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1. Isle Of Horror

Our ship ran aground on this strange foreign shore
We barely had water, and food anymore
Four went to hunt, only two to return
Telling weird tales that made our nerves burn:

Out in the woods, each two took one course
And then blood-curdling screams and battle-noise rose
Nothing was left of those adamantine men
Their guns were all bent and the cutlasses torn

They found no more traces than foul-smelling slime
What creatures would leave - that sort of grime?
We soon were to learn, when at night darkness fell
They came over the cliffs - abhorrent creatures from hell!

Not human, not kraken, but somehow inbetween
With lust for our flesh, and quite battle-keen
The fight went forever and losses were high
Only three of us left, the end being nigh

Now we made our retreat on the top of the cliff
Besieged by those beasts and by our fate miffed!
The last straw seems writing this notice to YOU
But when the bottle is found I guess our end was long due

2. The Riven Tree

Far up north there grows a tree
It's splendour plain for you to see
Behold, the branches carry
Earth, universe and all -
Greed is eating at its roots
Breeding the impending fall
The eagle high up in the crown
In combat with the snake of earth
The tree forebodes its death, we frown -
Firewood, for ruin's hearth
The end is near, the tree will fall
Betrayed by every man and beast

And meanwhile in a golden hall
Hypocrites, liars thrive and feast

But at last the all-cleansing war-fire rages
Devouring man and gods alike

Ignorants finally getting their wages
Heads of the earth ending pierced on a spike

Blood and poison, fire and ice
Cleaning the slate can be oh so nice!

3. Heroes Of The Atom Age


4. Bellwethers In Mist

Pouring rain and howling wind
The elements are raging
The nightly storm is bending trees
Only ravens are out soaring
The villagers are deadly frightened
Sitting by their fire
Wincing every lightning's strike
But think of the watchman on the spire!

They say the undead walk the woods
Dreaded by these common men
Bodies from their graves returning
Risen through secret arts -
We're damned! They told me:
"Master, the enemy walks
Roaring like a lion, the hunter walks
His fires burning to forge our demise"
Could it be that all things are coming to an end?

The sun sure seems to be setting on all of women born
But in this last stand, who is to stand on either side?
They are all but wooden figures, moves made by no cunning man
Checkmate thanks to the power hungry, doomed
Alas, a part of HIS sordid plan

Look to your left to join the hunt
And learn of long forgotten lore
Take wisdom with you to your grave -
Have no regrets

5. Unforeseen

Ridden with a strange disease
A reminder of the mists
Which covered mountains
Wastelands and seas alike
And descended like
An untearable shroud

The fevered dreams it bred
The pain and woes it summoned
Dread, hysteria, madness
Were unlike anything
Known to man
Were unlike anything
The world has ever seen

Yet no one died
From that mysterious disease
Even though many were longing
For the final shiver
And the very last breath
To put an end to this
Overarching obscurity

But like a smouldering fire
The scourge sprawled out
Conquered the lands
Possessed man everywhere
Countless helpless attempts were made
Still no cure could be found

All of a sudden and without warning
The plague came to an end
Vanished as it had appeared
But in their minds
It still lingers on...

6. December


7. Lauernder Schmerz

Ich fühlte mich wohl in meiner Höhle
Abgeschottet vom Leben um mich herum
Unfähig Gefühle zu empfangen
Suchte ich nach einem Sinn in meinem Schicksal

Gutgemeinte Ratschläge zerstoben wirkungslos
Undurchdringlich der Schleier, der mich umgab
Kämpfend mit meinen eigenen Dämonen
Vergaß ich mein altes Leben

Ungehört verhallt mein Schrei
Wo bist du nun?- Mein Retter, Schöpfer, Heiler?
Auf Knien flehe ich dich an
Nur trügerisch die Stille, die ich fand

Ein Hauch von Hoffnung umweht mein Gesicht
Stück für Stück entrinne ich dem Sog
Und nun endlich wird grau zu grün
Ich krieche zurück ans Licht

