Dark Lyrics


1. Pawn

Pale, expance of skin
Flesh bruised and scabbed with blood
Round the circling arms
Crossed upon a clear black sun
Framed, the face looked up
Punctured and rid of past
Back to the point
Where the hour came round last
Cut it all away
Take my hate back
Slow, dragged and beat
Purged with earth and mud
Calm the twisting mind
Inside, lined to start
Leave a smearlike stain
Tumbled thoughts back to front
Ragged mouth leaning open
Until all is done

2. Better Than Life

No life to mirror
Leave it all in despair
Like before
I want more
Carved in stone
I strive
Intake, washed up dreams
Dilate, my eyes, extreme
Inner strife
Condemn life
Thieve the part I am
And start to
Rase out all
Because we're god
Better than life

3. See I Am Nothing


4. Mr. Frost

Take a listen the sound that's forever
Lasting glance how my head is dancing
'round my own sense of reason
A trivial Virtue left to season
You changed my fate
Twist the words that I cling to
Points of me
Turned to points of you
Treated like shit treated by you
Cut the hole in my chest
So true
I find you so kind
Take a listen the sounds that's forever
Tearing, cold soul declaring
My virtue now has seasoned
Aligned with my angels my demons
I changed my fate
You can try but never fail

5. Stormseeker


6. Sleeper

Please the sin
Feed the soilbed
I nail me in
Can't pace the day away
Choke me stay the night sane
Raped by pulse in the brain
Cold cover to shed
Stay of this sanctuary bed
Leave asleep
So vain in dreams
It wheels me in
I close just the same
New place sold with solitude
Life through times in overdue
Dawn face pitchblack
Another way to hook me back
The way I came
Am there to sore
I cannot wake
Me and I at war
Turn the night to day
Like the night before
You're all mine

7. Pain Is Mine

Pain, what you gave me
Is, fact of reality
Mine, here to forever stay
With me
Pain, will I ever forget
Is, in every breath
Mine, the heart runs cold
You sow and you shall reap

8. Morph

Can't you see I'm not me
What I was hides away

9. Room 5a2

Room 5a2
What does it mean to you
Welcome, take a look
One pair, one hook
Living on a leash
The perfect way to conceal this
And I trusted you with my life
Within one night
You gave it all away, this way
I am all
I am your downfall
Cold grey womb
The liquid keeps the wound shut
Dark the bright
The perfect way to blur the light
No more
Back like once before
The backdoor

10. Never Again

For years this inside
Is wearing me down
A place with no feeling
With no sound
How could you
Bereave me
I guess I deserve it
Remaining alive
Makes it so hard
But it's all that I want
Faced with my conscience
Sad willing sin
Live the expression
Let bliss carve in skin
How could I believe this
I long the darkness
Though we now are years apart
Things just keep on getting worse
Can't take it no more
You stay in my mind that's so scarred
You will always make me

11. Blood Rimmed Tide

My eyes tear the world
Of its Sandskin
Seeing the shores collapsing
Reaching, pulling me, dragging me
Playing a part in our ceremony
Show me, so I don't care
Show me and let me hear
Your voice can't bring me down
I beg please let me drown
Standing alongside the salvation
Casting a drift deprevation
So shall I feed on death
That feeds on me
And death once dead
Will have set me free
Twisting and turning, the ocean within
Consuming life, eats everything
Things fall in place
The center can't hold
The blod rimmed tide
Swallows me whole

12. Winter

Now the grey has finally fallen
And turned to purest black
Destiny will be calling
It's endless frame of winter back

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