Dark Lyrics


1. Towards the Utopian Kingdom of Fire


2. Usurping the Throne

Usurping the throne, lies are stepping up with languished limbs
The dormitory hides, it's arcanum, it's mysteries, not wasting away
Lines of wisdom which many accept, but few will comprehend
This suffering, this malady, the key to existence

I'm guarding treasury with blackened steel
Ascending the stairs through my persistence
As my sword acquires a blessing for its atrocities

Expelling unworthy faces into a purgatory smile
Where they're combusting, they're scorching, befouling no more
My sacred kingdom, which many aggress, but few will apprehend
This offering, divinity, the key to existence

Pristine redemption relieving from pitifulness
True devils and archfiends protect me, they are paving my way
As I walk on severed heads until I'm fading, never lose

This suffering, this malady, divinity, existence

3. Crushing the Unbeliever

Sandblast thy face with the ash of your pretentious words
Do you like the taste of your lies?
Within, I can smell the disease that infested my mind
So weak, so numb, so blind, I can't see

Force fed, my heart still is alive and well, unhand the fright
This is a nightmare from which I wish to turn my gaze away
Running, dashing to pieces, this stronghold of pure mockery
Reset the clock

Shatter, the mace is wrecking your skull
Weakness, will be cast aside
Compassion is not an option, rigid I will unmake you
Crushing the unbeliever

Demoralized in between battles, already lost the trace
Laid down so elaborate, I try to grasp this ray of light
I must fight and embrace my animal instincts
Only initiative precipitates the ruin
Walking side by side with fear
This little death is wearing me down

Bearing the pain deep inside, the question how much can you stand
Before the boiling point is melting you down
Delivering this dead freight of love
Puking it in the face of the world
For sure I'll leave some scars to remind them

4. The Brotherhood of Destruction

This planet of disgust, where worms will bite their way
So foul and devouring, they soil our sacred
Light which is fading, expiring once for all now
Feels like solitude has set in
We will carve this sign into our bones, never taste defeat

Strike with a vengeance, to cut these rotting bonds
So loose and dispensing, they will not hinder
Fire which is burning, extinguishing nevermore now
Feels like attitude's not breaking
We will walk this path until the end, defile their fucking graves

Abominations receive our sharpened knives
Distract with pain and deceit, they all die
We bow down on our lord's killing fields
Never have been pushed back, the brotherhood of destruction

Time for a shutdown, of this despicable system
So dead and remaining, no further asked now
Liars in our inferno, eternally glowing bright now
Feels like we have claimed our kingdom
We will save this light and never let it fade until the end

We see, now we feel and we never
Never allow the black flame's fading

5. Dispelled

I am lost in a circle of torment, never been up to the package
Faith is dead and corroded, horizons are blurring away
This devastating impact of my past, is lasting forever on
But I like my wounds to be open

Strife, discord and hate are ripping apart everything
I have ever built in my dreams,
Fate which is hollow, derogating magic will soon be dispelled

Consciousness demands the willing of a free mind
To relocate, separate, to sacrifice
But vanity's going to dun me, sleeping until the end
And beyond, those precasted ways give me nothing
How they dare to obstruct this process?

The living blindness, in mires of doubts I'm forsaken
Let it get washed away, away into oblivion, reunite with nothingness
Dispersing, I'm floating toward the dark
Embracing me, I am without passion
Cut their intangible chains, time to leave mirrors and urge
Crimson tides sweeping this countenance off from this earth

As we finally reaching the end, there's no need to be bitter
Derogating illusions have been dispelled

6. Regress to the Saturnine Chapter

Embracing the fond nocturnal glow
While everybody seek weak heavens
Regress and push our wrath on, your curse does not affect us
Never infect us, no slight chance to defect us
We are obsessing, obsessing with power
With shadows so dear protecting all that lies, attacking their rear

This ink is our blood, it lays down written in undying sphere
Conjuring as wizards in order of fear, the saturnine chapter is here

Rejecting the devious path of men
While filling out the void so savage
Progress and put the stones on, your curse does not affect us
Never infect us, no slight chance to defect us
We stay on course in the final hour
With shadows so dear protecting all that lies, attacking their rear

This ink is our blood, it lays down written in undying sphere
With devilish oppression, striking down the ones not willing
The gateways wide open, our demons are tramping near
Conjuring as wizards in order of fear, the saturnine chapter is here

Corporate disease, it's not a question of getting closer
Fraudulent it seems, gonna bury it and make them undone

Conjuring as wizards of fear, the saturnine chapter is here
Divided we are standing, obsessing with power

7. Father Sin and the Hollow Spirit

Stumbling forward on his ways so arcane
Tripping with innocence, killing all my beliefs
Surrender so nerveless to hallowed authority
Feeble minds crawling up on my back
Occluding my very eyes with their filthy claws
Pretender so ruthless, as I try to behold

This misbelief I cannot accept in leading my fate
Discarding, cast them away

Never will I take a step back again on hollow ground
Profane reality the mundane aid that cures disease
Illuminate me with thy bright flame, gain me my sight

Blessing the irrelevant and impotent
Them sheeps are falling down
Scattered so careless into obscurity
Weakling, go and carve your own epitaph
Strolling on no man's path with your mendacious laws
Molester so helpless, as I try to behold

Misbelief I cannot accept in leading my fate
Never will I take a step back again on hollow ground
Gain me my sight

8. Black Sirens Lurking


9. The Omega Embrace

A decade, has gone so fast, as memories passing by now
So timeless the offering, an offer you can't reject
This manifested coven, so closed, so broken

An aeon in full circle, killing skies, cosmic demise
The answers laying way too far, way too far

Deeper the path, exploring the darkness
Liberty through the omega embrace

With birthmarks, obscure and sinister
Have been made pure and visible
Prepare for the unknown
Wiping this slavery away as it's foreseen
This manifested coven, so closed, so broken

No acceptance, using them as a tool
Never adopting to this sickening ways to be
Been in charge, in charge of yourself
Washing all hardships away

Remaining strong within your spirit, the omega embrace

10. Trail of the Heretic (Maleficium)

Cathartic enhancement, unravel the secrets of this world
Unlocking infinity, all powers to the flesh
Which holds the spirit, containing all the patterns to be

Trail of the heretic
These eyes were meant to see
Path beyond the veil, malevolent sorcery

Demonic possession, unfolding the pleasant taste of death
Expelling ambiguity, all senses to the core
That molds the essence, destructing all the frailty I see
Tearing down these walls of deities with blood and iron

Deadly, accessing this lycanthropy
Unholy order laying awake
And time's distinctive features are living through me

Augmented is my strength as I'm coming down for you
Overpowered are your repellents, the wolfs bane is cut through
These creatures that are real, I'm becoming one tonight
Vulnerability is never concerning me again

Trail of the heretic
These eyes were meant to see, beyond the veil

11. Cosmic Maze

Unaware, I wander to the edges of this mortal world
Distance, that I have never seen in all it's purity
Barriers devoted, across the bridge where only mist bounds
Anxiety, as my breath grows short with all it's sudden dread

My heart pounds in tense with a strange pulse inside
Summoning this new realm, with a galaxy to divide
Stepping through gates, gates that lead to wisdom
The cathedral of my mind, my mind

Remnants of civilizations, I'm passing by these shattered
Like a madman with vile intentions
On his journey, aiming for the grave
Hands of a thief, with skills of a disciple
Blind, corrupted and cast into the mirror
Novitiate of the night

Finally a storm is coming, sweeping everything away
A fire leaving all in disarray

I witness the burial of flies
While everything, everything is covered
In silence and death

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