Ungehört verhallt mein Schrei
Wo bist du nun?- Mein Retter, Schöpfer, Heiler?
Auf Knien flehe ich dich an
Nur trügerisch die Stille, die ich fand

Von Geisterhand gezogen durchstreife ich den Tag
Wohlbekannt der Geruch des Tals
Ein leises Zittern...
Erstarrt - Steh ich an deinem Abgrund

Die Zeit scheint still zu stehen
Der Duft der Blumen wirkt nur noch schal
Unfähig einen klaren Gedanken zu fassen
Zieht es mich hinab zu dir

Gefühllos, jede Erinnerung an Euch verblaßt
Ich starb schon gestern - Ein Brandsiegel in meiner Seele

Ein letztes Mal umweht der Wind mein Haar

8. Walking Through The Clouds

I dream you're in trouble
So I lay down my gun
Feeding on memories of those I loved
Sending a portion of spirit and food
To you, through the bright burning fire

Knowing that we soon will share
A silent smoke, makes life seem less dire

You're walking through the clouds
There's no need for a shroud
Your hardship I'm trying to soothe
I'm sending relief
Not to feel all this grief
By night, through the bright burning fire

The answer is here
Bird-call tells me, my dear
That you got all I had sent to you
And when my time has come

To know I'll soon be gone
I'll lay down my gun
And watch the flames of the fire

I'll be walking through the clouds
There's no need for a shroud
We'll meet again under those trees
I'll still have my gun
Sending deer on the run
By night, in this forest-clad mire

9. Leguano


10. Sojourner

When the day breaks I'll be gone
At dusk a mere memory
You will wonder
What lead me away

But I will return
Every once in a while
When you travel within
And remember
The precious times
That we shared

The traces are now all washed away
And blown by the wind
The picture on your wall faded
And the empty chair collects dust

Sometimes you'll search the horizon
Scan faces in a crowd
For a familiar figure, a gesture
Or a voice so well known
But then you'll realize
That I was just a sojourner

Everything must come to an end
And now I am away
But I will return
Every once in a while
And put a smile on your face

11. The Flood And The Horses

The water got deeper
Rapacious spray, a rapid stream
And 300 feet from the bridge
The farmer's horse stumbling

He fell into the water, his friend, a butcher
Couldn't hold on his horse
Both went feeding the fish
Powerless against nature's force

A glazier and a dyer
They offered to search for the lost
Heaving themselves to the front
Wading, swimming, withstanding the frost

And when they arrived
At the disaster's very place
The moonlight was helping their eyes:
In the dark they saw the butcher's face

Embracing a tree, the lucky man
Managed to vanquish the tide
And only a few feet away
A brave fighting horse that still hadn't died

Step by step the three made it back on save ground
Nobody'd expected they'd come back alive
How could three stout men be carried by one mount?
This story would be told in late summer nights

When they finally entered the streets of their home town
First thing they could see when they opened their eyes
Was the body of the farmer lying on the ground
In the flood he'd obviously lost his life

How did he get back to the town?
Who was the one to deliver him?
There was only one being who knew
With big black eyes, staring with a grim

12. Voyage Obscure

Went for a walk
In a cloudy night
Under a waning moon
Followed a path unknown

As I wandered erratically
Across open plains into the woods
Without an idea
Where it would lead me to

When I left my home
Driven by an urge
I couldn't explain

When the first day broke
I reached a lake
Its dark, brooding water streaked by the wind

First beams of sunlight
Shone through the trees
And thawed the nightly cold

Out of my bones
As I journeyed on
And left the woods behind
The scenery changed slowly

Until a vast plain spread out before me
A dusty, barren veld

Sparsely covered
In scrawny low scrub

Everything silent apart from a whistling wind

On the top of a mountain
I watched another day rise
How I got there
How long it took me
I didn't know
Up on the plateau I overlooked
The inscrutable desert below
Was this my destination?
Was this my fate from the beginning?

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