Dark Lyrics


1. Urfaust


2. The Calling

[Music: Kloeppel, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Kloeppel]

The world's unharnessed power
Utility of time
A loathsome wasting of the earth
As waves of darkness surge through shadows in my mind
A veils of the devil's design
And I must know them
I must know it all

Through possession
I clench the unknown
And scrawl upon these walls
In frustration
I grind away my bones
And on the inside of my skull

A call
I'm calling on the fallen
They congregate!
Undulating in shadows of my mind
A veils of the devil's design

A finite fallacy
A consummate machine

A cycle serpent
Itself devouring
With my tacit knowledge circumvented
And I must know them
I must know it all

Transformation within my soul
Meine Seele ist verkauft
Transformation begs the toll
Vierundzwanzig Jahre in voller

Reigning through a power their knowledge did define
I pull the world out of its lull
Conjuring the cull, existing out of time
I take the oath...

3. The Oath


4. Conjuring The Cull

[Music: Kloeppel, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Kloeppel]

Up from the depths
And Through the wind
I call for the power
Necromancers verged and conjuring
Lambs for the slaughter

A proposition scribed in crimson
On a parchment made of flesh
To behold, I am beholden
To what is written in the blood

Working you to death
Conjuring the cull
As I manifest darkness
Conjuring the cull

Emaciated for the kill
They are manufacturing my will
I am the prophet extracting profit
From living corpses
They are beholden
To what is written in their blood

Working you to death
Conjuring the cull
As I manifest darkness
The darkness of my soul

A veil forged in black
Not of the night
Agents of unseeing
Drifting out of sight
All that I can see
Is not of this plan
They are coming
Coming to reclaim

I am but a vessel
Shrouded vision
Of mass consumption

A great concealer
And revealer
I hone my will

Bound to the dark
Lower than the dust
Power I manifest
Authority you must entrust

Working you to death
Conjuring the cull
And as I manifest Darkness
Of my soul

Tempting fate in dark introspection
They did heed my carrion call
In a breath, a world-wide vision
And in death, I bury you all

5. The Harrowing

[Music: Kloeppel, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Kloeppel]

Old Hierarchies of race
A transnational scheme
Power set into place
A system of utility

The order to maintain
These factories of death
Walls that do restrain
As they built it

This was the vision
Poured into me

A hidden hand
Lifts the veil
An artifact
That does reveal
A knowledge base
But limited
Concealer's seal

To reveal
The concealer
To reveal
A concealer still

The act of mass unlearning
Requires a higher means
And when the fire starts burning
The crimson red is all see

A hidden hand
Lifts the veil
An artifact
That does reveal
A knowledge base
But limited
Concealer's seal

Mind inverted
I am siphoned into Sheol
For the harrowing of hell
Bathing in your blood
Eyes wide open
I bask in the blackness

Descend into the depths
And siphoned into Sheol
With the dwellers of death
For the Harrowing of hell

Bathing in your blood
Purified and clean
Ascend a killing god
Poised For the reaping

Descend into the depths
Siphoned into Sheol
A god amongst the dwellers of death

The cycle serpent
Now uncoiled
All souls are lost
In the yawning void

To sow the seed
And fulfill the pact
To succeed
A final act

A conqueror
A killing god

6. The Killing Gods

[Music: Netherton, Kloeppel, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Netherton]

Pawn of the undead, tell me
What drives the herd to the altar?
To sing, his songs
To kill in the name of the father?
As subjects, seraphic, so mesmerized

Who speaks, from the air
Through words in text-bound fiction?
Aeon, epochs...
What binds the flock to these illusions?
Unquestioned, apocryphal, arcanum ...so obsolete

Penetrate the myth and artifice

Are we not still brothers, born from flesh alike?
Yet that burden's on your back, handed down through time
Its coils grip firm, its forked tongue spits
The written word is law, there's ʹno god but god,ʹ after all?

The names will change from one nation to the next
Yet one word joins them all - megalomaniacs
Minerva's owl is dead, the zealot's arrow struck
Spiral, spin, logic drifts, into the dusk

Breaking the bread, inquisitors arrive!
Anathema decreed
Duplicity, deceit
Off with their heads, they will say
Embodiment of faith
Riven in disgrace
Off with their heads, just the same
Merciful and kind
Holy and divine
Off with their heads, either way
Sanity and peace
Ever out of reach
Off with their heads, it's too late

No maps point back from this place
When damnation calls, the confessor leads the way
Messengers of god
Cut their throats and praise in rapture

Mental malcontents
Spewing forth fairly tales
History is spent
Carving up minds of men
Sleepwalk through life
To caskets waiting, open wide
Dead axioms
Binds the past through broken hymns

7. Cross To Bear

[Music: Morris, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Kloeppel]

Transfixion, a sickle to the neck
Disfigured by the malady of man:
Time, prevailing
A cross to bear; our end

Finite, our fascination
With death, to behold
Our lives in consecration
We dwell... in halls of the night

Transcending the path
With our crosses to bear
Transcending the path

Finite, our fascination
With death, to behold
Our lives in consecration
We dwell... in halls of the night

Opened wide unto the core of our being
Poisoned minds, in the gyre turning

Unlatched inside, the gate is swinging
The pain subsides but the fire's still burning

A cross to bear

This sallow affair

Intertwined and locked in despair
Obsessed with death, the affliction we share
Gashing out the jaws, the visceral sound
The heed the call
The call from the underground

Suspended in stone
The blackness
Calling us home

We are but sirens with our crosses to bear
And stones to cast out into the air
A faction bound by possession
A faction bound by aggression

Our cross to bear
Our cross to bear

Weight, the burden
A cross to bear

8. Gallows Humor

[Music: Netherton, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Netherton]

Are you laughing now?
We are the ones that live and breathe
Vermin on the streets below
You are the ones shrink and hide
Cowering away inside your tombs
Shifting eyes, sleight of hand
Architects elite
Comedies, tragedies
Never out of reach
Äppäräts, lurking stats
Prodigals unleashed
Surf and ride, open skies
The slaughter never ends...

