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1. Intro

2. ...And A Child Shall Lead Them

..And a child shall lead them
Through the fields of death
Through the dead of night
And the shadows of their past

And who walks behind the row
Was crucified for him
So their master shall be worship
And the fields are fed

Welcome to the place where you'll die
Gatlin is a hell on earth
Victims of horrors and pain
Of a twisted mind called isaac

Visions have come to her mind
This divine gift is a sign
When intruders come to the town
Malachi will know how to act

...and a child shall lead them

And who walks behind the row

Your souls will burn into the lake of fire
All eternity you're lost forever
And you'll never come back, there's no way out
Once you come to gatlin there's no hope for you

With pain and fear i tried to cross the path
To the land of the free ones where no devil dwells
Through the fields of death that blinded my mind
I face the death 'cause that's my will

...and a child shall lead them to the abyss
...and a child shall lead them to the death
...and a child shall lead them driven by madness
...and a child shall lead them, a child shall lead them

3. A Withered Rose

Falling into the paths of oblivion
I see that i'm not alone
I watch to the punished souls
Of those who fell before
I wonder why and i think
That i'm not dead yet
But life demised
Now the gates are close

The darkest sights i've ever seen
Is it real or is it a dream?
This twisted nightmare
Just a punishment for my life

Hellish creatures come to me
It's time to take my soul
This is the end
Last chance has gone

A withered rose for the dead in sin
A nameless tomb made for me
A withered rose for the dead in sin
A soulless corpse rots in peace
A withered rose for the dead in sin
Condemned to hell - never free
A withered rose for the dead in sin
I lived my life but life demised

I even thought that death would never reach me
I even thought i'd reach the eternity
Now i see it's too late for me
Too late - there's no return from death, i wait

My price for destiny
This years of wickedness
Those broken hopes
Stole my soul

Now i'm lost
Forever lost
Doomed to suffer
In my inner hell

4. The Call

In the fall of the night
When the darkness descends
There's a place far away
Where the souls are free

They wander wide
With no fear to this life
And they always appear
In the misty fields

'come with us' they call
You will always be free
'come with us' they call
Here you'll find the peace

When the angels dance
Into the eternal night
Then the time will be stopped
And the gates will close

5. Ritual Of Death

Now everybody is dead
See their corpses all around
Their faith led them astray
They were blinded just by pain

Away left all the hopes
Of a life in peace
A salvation through martyrdom
Your souls will burn!!!

Kiss me now my lord
They said- just before they were impaled

Here is your lamb
Take me- take my heart, spill my blood

Save me now my god
Kill me- send my soul to the abyss

I'm prepared to live
With you- in hell forever and pay my sorrows

ritual of death

Mutilated - slain by their faith
Mass suicide - pay the price

I am the one- obey my words
The one who was- the one who'll be
I am the word- i am the flesh
I am the blood- the word made flesh

Believe in me- i am your saviour
The dark messiah- that brings the light
The light of day- the light of night
The light of souls- that fades in life

ritual of death

Now everybody...

6. The Night Is My Guide

I walk alone in this world
The night is my guide
Embraced by darkness and shadows
The moon is my bride

Through the endless path to the abyss
I am guided by the light
By the light of my dark soul
That shines in the night

The way is long
And this life is short
But the night is my guide
Nothing else i'll need

Eternity i'll reach
When the darkness come to me
And then i'll be free
'cause the night is my guide

The wind caresses my face
And the rain cleans my body
My mind projects all the stars
The night is my guide

As the years are passing by
Still the moon is my bride
I am the bearer of the light
I am guided by the night

7. Dream's Domain

Hidden in your mind
Beyond your imagination
Where the dreams die
But reality's a dream

Memories from the past
And sad visions for the future
Will come to you
When the realms of death arrive

Through the caves of the unknown
Through the abyss of your thoughts
You will find the truth
In your sickest fantasies

And the night is so dark
And so long to be asleep
And to dream with things
That you wish better forget

Morpheus is descending
From the throne of the dreampower
Prepared to rule your life
And to guide your dreams

He's the lord of dreams
He's not man nor beast
He controls your thoughts
And the nightmares that you see

The night becomes a hell
Where the demons dwell
And this endless torture
Won't let you rest

The dead raise from the tombs
And they'll come for you
And if you are caught
Then you'll be lost

I want to get away
To a place where i can rest
And i want to escape
From these dreams of death

I want to get away
To a place where i can rest
And i want to escape
From this dream's domain

8. The End Is Near

I gazed at the sky and i cried
To the black clouds and the wind
And i stared and i shaked
When the rivers turned into blood

Hail and fire mixed with blood
Were thrown upon the earth
From the sky fell a star
That was burning as a torch

This is what was written
And now it is done
The dawning of a new age
The beginning of the end

The prophecies are consumed
The end of times is here
Noone will survive
Mankind will disappear

Death reigns the earth
Mankind's extinction, terror's domain
Shadows fall
An eternal night will last 'til the end

With no direction we walk
Light fades away
The endless path to nowhere
Our destiny is our death

A gail was wailing
From a desolated sky
With fear i looked
And my eyes started to cry

The lights of the end
The final call
The last mistake
To find the sickest of deaths

9. Into The Lake Of The Burning Sulphur

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