Dark Lyrics


1. Existence

It's over it's finished, I am dead inside
I'm not gonna feel anymore
I am dead, please bury me, I am dead

Our relation-creation of dark passion
I am forever sbudued and tranquilized

Your desertion-converting from my eyes
My feelings caught in your jar like fireflies

This sensation-frustrations of simplified minds
My dreams they die as they lie on the naked floor

This dimension-ascension to sullen despair
Your eyes they lie as we cry to the tired sky

2. Serenity

I had to get my mind off you
I had to stop pretending 'cause we're through
I'll go somewhere you can't reach me
Somewhere you cannot hurt me

I had to see through your lying
The way you treated me is why I'm dying
I'll never think of you again
For you and me this is truly the end

You'll never break my heart again
I won't let you

3. Spine

Imagine me forsaking you
Then you would know what pain means too

I have lost my soul, now I can't feel
And lost souls never really heal

Pain forever after

So now I celebrate the times of change
The change of signs of this new love
And I forget just why I even care

4. Adoration

Pretend you're in my heart
Pretend we'll never part
Everything beautiful dies

With you inside of me
With you I'll never be
Anything else than you

I know my love is gone
I know I don't belong
Everything beautiful dies

Just to feel the taste of love
Intertwine with your inner thoughts
Feel your loving touch
I know you're too far gone

And when I lay me down to sleep
The stars above me bright and far away... like you

5. Senses

It's no surprise, I'm tainted now
I'm left here in chains
I've become what I despise
Decayed and senseless

The Bitterness in my heart, I take no heed
I can't feel the rain
I've become my own disguise
Deprived of senses

My life in flames, It's all to late
I sleep on thorns but cannot feel the pain

I hate-I hate everything
When I am not with you

6. Empathy

For how long can I keep you spinning
In this downward spiral?
I know it's much too late but still
Still I keep using you

And how far will I let you slip
In this bottomless pit?
I cannot rest my thoughts on you

So I'll leave you this way
Forever and anon torn
I've lost my passion and my soul
Still rain pours from the darkened sky

Leave me in this darkness
Dreams of me only poison your sleep
Leave me now I am heartless
Dreams of me only make your heart weep

7. Reality

What I wouldn’t give for-a chance to feel
What I wouldn’t give for-a chance to heal
What I wouldn’t give for-a chance to cry
What I wouldn’t give for-a chance to die

What I wouldn’t give for-a chance to hate
What I wouldn’t give for-it's all too late
What I wouldn’t give for-a chance to need
What I wouldn’t give for-a chance to bleed

All the beauty I feel-I know it's not real
All the beauty I see- will never belong to me

I tried to hide
But I fell apart
Why do I try
To desolate my heart

8. Sanity

Your shadow on the wall, I'm searching for answers
I think you turn me around
My cold, cold love feeds my intention
In my heart there's a hellish creation

My broken heart leaves my mind in pieces
Temptation brings the storm to my life
This is my theatre of tragedy
I share with you my pain

Your shadow on the wall, I'm searching for answers
No time to turn it around
I hope this pain, will cure my disease
I think this pain, will put me at ease

I know I'm self-destructive, I keep letting myself down
But my life in chaos always kills it in the end
This is the sin
For I have been loved
This is the sin
This is my sin
It's my betrayal

9. Identity

Endless strife-turns me into a stranger
See your eyes-yes I think you've been here

Revelation-maybe I'm longing to be
Solitude-this is my oblivion

Your fragrance to me- seduction

My eyes-see me for what I am not
My tears-make me feel nothing at all
My heart-has unfolded before me
My life- now I am not longer me

10. Hope

Just lay me down in shadows deep
But I don't fall asleep the voices say
I'll sleep a while before we meet
This is my last time anyway

Don't let me dream of things I fear
I know now, hope was never true
To lessen pain I keep it near
The only thing I ever learned from you

Everything I do or say
Whispers myself away
Fade from this world
I turn my face
And hope to burn
From this world

11. Memory

Everything dead, dead between us comes alive
And what I say will end up stinging in my own eyes

Under this dark, dark conscience I still strive
I've cried a pool of fear and into this I dive

Lift up your head if you're asleep
Lay down your head if you're awake

It fades away when you're away
But I'm anemic when I'm happy
I loose my way everyday
My memories of time are empty
It fades away when you're away
And now nothing can bleed the surface

12. Everything

Everything I tried to be
Let the poison into me
All the beauty my sins cost
Everything that I have lost

Everything I tried to do
Whispered me away from you
If you and I cannot be one
Then forever will be gone

Now that I have lost everything

My heart in silence weeps

You are present in my sleep
You haunt me when I'm awake
My thoughts you always seem to keep
Is it too late?

Thanks to laesterdevil for sending these lyrics.

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