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1. Age Of Darkness


2. Deadly Slander

Here I am alone and crying
I wonder what was my fault
I close my eyes and see just darkness
On my knees I crawl

I am dreaming, that's my wish
This will end when I awake
None can help, me, I am lost
Just the flames are my faith

If there's a god, why am I here?
'cause I am not to blame
If there's a god, I'd beg for mercy
Release me from this pain

There's no god, don't waste your time praying to him
The one who left you to die,
The one who punished you and left you alone

Do not cry, tears won't help you survive
Your strength comes up from your pain
You see the walls of your cell before you die

Deadly slander now it's time to die
It is not fair but it's what your god wants
You're innocent, we bet on it
This divine justice damned you forever

I raise my hands in vain to the sky
To see the last sun ray just before I die
I'll curse the ones who left me forlorn
Only for envy, I now have to burn

This is my last prayer, please god hear my words
My soul is pure, there's no sin in me
If I have to die, I shall do it for you
But please, just let me know why?

My rage will be eternal
I'll return to take revenge
Your lies will be condemned
And my soul will never rest

You'll suffer one by one
And your eyes will never forget
My body burning and dying
The curse has just begun

And in the nights I'll come for you all
To see your eyes of fear crying in vain
When the wolves howl at the moon
I'll judge and punish- you guilty die!!!

Deadly slander

3. The Sun Turned Into Blood

The sky was red
Life didn't last long
The smell of death
Starting to fill the air

The crowd awaiting
For the exhibition of horror
The sun turned into blood
And then the curse began

Accused of being a witch
Mary was burnt
From that day on the sinners
Would pay the price

Repent your unholy sins
Or your soul will burn with your body, eternally

When did you first meet satan
When did you sell your soul to him, the one in darkness

Mary elizabeth proctor
Soon you'll be released from this life of suffering

Just confess your sins
Allow to hear one word, say you are guilty

All your lies will one day be known
And the truth will come to light
But I will return to take revenge

If the gallow is my end
Or if I die in the flames
When the sky turns red
The sun will turn into blood

Whisper my name
Here I wait
I will lead your soul
Through the timeless paths, I am your lord!!!

And the sun turned into blood
And the sun turned into blood

4. The Curse

Cursed be you all, judges and hangmen
And the silent wicked crowd
Hidden in the shadows looking for a victim
Just a sacrifice for god

Impotence, justice is on your side
To condemn whoever you want
Malicious, twisted minds
Soon you'll be caught by the curse

Satan, I offer you my soul
Now I will reign together with you
Give me the pleasure of returning to avenge
Giving you my soul

Unleash the demons
And the strength from hell
I'll swear you my loyalty
For this timeless oath

Yours is my soul
Yours is my death
Yours forever
If you allow me to return

God is denied
I have left the light
It's a new age
Now my soul is black

Black as night
And dark as hell
From the depths
I will take you all

The curse began
You all shall die
Too late to repent
You dug your own graves

The strongest feelings of hate
My darkest thoughts of horror
My well-prepared vengeance
Your eyes will show just fear

Cursed be you all
Hidden in the shadows

5. Malefica Non Patieris Vivere

Away from the light of day
In a place forlorn from the hand of god
Where religious blasphemies
Transcend the line between good and evil

We pray to the ancient ones
To the ones who guide our blackened hearts
We left the world behind
With the poisoned lies of strayed sheep

Malefica non patieris vivere
We hear those voices in the night
Malefica non patieris vivere
Just before the persecution begins

Strange forces dwell in this place
Coming up from the denial of your god
Pagan signs hanging everywhere
This is the temple of the damned

Once you come there's no turning back
You are lost forever
Eternally wandering alone
Sharing the painful way of death

We who are the bearers of the black light
Invite you to dwell among us
Say goodbye to the world of sin

Malefica non patieris vivere
With burning torches they come for us all
Malefica non patieris vivere
To erase the impure ones from the eyes of their lord

Forgotten and forlorn
We are all alone
Timeless we are

One day we'll join our forces
To return all together
Fear that day- be aware!!!

