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1. We Never Come In Peace (Intro)

In the true eyes of god, we would never be forgiven...

2. Theocracy

Their pious iconography, seductive and sublime
Artifacts from allegoric myth
Crucifix, testaments - seemingly benign
What havoc have they wrought upon this earth

Stalking, these jackals never cease
Clawing at our gates
With nebulous beliefs, apocryphal
Born from the callow minds of men
Not resting till they have theocracy in hand
And Church molesting State

Their laughable liturgies
Intelligent design?
Mortify the blind faithful flock
Comedies canonical, this spectacle divine
Mesmerizing millions over naught

Slowly, they pander their disease
With secrecy enshrined
At the table of deceit, the faithful dine
Born from the callow minds of men
Not resting till they have theocracy in hand
And Church molesting State

To break the secular conduct
To rule with piety perverse
While the shit of the State fucking reeks
Only they could make it even worse

Yet they stand in fear,
Petrified in the face of science,
Where evidence stands to contradict,
And deny their faith of servility
Defined, by myth
It's a fable that should never burden man

And the church, with power replete,
Would sanction the very rule of myth over man
As insidious agents of faith,
Still lost in the ether (Amen)

So we sing the agnostic's song
In spirit and mind we govern ourselves
We need not their catechist codes
To live out our days, and make our tomorrows

3. Partisans Of Grief

The voices clash and debate
So many wrongs to right
Their bleeding heats flow never-ending
(Like their appetites)

"Left" on a front line they can't defend
(Why try to pretend?)

Spouting invectives
One way directives
Sleep well, night-watchman
(Privilege has its own objectives)

Blind ambitions
Death processions
Selling our tragedies
(Emotional pornography redeemed)

Partisans, wake the world to sorrow
Pantagruels, rouse your buried woe
Partisans, face your black tomorrow
Swans songs from death's throat

Boiling in a plight of circumstance, dismayed
Running off when raging seas get rough to save themselves

We all know this ship is sinking fast
The Captain's on his own
The devil's die is cast, for Eschaton

You fuel the problems you profess to solve...

Our weary world embedded
With avarice and vice
Like insects locked in amber,
They're corpses locked in ice
With silence their companion
And death their destination
They tread, slogging onward,
Callously unchanged

4. Traitors

We revel in our treason, our catalyst for change
We don't wait for answers,
We laugh, seize, and live our days
Embracing our sedition,
Crawling off our knees
As John Brown -patriots,
Who force the world we want to see

Who you'd call a traitor,
Is the son of libertad
La unica esperanza
With no master and no god
"Freedom-haters", agitators?
What would they call Thomas Paine?
Founding fathers
Praised as martyrs
Or terrorists by another name?

What you call the Nation-State
Is fiction in itself
Agreed upon illusion
Enforced by violence - ruled by wealth
This land is fucking your land,
And not through them defined
By fucking flags on SUVs
Or Superbowl half-times


5. Ghosts Of Catalonia

[Klöppel, Jarvis]

Onwards together, with boundless visions of hope
The fire of souls alive, on mountains of Aragon
Clarion calls freely answered , and with haste
Brigades, volunteers defending...this chosen place
'36 swept in the tides of autonomy
damning their odious order undone
Blood on the graves of our fathers
Armed with ideas, unwieldy and strong
Awaiting the spit of the fascist
To drive him back into Acheron
We stand at the door of upheaval, alone,
as allies seek to appease
Iberia yields to oppression,
Berlin gives rise to the Beast
Forward, under Lleidan skies
Condors, winding, circling high
Broken, bodies, brothers at arms
Giving, dying, with hope in their hearts
These days that we live for ourselves,
Catalunya, what is to come
Fighting for three years we carried a vision
The anarchist bit, the socialist bled
Is what we had here forgotten
A ghost, a footnote in time long dead?

6. Occupation

[Netherton / Jarvis]

Carving up your bloodstained maps
With cartographic canine thirst
Waking worlds long crystallized on sands forgotten
Border lines, etched by masters false and fleeting
Open wide, this chasm of injustice never bridged
Balancing zionistic zealotry unrestrained
Rivalries atavistic crack the Levant sea to sea
60 years from inception, refugees god-mistaken
Open insurrections catapult your crises on

Turning into...
Conundrums, zero sums, quandaries
(The jargon of your failing States)
Debacles, empires, quagmires
(The parlance of hubris unleashed)
How can you say you "come in peace"?

