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1. Der Blutharsch

Cold, so cold
The mountain air, thin and spare
The sun obscured
By endless winter

Winds rush through the valley pass
As snow falls upon icy paths
From pale white it fades to red
With the blood of my comrades

From the canyon floor
To the thundrous peaks
The cannons belch forth
Through the many weeks
Frozen, starving
In fields of ice
This barren trench
Altar of sacrifice

Holding position
In oceans of white
My hands go numb
From the frostbite
Man the machine gun
Against the next wave
Snow-blind and shivering
Send them to the grave
Blood of these men
Spills on the land
Fruitless offensives
From front-line command
Perched on the watchtower
I see their advance
Through deep snow
Without a chance
Feeding the belt
Round after round
Another regiment
Savagely gunned down
The story of war
Blood and revenge
Just like the winter
Will never end

And the blood covers the snow
And the blood covers the snow
The forest, the mountains
The valleys of crosses
And the blood covers the snow

2. Dragging the Dead Through Mountain Passes

Bodies pile high
Mangled by machine gun fire
Dying with hands clenched
To spines of barbed wire
Wade through warm innards
A mist of sanguine fog
A ditch of fresh remains
Consumed by an honorable end

Only mud, snow, and guts
Come back in a stretcher
Only identifier
A burnt dog tag
Dragging the dead
Through a mountain pass
Blood of forgotten heroes
Spills down the avalanche

Collect unburied dead
Counter attack, fortify positions
Mined ice caverns
Sulphourous dust, noxious fumes
Bring forth artillery
Creating the craters, exposing infantry
Take the summit
No retreat, heavy casualties

Comrade, mutilated remains
Smoke, roaring cannons
Iron, shrapnel wounds
Frozen, corpses in ice

Blood, crystallized
Poems, an epitaph
Valour, unbridled courage
Nation, noble sacrifice

Dragging the dead through mountain passes

3. Cloaked in Silence

In silence I hunt
Holding my breath
Concealed I am death
Eyes of an eagle
Searching for prey
Through sights of iron
Hidden in grey
Through forests and fog
The smoke and the smog
A single shot
From your blind spot
All becomes quiet
Except a cold breeze
A hunter in silence
Hidden among the trees

Nothing but prey in my sights

A tracker at night
Haunting the cliffs
Exploiting weaknesses
Encamped in mist
Saluting your officers
Simplifies my job
Take aim with my rifle
His life I will rob

A mountain of fire
I take my revenge
Chamber a round
And look through the lens
My homeland invaded
By foreign empires
A silent assassin
Behind the barbed wire
A vanguard sharpshooter
With nothing to lose
I collect your medals
Souvenirs I choose

Cloaked in silence
A hunter's gaze
Cloaked in silence
A sniper's last days
Cloaked in silence
Never a sound
Cloaked in silence
Welcome to the hunting ground

Searching for glory
As blood covers the snow
The peaks and prairies
Of my alpine home
Searching for glory
I hold my breath
Through meadows and hilltops
The alps are your death

4. Kaiserjägerlied

Wir Jäger lassen schallen
Ein froh gewaltig Lied
Und gelten soll es allen
Zerstreut in Nord und Süd

Im Osten und im Westen
Wo uns're Fahne weht:
Wir zählen zu den Besten
So lang' die Treu' besteht!

Sieht man uns, so sagt a jeder
Und alles lauft und rennt:
Das sein die Kaiserjäger
Vom ersten Regiment!

Wenn wir hinaus marschieren
In's weite, freie Feld
Und stramm dort exerzieren
Es jedem wohl gefällt;

Da schauen uns die Madl'n
Auch immer gerne zua
Und jede möcht' im Still'n
Auch so an Jägersbua
Z'nachts gibt's an feinen Drahrer
Mit seiner jeder rennt:
Wir sein die Kaiserjäger
Vom ersten Regiment!

Wenn vor dem Feind' wir stehen
Mit mutgeschwellter Brust
Muss all's in Scherben gehen
Bei unserer Kampfeslust;

Es gibt bei uns kein Weichen
Wir stehen Mann für Mann
Stark wie die deutschen Eichen
Die niemand brechen kann

Fällt auch mancher nieder
Im Herz die Kugel brennt:
Er stirbt als Kaiserjäger
Vom ersten Regiment!

5. Tiroler Edelweiss

My home above the clouds
Upon the mountainside
An unmatched beauty
To behold

But now the war has come
And the wolf is at the door
For this land of mine
I protect as I swore

Tiroler edelweiss
Picked from so high
Our enemies will falter and retreat
Tiroler edelweiss
Upon the mountainside
Pinned to my cap, a symbol of their defeat

Dug within the snow
With my rifle in hand
I wait
For the call to charge
The frostbitten limbs freeze
In the winter's cold breeze
I persist, for the flower is on my sleeve

Tiroler edelweiss
Picked from so high
Our enemies will falter and retreat
Tiroler edelweiss
Upon the mountainside
Pinned to my cap, a symbol of their defeat
When the time has come
And all fades to black
I know I did
All I could
For our women, our children and our land

I’ll pass away
Under these grey skies
With no shame
On this battlefield
The edelweiss will grow where I decay

6. Withered Tombs

Within the earth
A natural crypt
A confined cavern
Claustrophobic passageways

Sheathed in ice and snow
Where flowers cannot grow
No air, no light
A withered tomb

Light from lanterns
Illuminate glacial walls
The charge is set
Imminent mine collapse

A forlorn gasp
In endless fog
The tomb is sealed
By frigid stone
Excessive pressure
Tremendous weight
Buried beneath
Time and dust

Light of day
Forever obscured
Preserved remains
Fossilized in ice

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