finger at you
Erasing the goblin, squirming to see you remove,
His destructive power in your life,
Erasing the goblin; taking control of your mind.
What is the goblin trying to steal your soul?
That tiny sin that is growing all the time,
Closer each day, you walk to his embrace,
Now is the time to spear his ugly guts
Where is the goblin that once ruled your life?
You gave him up through the power of Christ
No more hold does his power have on you
Erasing the goblin today we must all choose
The goblin is bleeding. The goblin is dying.
Once he is dead, continually erasing that sin,
Continually erase that sin, continually erase that sin

3. The Dead Shall Be Judged

Your wicked ways, shall be displayed
Before the God of Heaven, have you repented?
This life is short, in the spectrum of time
Will you embrace, Christ for your redemption?
Without His Blood, washed upon your soul
You cannot be saved, into the pit you're thrown
Now is time, now is the day
No more excuses, time will not delay
The dead shall be judged
Are you on the narrow path?
You must account for your days
Before the Throne of Grace
The dead shall be judged
Redeemed only by The Blood
Now accept the Lamb of God
Or you'll burn in the lake of fire
Your wicked ways, shall be displayed
Before the God of Heaven, have you repented?
Now is the time, now is the day
No more excuses, time will not delay

4. Escape The Blasphemous Tabernacle

Born into the ritualistic
Blasphemous way of life
Your parents are the priests
Of the practice of Antichrist
Abusive situation
You hear the toll of the bell
Running to Jesus
You escape your living hell
Running through the forest
Running for your life
Running from the evil
Into the arms of Christ
Born again into The Faith
Of the ways of Christ
Down upon your knees
You escape into the light
No more hold
Does Satan have on you
The practice of evil
Cannot destroy your life
Running through the forest
Running for your life
Running from the evil
Into the arms of Christ
Escape the blasphemous tabernacle
Escape the blasphemous tabernacle
Escaping your world of sorrow
Entering the path of your new tomorrows
Finding the only way of escape
Finding Christ, or your certain death

5. Your Time

Do you feel it is your time?
Do you feel it in your life?
Have you seen it in your mind?
Calling to eternal life
Days and days you're asking why
Am I empty all the time
Suddenly a ray of Light
As you hear the truth of Christ
Christ is the truth in the way of your time
Following the path to eternal life
No other way to find the hope
Now is your time, you must decide
Now you have taken your time
Christ eternal in your life
You decided to be found
Holy Spirit in your soul

6. Forged In Stone

Forged in stone!
I am forged in stone
My foundations on The Word
Christ the basis of the way
Forged in stone to build my life
This fortress of the way
Shout the truth around the world
Foundation upon the throne
Monument of solid gold
This stone, the solid way
Never breaking, no decay
Build your life upon this rock
Forged in stone, eternal life
Christ salvation, Jesus blood
Poured upon a world of sin
Dripping down to build your stone
Life upon unbreaking truth

7. Way Truth Life

I have found that Christ is The Way
I have found that Christ is The Truth
In Him I have found Salvation
He brings my Eternal Life!
In Him I have Eternal Faith
In Him I have Eternal Hope
To Him I will give my heart
Purpose built to share His love
Way! Truth! Life!
Faith! Hope! Love!

8. Humanitarian

Humanitarian, kills the greed
Humanitarian, gives to the needy
The minority of the wealthy, in the western world
Has majority of the world's resources
If we could all help, just one family
We could make a change, to their children's poverty
Humanitarian, to help one family
Humanitarian, we can kill the poverty
Kings of the western world, sitting upon your thrones
Take a walk down your stairs, to reach out to the homeless
Millions of children, families in poverty
We must reach out to the poor and share with them prosperity
It is easier for a camel
To pass through the eye of a needle
Than for a rich man to enter The Kingdom of God
Let us share in the fruits, of financial prosperity
People in the world, just chasing a life of luxury
Wanting extra treasures, that moth and rust destroy
Let us all instead, invest to the break of poverty

9. Short Circuit

Short Circuit - mind in frenzy
This is your solemn cell
Respect - Revenge or Pity
Prisoner of yourself
Take off - you need some distance
Far from that Nagging Pain
But no - your mind is twisted
It's in your head again
Make sense of this confusion
You know it may not last
There is but one solution
Not learning from your past
Inside your mind is churning
Something to stem the pain
Is this your past returning?
Will you attempt again?
Your mind is your danger
Under its evil spell
Your thought could not be stranger
Inside your living hell
Why are you self destructive
Your brain tells you obey
Each breath you cling to something
It's always been that way
You did not want assistance
In the wrong time - wrong place
Unwanted interference
Unwanted in your fate
What is there in your future?
Why is it you were spared?
Will you find peace in dying?
Is this life your end?

10. Dead Man Walking

Signing the paper of death
They say I could be dead
Cry out for his mercy
His healing power to live
There I sit in the black room
Signing the paper of death
Drugs and radiation
Will destroy my blood
Except for a miracle
I will die a hideous painful death
As I await the box of wax
They prepare to flick the switch
Radiation shreds my blood
Drugs rot my body
Donation cells are given
To restore my state
Kneel in my bed, dripping with blood
The treatment has taken its toll
Demons round me laughing
As the pain of hate fills my bones
Suddenly a figure in white
Ten foot tan from God
Spreads his wings, sword in hand
Chope those demons down
Slime and gore oozes the floor
As they all lie dead
As the months grow longer
Satan plans his next attack
Broken down with many disease
Feel I'm about to die, rotting bones in pain
Suddenly a break through, the power of Jesus name
Brought back from the dead I come
Now to proclaim his ways
No devil stomps on God's child and ever gets away
Dead man walking
Satan still stalking
Don't try again you loser
I will live forever

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