When our dead pile high
And our fear multiplies
You will say, "so it goes."
And the crowd will chant in exaltation

Parasites, archetypes
Atrocity en vogue
Causalities, ironies
Laughter fills the room
Class defined, peace of mind
A caravan of fools
Anesthetized, paralyzed
The pacifist relents...

As our dead pile high
And our fears multiply
You will say, "so it goes,"
And the crown will chant in exaltation
Cross the divide
And their gods will decide
What is flesh, what is false
As the demons swarm in exaltation

Line them up and open fire
Castigate, memento mori
In this dead tradition
Servility and guilt
Bind us all together
In this ever-present filth
Everything is art
And nothing ever dies
In this neo-fascist paradise
Bred from reproduction
Nothing in between
Death and revelation
Bought and sold equally
Past devours present
Present eats past
In these gallows, nothing's meant to last
The air is thick with fear and wonder
A blaze burns in Vonnegut's eyes
His Dresden reeks beyond what words describe
"All time is all time," the grand, absurd leveler, by design
Still, we're just insects in amber
Minions of the modern, your final act is yet to come

We are the ones that live and breathe
Vermin on the streets below
You are the ones that shrink and hide
Cowering away inside your tombs

9. The Weakener

[Music: Netherton, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Netherton]

Why should I care:
The writings on the wall - no future
Cynics sow disdain, as pious retroverts unrestrained
What vision can ever rise from this worthless human waste?

Like ghosts from '68, a generation still lost in space
Narcissistic automatons, caressing techno-fetishes unknown
Maybe I'm deranged - a Herbert West inside of me
Hoping to raise the dead - to find some life in this species selfish-bred

As I watch your
Institutions decay, contradictions remain
Institutions decay, weakeners... so weakening

They bait, cast and reel, to the passive so ready to kneel
With hooks so firm in mouth, they carry forth on this path unbowed
So quick to turn away, so quick to unleash the blade
As cracks across the dam, still hold back a world we can't comprehend

Institutions decay, contradictions remain
Institutions decay, weakeners... so weakening

Cut the cord and start the fire

Ass seers of oblivion, all color turns to black
Forfeit the unknown, upon the rack of circumstance
So goes the folly of man, a fool in a forest of fear
"As you like it," they will say, "... there's plenty more just like you here"

10. Sentinels

[Music: Morris, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Netherton]

Quick ride to work for another nine to five
Just another day for pilots stuck in paradise
Count the minutes you have left alive
Watchkeeper, reaper, descend a silent predator

A hiss on the horizon, a messenger of war
From wings of Gabriel, to mangled gore displayed
Lowest of the low,
you never will know your victims' names
Stealth intervention, "clean" death dispatched

Like the blade of Musahi (or concrete socks?)
Living, breathing forms, just ants on a screen
So easily dismissed, and easily unseen
Steel wraiths approaching, hearts burn with fear

Sweat pours in rivulets as mutant modernity draws near
"Watch their flesh explode -- it's as if they were real
Mission accomplished... let's drink... first round's on me!"
Sentinel assassins, eradicate the guilt
No need to question... until it's you

11. Colony Collapse

[Music: Netherton, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Netherton]

As we drift from dust to the stars
Celestial castaways
The ashes of a world behind
In frozen form displayed
What thrived, so full of life
In flames, soon did end
So goes the lot of man
Spiraling away into the black
Event horizon past

What began as tragedy
So quickly turned to farce
As tentacles entropy
Left no living thing untouched
(nothing left alive)

Backwards one billion years
Arc of light, solar wind
Rust and decay
From primal fist, to obelisk
Drifting, collapsing into time

Code-infused sophistry
And algorithmic certainty
A cut from the finest cloth
Through sentient circuitry
So cold to the touch

Pride in the face of madness
Carved in the image of man
What post-human prophecies upend
Not one could defend

Fed through the vector of time
Breed singularity
HAL never gave an answer
For what? Utopia? Delete!

Burning matter, Bleak horizons
Drifting onwards, into our waiting deaths

Colony collapse
Colony collapse
Exit stage left

12. Heretics

[Music: Morris, Jarvis]
[Lyrics: Netherton]

Trapped by the Pharisees
Knowledge lays in waste
Gnostic alchemy
Fodder for the hawks of god
Church battalion siege
Ivory towers crack
Did we have the right?
Did we ever?

The judges call your name
You're first on the list detained
As secular casualties
You're damned before you speak

Heretics bound and buried
On live streaming feeds
The prophet spoke no wrong
His truth is in their screams

The judges call your name
Your last on the list arraigned
As secular causalities
You're damned before you speak... heretic!

Or 2022?
My ashes in the Tiber
Yet a flag is on the moon?
The vile, the wicked - subject to prejudice

In excess, pogroms ensue
For atheists and agnostics
Torture and work camps resume
Your confession is all that's left
"Abjure, curse and detest"
Like Galileo Galilei
Atone, just like the rest
Spit your words and leap from the precipice
Start the rack, turn it back, 500 years AD
One by one, it's all undone Enlightenment deceased
None shall defy!

Jason Netherton – Bass, Vocals
Adam Jarvis – Drums
Mark Kloeppel – Guitars, Vocals
Darin Morris – Guitars

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