Dark Lyrics


1. Panic Attack

This is an emergency
An inverted grasp of balance
Caught in the trap eventually
Vertigo braced in silence

Thanks For Nothing

Crossing over to the end of time
My face cracks another line
I’m about to fall outside my body

No need to panic

I fell, I’ve lost control
I’m tied down to this chain
Apparition to save my soul
I can’t break away

Contents under pressure
Boiling over

2. Arisen in Broad Daylight

Foreshadowing forever
At the point of no return
Forged in The Master's Fire
Rise from the ashes burned

I gave everything
There's nothing more that's left
Doomed to be a prophet
Force to be reckoned with

Sometimes you don't know your own strength
Sacrifice all it takes

Falling down
Lost all hope
Please, someone throw me a rope
And I'll hang tight
Grasping it with both hands
Up to my neck in quicksand

Only a miracle can save us now

Arisen in broad daylight
Like a thief's opaque night
And no one saw it coming…

Foreshadowing the future
Fray the final tip of nerves
Force quit, it don't fit
Everybody gets what they deserve

I've done everything to keep this broken gift
It's becoming overbearing
Force to be reckoned with

This dream's becoming a nightmare
Can't see through something that's so clear
Reaching for something that's not there
To make matters worse

3. Guilty Pleasure

Stinging for days
Bleed your eternal lifetime
Fading away
A dead man slowly walking

Cross another off my list
Loyal disciple merciless

On to your path

Pull of your wings

Dear victim, live each day like it's gonna be the only one

Guilty Pleasure

Quelling your mind
Venom certainly lethal
Leading the blind
Inside the bind of evil

Illuminated by the Earthshine
Through the echo of day
Eliminated from the Divine
But so close to the Gateway
Lucent glowing so high
Cinders burning below
You know it's all in your mind
You're down this road alone

4. The Times Are Changing

How does it feel at the bottom?
When the mountain is rising in front of you
Creator, destroyer, sustainer
Torn both ways
Burned by the friction

The tides come crashing in

The times are changing, changing again

Climbing each level unconscious
With the angel of death as your savior
Imperfect, straight up the middle
The heroes don't always have to die in the end

Slightly an angle

5. Double Edged Sword

I caught the wrong end of a Double Edged Sword
Blinding reflection shining brightly
The floor collapses and I fell underneath
The world came crashing down above me

One step closer

I bled punctured by a Double Edged Sword
All that you love will leave you wounded
I did the best with everything I knew
But in the end it all divided

Both sides now of a Double Edged Sword
Cut me to the core

The scars never heal

6. Cadabra


7. Pride Comes Before the Fall

Revenge, inside I'm fighting
Comes back for more eventually
The thunder comes after the lightning

No way out

At one with the absolute enemy, culprit, nemesis

Back on the other side
Day and night
Trapped in the current again

Pride Comes Before The Fall

Consequences, choices and chances
Sooner or later you tear down the wall
Pick up the pieces and start again

At one with the absolute vanity, rival, arrogance

Back on the other side
Wrong or right
Trapped in the current again

Pride Comes Before The Fall

8. California

Just along the border of Texas to New Mexico
Almost out of gas and there's nothing on the radio
This could be the best or the worst thing ever
Headed somewhere West though the
Mountains and the deserts

Jump into the Lion's Den
Do what they tell you to survive

In California's there's gold and sunshine
In California it never rains
But it looks like stormy weather
California here I come again

It burns a little brighter…

Lost somewhere in time where the ocean and the sand begin
Had to get a ride from our friend, Doug Anderson
Arizona ghost town, found the grand final
Headed to the coast through the cities and the valleys

It burns a little longer…
It burns a little slower…

9. Be Very Afraid

Well, the lights are out
All hope is lost
It's completely black everywhere
In the corner of my eyes I see a shadow through the veil of darkness

Shovel one more on the grave

I fell like someone's watching us
I fell that chill beside me
Just like when heat comes rising up from the ground beneath me


No reflection in the mirror
Watching through your window
Quickly approaching the witching hour
Running in the wrong direction again

Be Very Afraid

Where the skeletons hide deeper inside
There's no way outta here
You better watch what you say
Speak of the Devil and the Devil appears

Burnt ashes that you conjured bring a murder of crows to your door
Smoke rises from the offering
Be careful what you wish for

10. Obliterated


11. Skeleton Key

Last night I dreamed of you
Until the morning breaking light
You were lying naked beside me
Like ivy intertwined

Just because you don't believe
Doesn't mean it's not true
Unlock with a Skeleton Key
I'm gonna put a spell on you

Lay down on top of me
No one else is around
Predatory Instinct
You're all over me now

Paint desire in romance
I could taste your lips all night
Push past the entrance
Hold on to me tight

12. New Blood Keeps Us Alive

Heaven's weight weighs me down
Don' follow me all the way down
To the way that things could have been
Let's not spend our time on wasted hope

'Cause I don't come home to you

Gone too far to turn back now
It hasn't rained like this in a long, long time
You're always everywhere but here
The river floods where the broken flows

I'd come running back, yeah, running back to you
But you grew away from me
No two trees grow at the same pace
And you grew away from me

Leaving is the hardest thing to do without you
I'll still catch you when you fall
From here

New Blood Keeps Us Alive

MONTE PITTMAMN – guitars, vocals and bass
BILLY SHEEHAN – bass ("Pride Comes Before The Fall", "California" & "Obliterated")

Drums Recorded by Rich Liegey from Boo Studios
Drums Recorded by The Collective School of Music, New York City
Drum Recording Assistants: Tony Maggiolino and Anthony Cee
Drum Technician: Randy Satarsky

Produced by Monte Pittman and Jay Ruston
Mixed by Jay Ruston
Assisted by James Ingram and Josh Newell
Vocal recording and mixing at TRS West, Los Angeles

Billy Sheehan recorded at Sphere Studios
Assisted by Francesco Cameli

Guitars recorded in various hotel rooms & arenas around the world.

Artwork by Sean K Hughes
MONTE PITTMAN logo by Grey "Craola" Simkins

Photography by Stephanie Cabral

Legal: Glenn B Davis of Davis Media Law, PC

All songs written by Monte Pittman
ASCAP – Monsters Worldwide

©2016 Metal Blade Records Inc.

Thanks to erik for sending these lyrics.

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