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1. Parallels

[Music: R. Arnell, Lyrics: S. Petersson]

Look through the mist of ages
Gaze through the turbulence of years
Where are your hopes, where are your fears

The thoughts of those before us
Repeating still in our dreams
Right through our conscious selves they stream

Are you free from your future or past?
Does this world spin too fast?

Time will tell - What we have learned from history
Time will tell - Where we're to go
Parallels - Are we a part of the mystery?
A parallel to all eons that's been and all still to come

When every words been spoken
When every thought's been thought before
You're never lonesome anymore

Who does uphold the present?
Don't stop to think, don't cease to care
A burden we all have to bear

Shimmering through an oblivious haze
Where each soul leaves a trace


Solo: R. Arnell

See this tale through before it's too late
Does it mirror your fate?


2. A Silent Revolution

[Music: J. Johansson, Lyrics: S. Petersson]

We once saw a way
To lift the masses from decay
To guide them through night
Make them know their wrong from right

Our rising has seen
The end to false diversity
Salvation in norms
To which all now will conform

They were searching for answers, we gave them the key
Showed them a way to be free
A world without choices, a welcoming sleep
ALL FOR ONE - Like shepherd and sheep

We drain you of will, and soon there are no needs to kill
Depraved of your sight, you'll let us lead the...

Light, lead the light
In labour you pay to the saviour who gave you...
Light, lead the light
Your minds are kept clean, as fuel to the power machine

A medical salvation, a new drug took form
Needles, injecting our norms
SOMA will ease you, take care of your pain
ALL IS WELL - Feel it flow through your veins

The all-seeing eye, protects you well up in the sky
There's nothing to fight, as long as we lead the...


[Solos: J. Johansson / R. Arnell]


3. The Second Coming

[Music: H. Weimedal, Lyrics: S. Petersson]

Never saw it coming
Who can tell there's a change in history?
Never saw the new age dawn on us all

Time was just a concept
Made to limit the frightening infinity
Can't remember losing the sense of control

In the days of old
Every second craved a choice
But now we're free
To just follow the orders we're told

In the age of the second coming
The evolution has finally come to end

Got screens to watch us
Satellites that sensor your every move
Surveillance made to keep us safe

Ordered existence
The Superior provides you with what you need
Once marked and numbered you know your place



[Solos: J. Johansson / R. Arnell]


4. Words I Never Speak

[Music: R. Arnell, Lyrics: S. Petersson]

Shadows, rising all around
Darkness, enhancing every sound

Seems I've forgotten what I seek
Lead me through words I never speak

It revolves around my mind
Reflections, a soul confined
In the maelstrom of images
I've left behind

Distance, to all I thought was real
Needles, won't help my brain to feel

Is there a substance to flee?
This illusion I thought was me
Is there a frequence controlling
The voice of my mind

[Solo: R. Arnell]

(There is no frequency controlling)
The voice of my mind

5. Clarity (Fragments Of A Dream)

[Music: H. Weimedal, Lyrics: S. Petersson]

I pass for one who no one's ever known
A cell secluded, trained to be alone

I put my trust in what I know is real
I know the rules, what's right to think and feel

Ever since we're born we're shaped and formed
Their words echo in my head

This age of clarity
Where each must play a part
This states prosperity
Depends on what we learn right from the start


[Solo: F. Eriksson]

I pass for one whom I have never known
If I've felt shattered, never has it shown

But fragments of a dream come clear at night
Wakes me with a scream, breaks my sweat in fright

This age of clarity, is not all I have seen
This states prosperity, does not infect the place I've been
Age of clarity, there's something I must find
This states rigidity, raises all these questions in my mind

6. Panopticon

[Music: J. Johansson, Lyrics: S. Petersson]

It's all getting clearer now
I can see the chains that hold us down
A dimension once lost has now been found

Minds are moulded into place
Propaganda, never question why
Controlled from birth until you die

Get your SOMA dose, you'll feel at ease
The nation on its knees
And the ever present eye reveals
The one's who dare defy...

PANOPTICON - The Superior sees you
Recording your every move
PANOPTICON - Beware what you say or do
The screen controls your ways
Watches on its prey
Night and day
A survey of your faith
Surrender your will to the state

I remember how it began
Just by words of hope they tamed the land
The economy flourished, a pace well planned

The circulation of SOMA grew
Distributed as a calming cure
But once you were caught you would need more

In a blinding haze we lost our aim
Work our lives away
And the ever present eye betrays
The ones who dare defy...


[Solo: J. Johansson]


7. The Rising

[Music: J. Johansson, Lyrics: S. Petersson]

A quest for new world order
A better time and place
Somewhere the paths are broader
An end to disgrace

A quest for new world order
Will rise for all to see
Once we have crossed the border
We'll be set free

Through the rubble of ages, all victims look the same
Resignation on their face, no one there to blame

The flame of contempt is growing
Heed the calling


Who's controlling the one, controlling you?
Are you so sure you're not controlling someone you too

We'll tear down this power structure
Heed the calling


What once has been will come again
The dream of a better life
And end to all mischief and strife

The walls they've built will come crumbling down
The chains are about to fall
A new day will dawn on us all

A quest for new world order
Will rise for all to see
Will rise for all to see

8. Erase

[Music: R. Arnell & F. Eriksson Lyrics: S. Petersson]

Welcome home, don't turn away, look me in the eyes
Do you know where you are, why you're here
I sense the tension building up in your head
Your cells extract the scent of fear

What you're believing
To be the depths of being
Has been my voice all along
The spaces of your mind
You thought no one could find
The tempting will to do wrong

The dreams that haunt your nights
The notion of what's right

I'm forever within you

Free will, a delicate plan
To try the strength of man
You've played your part in the game
We'll put you back in place
A memory erase
Your nature's easy to tame

Mastering the test
The face you have suppressed

I'm forever within you
Thought control
I'm the eyes that you see through

[Solos: R. Arnell / J. Johansson / F. Eriksson]

I'm forever within you
Thought control
I'm the eyes that you see through
I'm your soul
I'm your soul

9. Memorys End

[Music: H. Weimedal, Lyrics: S. Petersson]

A floating imagery of memories dances before my eyes
Illusive formations, shadows fill the skies

Moving in a deafening silence, transferring zones
Detached from my senses - am I here alone?

(Disconnected, Rejected) The fear takes hold

Let me not remember
Let me fade and never know
Trust the dark to show me where to go
The voice that guides me
Will it save me from the cold?
Delivered from awareness - the truth unfolds

[Solos: R. Arnell / J. Johansson]



10. Lost Within A Shade

[Video track - for PC]

11. Eyes Of The Blind

[Japan bonus track]

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