Dark Lyrics


1. Threat By Example

blood is passed from the soul to the machine
redirected giving life once again
New life giving flame
to a vessel of fear
from the shadows to the chamber of one
constant reminders of the work to be done
spellbound by the light
but the winter is near
no control cause the world keeps going
before the pulpit of a passive preacher
clearly defined is the student and teacher
woven into the form
are the thorns of routine
ceremony of the struggle and praise
abrasive truths bleaching dirt from the days
blatant power unrelenting
all too much to believe
threat by example
threat by example
too much to handle
threat by example
respect and power
in the darkest of hours
too much to handle
threat by example
shock waves are leaving scars under the skin
the simple ethics too intense to take in
control or contempt
or control and comply
the second coming in a citizen form
incubated in the eye of the storm
overdrive, clarified in the blink of an eye

2. Copper Theft

no one ever used to care
about pockets lined with copper
no one used to care
about people running around going nowhere
let's talk
about the violence
let's talk
about denial
let's talk
about the hatred
let's talk
about denial
somewhere dreams turn to nightmares
somewhere they live by treason
somewhere trust turns to blackmail
somewhere without a reason
no one ever used to care
about pockets lined with copper
but now thoughts turn to gold
and now they're lining up with hopes to rape another

3. Bastard Is As Bastard Does

speedball whirwind of fury
becomes submissive to the notion
that to judge is to jury
whitewash vision turns blurry
coffee floods the veins
and clouds the mind in a hurry
hate fuels the war machine
for reasons never seen
darkside threshold of a holocaust
destructive in nature
prepared to win at any cost
so spell it out in blood
bastard is as bastard does
and nothing gets done
bastard is as bastard does
transparent and deformed
inherent from the core
so spell it out in blood
bastard is as bastard does
wasteland shelter to the monster
breeding ground for lies
and off limits to others
dark days keep the beast under cover
keeps the city in fear
until the truth is discovered

4. Motionless

one growing jaded
with your lives passing by
can't stand the common man
who buys his own hype
never liked the ones who said
I need to adjust
I can't find complacency
cause I can't find trust
what have I got
and where do I stand
haunted by memories
you can't understand
constant confusion
motionless time
in need of retribution
empty inside
something's gone wrong
I do not belong
nothing seems strong
I do not belong
sitting here on a pedestal
that I carved from stone
I'll sit here out of the way
so that I can carve alone
grey walls grey skies grey heart
that covers my mind
I do not run from man
I only run from time

5. Inside These Walls (Salvaged And Recycled)

inside walls a shelter
rest in hell there
mirrors and madness
the victim has felt it
lights shine brightest
darkness to whiteness
blood stains remain
the scarring is timeless
I'll find correction
in walls of protection
chance to gain focus
if you're losing direction
you can shut them out
what it's all about
walls are your own
a mask for your doubt
these walls
inside these walls
inside walls another
at war with the other
dare to do battle
with fate undiscovered
masks hide the master
tears and the laughter
screams of a victim
of another disaster
have no direction
truth or reflection
forever the victim
just another deception
lock doors tightly
the world come fighting
the walls have shelter
the war kills nightly
inside walls the darkness
power is harnessed
and given direction
to ones that want this
new language of one
spoken in tongue
riddled with guilt
the fortunate son
alone in the chamber
destiny maker
stranger to many
directional taker
crawl as reminder
someday expire
walls will cave in
extinguish the fire

6. Fetal Position

first-class loser with a second-rate life
down to nothing
locked away in hiding won't set it right
held tightly - a cradle of tension
so tightly - in fetal position
exhausted - a hollow condition
so lonely, so lonely
you know that they're all wanting something
a losers' game but no one said it was fair
too much to deal with too much to keep from screaming
screams that never reach the ears of one who'd care
overload inside the mind of an infant
lying helpless just a victim of luck
mass confusion floods the soul in an instant
drunk with hatred and won't get the hell up

7. Adding Insult To Injury

a few cans short of a six pack
a couple bucks short on the rent
screws too tight to feel just right
but no one ever knew what it meant
alarms are going off as a warning
but they're always falling on deaf ears
forever bottling anger and ignoring the danger
and throwing a wrench in the gears
did you ever think about the consequences - no
did you ever think about the retribution - no
let's play a game called confrontation
did you ever think about your situation - no
did you ever take a look at your reflection - no
let's play a game called confrontation
always on the verge of a breakdown
and always left standing in dust
the lights are all on but nobody's at home
and you're never careful who you can trust
still it's only scratching the surface
and sure we've got a victim but we still need a witness
the failure or plans will stain the blood on our hands
and now it's only screams in the silence
it's time to add
insult to injury
mayhem to misery
to find identity
foundations growing thin
I can feel the roof cave in
I don't like where I have been
it's time to start again

8. Slowburn

blessed upon us
new to the day
given room to see
but taught how to obey
quickly carried from
cradle to grave
barely breathing
as one leans to behave
one world one choice is yours
face with so much confusion
but we've all been there before
slowburn - the hate is learned
fuel for the fire
and innocence burns
slowburn - awaiting your turn
fuel for the fire
and innocence burns
new direction
of your own
new infections spreading
in concrete and bone
simple pleasures
never far from hoe
but dogs smell fear
and they will not leave you alone

9. Removal

give me just one
one reason to stay here
give me just one
one reason to care
I'd show you the door
but you know where it is
and I've got better things to do
asked all the questions
but gave us no answers
and never saw things through
give me just one
one reason to listen
give me just one
one reason to hear
my spirits were broken with me
there's no more compassion inside
it's all turned to hatred
got lost on a path to the void
understanding has long been destroyed
and it's all turned to hatred

10. Temple

red lights are growing stronger
grey skies have moved along
nights of pain are getting longer
an my resistance ain't that strong
your hatred turned to laughter
your flame grows weak inside
weak side of a nervous reaction
blind to your fight with time
and if these temple walls
they should come crashing in
cast away just throw away the dead wood
and if these temple walls
they should come crashing down
relearn rebuild as only you could
this house is what you've made it
this house was yours alone
stood by as you abused it
and now you stand there on your own
this house has gotten colder
these walls are much too thin
this platform is boring and older
I need foundations again

11. Defense Mechanism

for every action
I'm the opposite reaction
I'm the blackest sheep amongst you
and I guess that's the attraction
I'm the one to pin the blame on
scarred by life as you can tell
where the hell is this
this is hell
I'm the spark that starts the fires
burning all dreams and desires
and the laughter in your nightmares
holding all that you aspire
every minute every hour
I'm the sweetest thought turned sour
I'm the bitter taste of losing
turning heroes into cowards
I'm disease inside your bloodstream
I'm infection in your mind
all the guilt that ever haunts you
and then eats you from inside
all crimes against humanity
where the brighter side of me
I've got hellish plans to cripple man
all yet to be seen

12. Sunspots

colours have turned to a grey wash
forever crawling as the rest watch
and it's obvious this light will fade
in an hour that lasts seven days
seeing/bleeding through sunspots
and I know when it's over
when it's all said and done
when the hate comes around to find you
you will always be the one
the sound of screams go on forever
blood and triumph mixed together

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