6. Malleus Maleficarum

Written in blood
A book of atrocities
Under the hand of the church
Innocents dying

Hammer of the witches
Hammer of the witches

Absurd questions
With any choice
Forced answers
Wishing to die

How did you become awitch?
Why did you decide to be one?
How much plague and pestilence have you created?

When did you get married to satan?
Where do you wear the mark of the devil?
How many children have you bewitched?

You are a witch
You have to die
Devil worshipper
Your presence poisons the air

You've denied christianity
You refused the words of god
It's too late, you have to burn
God will take pity on your soul

7. Baneful Winds

I long for those days
With tears in my eyes
See my whole life
I wish I could go back

Baneful winds
Blowing up for me
Mourning comes
At dawn I'll die

Soon I'll be eternal
Death's my deliverance
Into the nothingness
Blinded by madness

And the baneful winds
Will blow up for me
Under baneful skies
At dawn I'll die

I don't fear my death
I wait with my eyes wide open
My heart once pure and good
Is now black as the darkest of nights

I'll take revenge

When you feel the baneful winds
You'll be caressed by death
Understand your time has come
And now you're gonna die

Baneful winds

Baneful winds
Blowing up for you
Mourning comes
At dawn you'll die

8. De Profundis

De profundis clamavi ad te domine
Domine exaudi vocem meam

Lord hear my voice
My soul is free
I am prepared
To reign with you

Show me the path towards the black light
Teach me the secrets of the black arts
We'll dominate when darkness covers the earth
This is the coming of the one who once fell

Joining our forces our power increases
As the fear of the accusers that soon will be punished
We who are the bringers of darkness
We who bring hell to our enemies

Lord hear my voice
My soul is yours
Guide me now
Through the threshold of death

De profundis clamavi ad te domine
Domine exaudi vocem meam
De profundis clamavi ad te domine
And from the depths now I call your name

From the depths I have cried to thee o satan
Hear my voice

Let thine ears be attentive: unto the voice of my petition
If thou wilt observe iniquities o lord:
Lord who shall endure it?

From the depths I have cried to thee o satan
Hear my voice

9. Eternal Rest

Strange are the fates
That lead us away from the light
But once you stray from the path
There is no turning back

No hope remains for me
I joined the army of darkness
Very soon you'll feel my presence
And you'll wish to have never been born

Once you decided who lived and who died
And then my time had come
That decision is now in my hands
I want to see you bleed

We the chosen ones
To eradicate the sinners from this earth
Will appear in your dreams
You will never wake up

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Eternal rest
For the ones who'll die

Requiem aeternam- eternal rest
This is the hymn for the dying
Requiem aeternam- eternal rest
Thou shall find peace, thou shall die

There's a thin line
Between good and evil
Once you cross it
There's no turning back

Dangerous are the paths
That lead us away from the light
When we are into the darkness
Only evil prevails

10. Final Fight

The day is ending
Dusk is about to come
Enter the dark
And all the night's fears

Praise to your saviour
No one can help you now
The final judgement
For those whom I decide

Close your eyes
Try to dream
No dawn
Awaits for you

In the silence
Of the night
Feel my breath
You are dead

Too much time
Awaiting to return
Hidden in the shadows
Of a world beyond

Beyond the impure thoughts
Beyond the blackened hearts
Corrupted by envy
Embittered by religions

Final fight
Final fight

In the morning
When you all wake up dead
Your eyes of fear
And paralysed face

It is time
The curse will reach you all
The final fight
To unleash my wrath within

Die, suffer, the tombs are ready for you

So it was written, so it was done
Take me away from the lies, from the pain
Take me away

11. Melancholy

Freezing winds
In a painful dream
Where I stand alone
Waiting just for a sign

My face reflected
In the lake of time
I hope one day
I may reach the other shore

A dream nothing but a dream
A wish full of melancholy
Tears falling from my eyes
I just say goodbye

Mirror mirror on the wall
You once told me something
But now dreaming from this place
I may only cry

Freezing winds
In a painful dream
Where I stand alone
Waiting just for a sign

My face reflected
In the lake of time
I hope one day
I may reach the other shore

I hope one day

I may reach the other shore

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