Dark Lyrics


1. Crossing Enemy's Line

[Pensado, Hidalgo - 12:16]

Born in, caught out,
Care out, fear in,
Gear in, heart out,
Meanings for all,
Fearful war.

Dude, fright sight!
4 damn sides...
"Have faith in life."

Gone to,
Pull my head up,
All I care.

World's leaking mental disorder.
Face the facts, it's true.
We're dealing with a lack of order,
The papers brings the news:

We're targets promoting killings,
Step aside!
In place of hear we're screaming.

Well here, another "me" hides of you,
Twisted frame burns, while creed does to.

Wide horizons, slowly turns.

Pathetics under estimated,
Confused, crashing all the way.
Too bad for whom it shows:
Dead line.

Near to the bridge,
Walking not too sure,
Can't hold to the edge now,
You're on a slippery floor,
Thought you saw the sign,
Maybe to warn you that,
The damn bridge is falling,
Aiming to drag you.

Tell me what lies beside.

Run repeat run!
Men under attack,
Calling for rescue.
Is anyone listening?
We're loosing, we lost!
White flags are burning all around
All around!

See the red dawn, beyond the enemy's line.

Oh! Keep track of time.
Where are no one?
Keep track of time.

Old, still,
As J.C...
Oh! Shit,
Bleed through my eyes!

Mistakes we make,
Running after truth but wait for me.
Who are they?
Is that the only face to face?

Steal my directions away, steal my directions away,
Transport the goals it all seemed so close,
High light, never looked,
Meant just to fade. Even talked, nevercould,
Creed, rewind hopes and chances. Human want to be
You? Of who? Wellguess,
Got yourself tracked in time.

(World's leaking mental disorder...)
Bombs meet tonight.
(Face the facts its true...)
You feel a flood of terror in your head.
(Victimize, victimize...)
Cold feet, you rise.
Flash! Your eyes white turns,
(Still try)

Water hits the eye,
So Scarred,
To cross the enemy's line,
I see it in front of me.

Tomorrow seems not right,
In a giant puzzle I fell into,
Not to say,
I'd rather be where no one
Could reach my head.

This is the thing about doing,
Sustains its base in your ruin,
Turn, everyone is taking cover, go!
Just go!

What do I gather if I,
Flow through the red dawn.
Why do we care on flowing
The damn red dawn?

Thought of bring along the artillery.
I am what feels hate, I know.
Let it burn!

How? Wonder why.
Over the line,
No waving flags on mainstream.
This I won't agree.
Much too long I taught your language.

Them, hear you say: Re-lay, Re-lay.
I'll will always be the only one,
Without love.

Saw your painting wall
In gray, cremated...

Leaving this condition,
Being free for once, let go.

Inside of me,
Nothing but shattered dreams.
Nothing seems real,
My heart just don't feel.

Tide of grief blessing the stars.
Please don't leave me alone.
I must relieve...
You from believe...

Standing on main fields,
We feel the pouring rain,
Remain the lefts of you and I.
Holding on,
Not real I believed.
Oh! After this jail of mine,
How could I go if it's dead in my heart?
What if I'm wrong? Wrong?
Hero's blood,
Praise your honor

2. Upload Spirit

[Pensado, Hidalgo - 7:07]

Na mo o mi to fo
Na mo o mi to fo

Besides mind revolution,
Lies the spirit essential: still.
Enlight! 8 nobles lives,
Endless. Now will reunite.

[The architect:]
The quintessence of time,
Be ready! Stealth inside.
You may not crawl for life,
But you sure deserve it.
You meant to cross the line,
Unanimated hive.
Your reign might be a rot state of mind!
I've got to fool you, around you,
Ugly sight in the rear view mirror.

Would it lead you right by the surtax of illusions?
Arrested truth. Where I am.

[The architect:]
Undertook from breathing like knife.
Rasing cold, white, smite, tight, fright!
Low steam is breaking in and it like to stay.
Bribe time, bribe tao, bribe until is my whine.
It's time to become me!

Oh! Swim away and come right back to this shore.
Upload crime against I.

[The architect:]
Knock it off! I'm mental inside!
Defend the atomic bomb, hands together, we pay.
We're fed on global pain,
We crawl, we fall, destroy it all,
Cutting each others veins.

Human kind obeys
The unconscious thirst of violence.
You run against yourself! Raising cold.

[The architect:]
Lies will save you,
Life will break you.
Uh! Numb,
I'm now. Where to see, where to run now?

Besides mind revolution,
Lies the spirit essential: still.
Enlight! No more lies!

So I came, I lived the way,
That told us to stop complain,
It's hard to pacify.
Real life, it boils inside the brain.
In other times you'd cry,
Life is cruel, an excuse avoiding fight.
Wash over your mind, and then upload!
It's day, good night!
Don't pretend you are looking for the real path of life
maybe this can be a time to rest.
Proving on you hold control,
Proving as, you were the slide to show,
You run against it all.
You run against yourself,
You run against,
You run against yourself.

3. A Thousand Miles From You

[Pensado, Hidalgo - 3:49]

I see a thousand miles through you,
From love to just unfinished clues.
You always showed me how to live,
Always showed me how to live.

Go on and take this pain of mine,
I promise I will end this and die.
You've always showed me how to live,
Still show me how to live.

Eyes closed to see,
What lies inside of me,
Easily, you're going to find in me, you.

A thousand miles from you, endless way home,
I navigate on seas unknown.
Leave me so I can move on,
Build strength on my own.
Another time brand new for me.