Occupiers- Gullivers, Trampling
Through places that you don't belong
Occupiers- Goliaths, Trampling
Across the world through parts unknown,
(where what you break is what you own)

And here we fucking go again...
Red sunrise, on a Green Zone island fraught with doom
just beyond, the Fertile Crescent more looks like the moon
stocked with, stateless actors, proxy war-contractors,
crude, black gold beneath them -praise to God for liberation!
frozen aspirations, endless retributions, choked full, prisons cells, democracy- save us from ourselves!

Blood on the streets of Haditha, Gaze on Gaza divine
the architects of oppression use fear to control the mind
Faux forays and foreign ventures lost , colonial catastrophes unveiled
They're crawling back- those old dictators, collaborators,
your beasts that don't seem to die...

7. Ruling Class Cancelled

Class is canceled!

Multitudes in swarm
On nations at the center
who watch their world deform

This global insurrection was given birth by the ruling class

And the children of empire -whose world this is to take
Open up the Seventh Seal and watch the West decay..decay! [x2]

Apocalyptic riders, above black horse's hooves
Have come to reap their harvest, to taste their labor's fruits

O' begotten Caesar!
You can't deny what is theirs...
And quickly you forget
Just how YOUR West was won...

...then lost.

8. The Arbiter

Incubation, mass extinction, total annihilation, bring on the just desserts
No justice, no mercy, no god, no worry,
There's plenty of water from pissing the wine

Put up your fist, put up your fist
Work your whole life, all you get is this
Put up your fist, put up your fist
Work your whole life, and you die with nothing

"Suicide is painless it brings on many changes"
Enjoy the wealth of losing all
I realize I mean nothing, these efforts are for naught,
And I feel a thousand feet tall

A bankrupt broken shepherd, becomes the arbiter,
Making the beds for us all

9. American Idolatry

Burn, burn, Hollywood, burn...

Fetishized model-whores, images, airbrushed hardcore
Harlots, Hiltons, egoistic, wanton waifs
Plastic, paramours, skank pawns of culture war
Fake tits, facelifts
300 years of "Enlightenment" comes to this?

(Voltaire is laughing, and Russeau is puking!)
The joke is on us all
Their faces dissolve into thin air
They are trite and listless
They are empty vessels
They are ink and pixels... yet they walk the earth as Gods

Practitioner professionals of sloth, so fucking worthless
This worshiped parasite-celeprosy, let's start the fire
And melt those plastic faces into dust
The carrion of Leisure-class fueled waste
This narcissistic venerated filth
The icons of a clueless populace
The idols of a nation in decline

10. Thrown Into The Sun

In the name of gods
You prey on desperately
Like a parasite
Here lies the consequence

Six billion arms around me
In sweet denial

With burden to bear
Atlas recoiling
In terror

Six billion arms around me
Destined to wake

Light dims on civilization
Gathered 'round dying embers
And with a steady hand
Long last we're thrown into the sun

Spiraling cataclyst
Deafening, down to this
Ascending, world in tow
Telling all, eternal woe

Throw it all, make me strong
Never right, never wrong

One and all alive

11. Black Sites

Leviathan devours all...

Nameless agents haunt the shadow world
Stateless numbers plan clandestine deeds
To the ranks of the long disappeared
They become your whole reality, your silencer, your lonely god

And across the Styx you'll ride,
When torture angels come to take you home

Simulated death endured, rope tears into wrists
Swollen head in blackened hood, blinded blistered face
Hung upright, puking blood, routine torture test
As minions of the State have their way with you

Beaten, drugged, broken limbs
Burned, drowned, dissidents
The work of death, carried out, in all our names... again
"Rendition is not a problem" (until it's you)

By what circumstances do we justify these means
To codify barbarity in practiced policy?
On pious, preached morality we're fed until we choke
Our rhetoric, so righteous, rings a joke to the world

Power thirsts, power spreads, like tentacles from god
Secrets, inquests, illusions and facades
Talons lock, as vultures flock, spreading from DC
Dropped on black sites, erased from memory

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