Dark Lyrics


1. Berceuse


2. Chains

The sand is cast to tuck me in
and in the wake of sleep I wish to be shed of old skin

Surmounting the heavens I'd climb higher
to obtain the bliss that I desire
Hitting the nethermost of bottoms I'd dig lower
to reveal the plane I must discover

The sand is cast to tuck me in
and in the wake of sleep I'll ride on vigorous wings

3. Towards A Dark Sky

Towards a dark sky
Soaring through gas formations
of orgasmic astral sensations

In a world so sublime
Where flesh seldom tread
We're sharing a starlit bed
Above the trenches of reality
Our soul intertwine
Being lost in time

Within this womb now flow the essence to a greater thought
And though I'll prosper soon, I need to shrink all mass into a dot
Even the smallest grain could block the rays of Ra to reach my skin
My atoms scream, they beg to realise what must begin

Spawning now is the splendour of a different kind
Witness how the blueprints for life are redefined

4. Aurora In The Offing

He was struck in a flesh ridden hearth
And the cup was soon filled to the brim
with all the spoils of his provenance

Just moments before the burst
the cosmos was completely submersed
And the compression of the accumulation
needed no longer to work

So ready was the bubble to burst and evolve
A dawning of new life in the offing

5. It Stretches In The Hollow

And from nothingness an explosion came to be
Illuminating it's path to shine light upon an infant sea
At the center of the void a hammer was set in motion
Each strike pushing creation towards it's culmination

From the initial spark are steps no man can follow
Through the far off dark it still stretches in the hollow

6. Ripening Life

Robbed of my senses, I trust this storm
to nurse me through birth and adolescence
with my controls set for the heart of the sun
So I can travel safely on foreign streams
and dare to cross the fragile bridges,
barely standing over abysmal ravines

In my hand I hold my mentor
Above us the stars align
They're taking me to where the sky yawns
and guiding our way, they shine
Alleviating a world that reaches
from present to time out of mind

7. The Perennial Link

Our steps grew silent as we came to a halt
Around us leaves joined in on an airy waltz
I was smitten and so I swayed along

In the midst of the act a tree rose tall
First one, then many, the leaves began to fall
And that which had shone hidden
now burned clearly above the crown

A Perennial Link
Dividing two spheres
Ablazing dew tears

Inside the raging tempest
I latched around a branch
Leaf piles were sent skyward
to carry out another dance
And through the storm eventually calmed
and downwards the dancers went
their mirth had once again fueled my dire ascent

8. Solace


9. Beyond Life's Sealed Abode

There's a hole in heaven's floor
It is visible from this summit
Beyond life's sealed abode
Lie the thriving fields I covet

How could anyone know true beauty,
when this sight is only mine?
And how could anyone go astern,
having seen creation's unrivaled prime?

I assemble my body
I focus my mind
To take the final step
and leave everything behind

10. Terminus


Dag Landin – Bass
Adam Lindmark – Drums
Robert Andersson – Guitars, Vocals
Edvin Aftonfalk – Guitars (lead)

Thanks to lordagony92 for sending these lyrics.

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