Dark Lyrics


1. Dykemaster's Tale

To this day the old tale is still told
In the land of the Marsh, theft by dykes of roaring seas
About a boy, (the) greatest master to become

Pale white horse

He watched the tide attack the dyke scars with full might
He knew they could not stand much longer
Improvements would prevent the drowning of the land
If only they believed that boy

The master he'll succeed, create what's never (been) done
His legacy should last for ages (long)
Distrust against him, fear of what he has become
Knowledge that scares ignorant minds

One, one with his wife, he grew to live a pleasant life
A horse mortal remains, they disappeared in
moonlit nights

The tale of the dykemaster remains
When you spot his figure down by the sea
Dark cloaked foreseer (he's) always been
The rider on the pale white horse

Enclosed by his new dyke a new king lays in bloom
But there's decay left in the elder one
In fevered mind ignored his inner voice's truth
A raging sea prepares its fatal strike

Storm, rain, raving sea, deluge to devour beast and men
A horse mortal remains, beside him revived this
moonlit night


The moon shone from the height, but down
on the dyke was no more life
One more prick of the spurs,
a rushing stream took him with the tide


The king of the dykemaster remains
Will you visit what he's left by the sea?
Dark cloaked foreseer (he's) always been
The rider on the pale white horse

To this day the old tale is still told
When a storm threatens the land and the sea rises wild
by moonlit nights he's still riding his horse
Taking care of his dyke, that he left for us all
For us all

2. Somerled

Is it right to ally with your rival?
IS your freedom worth the price to pay?
As the Red Hand died, it all led to war
Viking blood in my veins drives me further,
Scottish pride leads the way to be free
Will the Kingdom of Isles be my destiny?

The drums are calling after dawn, fires burning shine so bright

Sail, sail away, longboat hoard on the sea
For the Lord of the Isles, Scots and Norse will be free
Fight for our dream, the Black Hand's stranglehold we'll defeat

Somerled, son of Gillebride they call me
Thane of Argyle, the land of my youth
Now my destiny leads me towards the sea
Fight them at night of the Epiphany
Cut them down on the Isle Of Man
A new kingdom of freedom is what shall remain



3. Signs

Standing alone when the darkness fills my home
And the rains washed all hope from my soul again

They run in the heat of the sun, coming out of the blue
I see them walking and longing for a story of truth
The army of fire, a searching desire
They'd better should follow golden rules

There's a mirror on the wall reflecting every light
There are writings on the floor, the shadows from behind?


When the ocean burns, a fire flows, an era is coming to an end
When the wind's will grows, the earth is blown, the scars will heal
but never mend
When the signs appear

They fall in the dust of the heat, redemption they need
Can't take the suffer from leaving all memories behind
The unwritten law and idols have fallen
They better should use the helping hands

See the mirror on the wall reflecting secret signs
See the writings on the floor, a shadow from behind?


There's a mirror on the wall reflecting every light
There are writings on the floor, the shadows from behind?

See the writings on the wall a shadow from behind?
See the mirror on the floor, like a cross in a morning light

4. On The Edge

After the war when judgment has come
We're ruling the evil of time
Tearing apart what the years held as bond
(Are we) brothers in arms when we die?

There's no sign for a rising star
There's no light in the far
It's creeping death on a poisoned ground
Like burning the map that we found

Living in a dream: here we come!
Living on the edge
Freezing in the shade of the sunrise
We're living on the edge

Sharing the crime and fighting the law
We're paying the dues of our life
Reflecting the past – in a mirror we saw
A ghost and the troopers of light

There's no need for a wandering star
There's no flash in the far
It's creeping death on a burning ground
We're losing the map that we found


We're creeping on a burning ground
We're living on the edge
Failing all the signs around
We're living on the edge




5. My Kingdom Come

Thunder rolls – the piper plays for the son
He plays for his fate, for peace and a golden age
Remember when the king was young, a sword and a gun
To fight for the glory days
Man will die – and man should be out of sight, cause none overrun
the law of his gun

Oh oh oh oh oh

For Holy Grail and a sole celebration: My kingdom come!
The burning flame of a new generation, fire of the sun
Your sweat and tears are the pure medications: My kingdom comes!
A burning flame that is cool inside

The sky will fall – the earth has been turned to grey
On judgment day when all will be gone
The king was here, his sword was the end of fear
A stone in his hand – and peace for my land

Oh oh oh oh oh


6. The Healer

Find myself in times of twists and turns
Lost my place of inside rest
I light a flame which did not really burn
Feed my soul with emptiness

I'm watching the things go wrong
I'm losing my faith
Mistrusting the signs around

Healer – (has) the right to perceive
I'm in need of a healer cause my pain will go on

Can you tell me how to ease my pain?
Will I find a home to stay?
I fear the sun and search for cooling rain
Should I cry or should I pray

I'm watching the signs are wrong
And losing my faith
Mistrusting my friends around


7. Dust Of Vengeance

Whenever I walk a dark road, anger still walks by my side
Something is pushing me forward, reigning from inside of me
For the lust, to be free

Sometimes I feel like I'm dying, hatred is my only friend
In constant fear I am living, at last I am going insane
Scared to death! The end?

In my mind the visions come alive to threaten me again
Leading me to finish all the cruel things they showed me

Slave to the fire, servant of the smoke
For every sin you think of, one will be reborn
Your dark desire will be torn apart
By the dust of vengeance with an evil heart

My dreams and visions of madness, by weakness imprisoned inside
Dressed in the coat of morality, enchained by my inner fright
Never lived, never free



Creatures in my mind, they come alive to threaten me again
Devils made of smoke will always be a part of me


8. A Tale From Beyond (Part 1: Through The Eye Of The Storm)

Stranded, on the read soil of a cold world
(I'm) cast away on Planet Mars
Sealed my fate in endless vastness
Will there be a way back home?
Way back home...

Think twice? Do you want to be the pioneer
or the explorer of a new world
That won't give you any shelter
If a heavy storm breaks loose

Maybe you, feel the truth, are you safe at last?
Surely I understand, there wasn't any way
Through the eye of the storm, as I disappeared
Am I dead or alive, get out of this hell

Stretchered, on the cold soil of a dead world,
Hit and stabbed and blown away,
Set out into the great nothing
Left for dead and left alone


It's my fate to stay alive!


9. A Tale From Beyond (Part 2: A Mirror Inside)

There's a mirror in us all, holds your inside
Are you scared of what you see? Stand your reflection?

I never felt so alone, my distracted mind
Whenever I dream, I fly, fly away from all this pain
I never felt so alone, home is out of sight
Whenever I dream, I fly, don't fear my mirror's truth

There lies a chance in all of us, there is reason
Once life challenges your trust, will you give up?


10. A Tale From Beyond (Part 3: Science Save Me!)

Now it is time, to leave all concerns behind
This will be my first step, of a million more yet to come
All I need is my mind, recall all I've ever learned,
Knowledge will be my guide, the worst is yet to come
Science will save my soul!

Following my dreams I reached my outer space
I'm yearning to be home again
Searching for the key to leave it all behind
Save me from this planet!

Communicate, tell the world that I'm still alive
Will you receive my call, a million miles away?
Return just for me, care about a single soul
Lost in a foreign world, there are millions of souls alive
Science will save me!


Day after day, I will find my way
To return where I came from

Day, after day, will you guide my way
To return where I belong

Klaus Dirks: Vocals
Matthias Mineur: Guitars
Sven Lüdke: Guitars
Markus Brinkmann: Bass
Nikolas Fritz: Drums
Jan Christian Halfbrodt: Keyboards

Thanks to rattlehead for sending these lyrics.

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