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1. Dissent Part 1. Sheep And Wolves

What Purpose Of Life Will Sustain Us
As The Days Of Our Youth Spiral Away
What Hope For Man Can We Extract Here
From This Order Above, Where Decisions Are Made

Don't Tell Me You Trust Them
Don't Tell Me They Care
There's A Reason We Stand Here In Silence
Like The Passive Before
We Embrace Our Despair

2. Dissent Part 2. Exception To The Ruled

Blood Encrusted Eyes
Staring Out In Space
The Revolution Mind
The Overbearing Thought That I
Am Dying In This Place
Alone Within The Crowd
This Never Ending Race
A War Comprised Of All Against All

A Burning Awareness I've Been Deceived
A Life Lived Out Crawling Here On My Knees?

Born In From The Outside
My Conscience Will Not Let Me Breathe
Have I Sacrificed My Last Hope
That Something In This World
Is Worth More Than Money Or The State
'Cause The Hate In My Heart Will Never Wait

All-Observing Eyes, Watching From Above
Big Brother To Us All
Explain Away The System's Faults
You'd Never Last A Day In My Battered Boots

Bursting With Tension My Work Is Done
One Day Here Too Many A Call To Arms

Challenging This Order
The Voice Of The Voiceless Unchained
I Will Vomit On Your Pompous Morals
I'm The One You Nailed Down
Abstainer, The Slayer Of Deceit
And I Am Back For My Feast

Words Are Buried, Suppressed And Contradicted
Tongues Are Muted, Dislodged And Diluted

Dissenting, Alive
A Traitor You Can Only Hope To Be
You'd Deny My Right To Shove It
Back In The Face Of The Master?

So I Present This Drastic Declaration
We'll Send This Shit Upon Its Way
Burn All Flags And Burn All Nations
And Live Your Life In Your Own Way

3. Dissent Part 3. The Imperial Ambition

From Unchallenged Doctrines Before
When "Manifest Destinies" Carved
Nations From Innocent Blood
That Soaks This Wretched Earth Yet More
To The Passing Of History's Dream
From Kingly To Corporate Elite
In Glory These Conqueror's Thrust
Their Pious Swords Of Empire

Their Colonies Staining The Map
Their Pawns Imposing The Class Division
Another Imperial Act
Cloaked In The Shroud Of "Liberation"

Is It Freedom's Mission Or The Fascist Vision?
Is It Christ Compassion Or Coerced Conversion?
Sanctified Industry And Savior Modernity!

Spreading Over Oceans
Crusading On Hypocrisy
This Modern Greed Ambassador
Comes Masked As Democracy
Your God Is Chosen

Is Oil The Blood Of Their Christ
Cold, Dripping And Black
As Each Corpse Pays To Enhance
Their Burning Lust For Opulence?
Holding The Cross In Their Hand
The Priests Of Capital Feast
And Devour The Fruit Of Their Land
In Consecrated Warlust

The Patriot's Honor's Unquestioned
As The Carrion Rots In His Backyard
And What Noble Intentions Are Not
Born From The Bottom Of Tyranny's Heart?

Is It Freedom's Mission Or The Fascist Vision?
Is It Christ Compassion Or Coerced Conversion?
Saving Humanity With Poverty's Liturgy!

On The Flag And Bible Stand
Their Moralistic Monarchy
With Red, White And Blood
Smeared Over Eyes Deceived
The Crowds Will Follow

Force Feeder Of Fiction And Lies
Your Nation Is Lost And Dead

Another Map Drawn, Another State
Yet Another Victim Of The Terror Fear Mandate
Another Page Turned, Another Book Burned
Onward Christian Soldiers, Let Them Burn!

4. Dissent Part 4. Multipy By Fire

What Drives The Hungry Hopeless
Who Always Stand The Last In Line?
As These Iron Caverns Welcome
Another Million Of Their Dreams To Die
Not The Money Lender
His Pockets Lined And Fat Belly Full
Who Draws Up His Fiddle High
To Spin A Tune As The City Burns
... And They Will Watch It Burn

As They Multiply
The Seeds Are Sown
The Flames Grow High
The Tables Turn

What Moves The Toiling Masses
To Push Ahead Into Another Day?
To Walk Past Their Dying Brothers
To Force Themselves Just To Look Away
Not Their Guilty Conscience Who
In Token Acts Toss Crumbs In Shame
Cause In Their Spineless Hearts They Know
Their Bread And Water Never Change AThing
Their Bread And Water Never Change AThing
Their Words As Empty As Their Heads

As They Multiply
The Seeds Are Sown
The Flames Grow High
The Tables Turn

And Faced With A Life In Absentia
They'll Choose To Burn Their Temples Down, Burn

If There Is Any Hope
It Lies With The Prols
If There Is Any Hope
It Lies With The Prols

5. Defector (Thinning The Herd)

The Heard Grows Thin

Your Father Was A Scorn Filled Alcoholic Cop
And Mother Wasn't Far Behind
You Were Ripe For The Adverse Running
And So Ready To Defy The Right
Your Fashion Was The Anti-Fashion Approved
Your Music Was The Latest Whatever Core Trend
A Tattooed Body With A Mind For Rent
An Adolescent Iconoclast, Iconoclast

Fall Into The Ranks Aligned
Cattle-Pressed Pushed To The Left
So Anti-This And Anti-That
That Somewhere Along The Way You Forgot To Laugh

Taking Every Cause You Could Champion
You Were An Overnight Political Machine
You Carried Forth The Flag Of Your Elders
And Quoted Marx For The Class-Bound Breed
Throwing Rocks Through The Corporate Windows
Great Destroyer Of The Economic Lie
You Got One More Year For The Oppressed
And A Lifetime To Be All You Once Despised

With Career Opportunities
The Tidal Waves Of Pressure Mount
Reality Is One Hard Blow
So You Gave Back Your "Scene Card" And Checked Out

You Had A Dream Once, But Now Its Sold
Assets, Equity, Financial Gain?
All Of Your Protests, All Of The Unrest
Gone Like A Song, Never To Be Heard Again
Dead End Workdays? Remember What You Hoped
What You Always Thought You'd Be?

How Does It Feel To Reject It
Walk Away, Then Run?
To Turn Your Back And Trample
All Of Them Into The Ground?

Birth Begets Life Begets Death

Jason Netherton: Vocals, Bass
Sparky Voyles: Guitars
Garfield: Guitars
Kevin Talley: Drums

Thanks to corpse for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to deadwankers for correcting album's credits.

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