Starts, a movie in slow motion,
Frame loosing colors,
Drying the oceans.

All there is, is a gray dark cloud,
Rising a shield facing my sun.
But I won't take cover,
I look over my shoulder,
Miles from you.

4. Just Water, You Navigate

[Pensado, Winandy - 5:23]

A rim rove all alone
Grew a long long road
And I...

Tonight, up to me,

Turn around,
Down, where feather I found.
Soaked, invaded.

And I...

In light...

Can day come better?
Don't doubt.

Can a day turn the love in a dumb diary?
Tuned note forms a life.

You know alone its changing...

Like borders underground.

"Did you run around?" - I say.

Where end?
I, go, where, no way.
Nowhere land around, I flow from time.

Wall, tearing.

Now I'm rowing, rowing,
Foreign world, one way blind, now.

Time, to go,
Whole way.
To all eternal I row.
To wave it all behind.

Golden reign yet to know.
Loud I heard:
"Where's days light?"
How to know in mind?

Rewrite it and survive that alone.
Fool, we're wasting the time, we are so blind.

Knowing alone where to flow.

Tide up your realm.
So dive...

Tired and awake.
So dive... and cry over.

Well, that ain't all around you.

Come away, I'm not afraid.
Alive, afraid of all the way,
Long run,
I lay alone,
I pay alone my try.

A guide around here,
Where there are no tear.

Can it unbar doors?
Rider on the field...

Cause winter,
Familiar matter, for the dirty lives.

On a real and dark reverse, rim comes again.

5. Chair Designer

[Pensado - 10:43]

Ready to defy,
Fast and sharp, long cruise.
Running mind inside,
Nothing to confuse you.
Source never dries,
Overloading you,
Takes one to decide,
Where to be,
What to choose.

Right in front of me my new home,
Rid of all guilt and stress,
Get to know the ones you look through,
Absorb what's left in you.

Cruel this world, skins of time.
The man I am dives inner side,
Under disguise. (Blameless)
Understood without direction where to look, wait...
I'm trying hard...

Alone in my deep thoughts...

Another life hood,
Vacancy knowledge,
Riding on him,
It can't let go.

And often times he tried in vain to speak,
Compels an angry soul.

A little hum,
You can't notice,
Cries your heart,
Open up and comprehend.
Comes climbing from within,
Collides into your real life.
Suit yourself,
It's far from stop.

Dreamers surround them both,
Oh! Start the game, go!

Stands right there,
The sins I repeat.
Seems about time.
That isn't right,
They didn't lock me down!

Time, mine,
Where could it hide the dice?
It's written in their guideline:
"Nothing can be wrong",
Can't be wrong, can't be wrong.

Bye, Farewell.
Release the ghosts from his mind.

Solitude without end.

Oh! Lord,
How many lost's here?

Lifting dreams,
Shining hope.

All doors are now degraded,
Who dares to live a life?

Later on, lady Life,
Related all those days.
"They're going to be like a balloon in the sky"
You got to know your way,
All is your final decision.

Then I drop things from long time,
Exposed myself out.
Working on what's real in life.
Believe in me again.

(Look in her eyes)
Worth attention,

(Through worst times)
A thousand miles away

(Don't be scared it's just life)

Ride with me,
Until we reach the stars.

In two hearts I belong, allow to come.
Then one day we're all replacement,
Of those who left this land.
Remember all the rest, my eyes are...

Close to see,
What I could never see,
Not without you, for me.
I could be wrong or I found my treasure,
Years have gone but now I'm better,
Not afraid to loose it all,
Restart from where I stopped.

Right in front of me my new home,
Rid of all guilt and stress,
I looked at me before I went through,
The same I wish to you.

Cruel this world, skins of time.
The man I am dives inner side,
Under disguise,
Understood without direction where to look, wait...

Whole another moon,
That nobody knows.
Over lighted room,
Around me, reach for me,
You're home!

And night after night, here I am,
watching over you,
He's coming.

And hearing your voice all again,
Leaving this past to become what I am.

And they do affect you,
From where I affect them,
Turning a roaming rite.

One day will rip your roof,
From where you throw at them,
What have you lost inside?

What an unpredictable rail.

A lift along life.
Watch as they're falling...
My daily life,

Daily life,

6. A Gift To You

[Pensado - 2:47]

Defend the atomic bomb
We're fed on global pain,
We crawl, we fall, destroy it all,
Cutting each others veins.

Human kind obeys
The unconscious thirst for violence.

So I came, I lived the way,
That told us to stop complain,
It's hard to [???] Real life,
It boils inside the brain.

In other times you'd cry,
Life is cruel, an excuse avoiding fight.
Wash over your mind, a gift to you.

It's day, good night!
Don't pretend you are looking for "the real path of life"

May this be a time to rest.
Proving on you hold control,
Proving as, you were the slide to show,
You run against it all.

7. Hellbitat

[Pensado, Hidalgo - 12:00]

I know, a place that no one goes,
A place where no children are meant to grow.

My life, lonely life, caught in desert, dry.

May I think a way where balance is free?
Growing through, all counts in,
Move your eyes your view and it will,
It never ever breaths, protected upon the lies,
Downloading all virus can be, never mess their sight.

Better you than group, we always have to,
Preserve yourself for pain,
Already in your attitude,
Just put my back in line.
Welcome to my Hellbitat!

This nature grows this dead side of me,
I woke up in that way!

Ache like I go, (we're out of life)
Drunk like I go,
Fake like I, like take, like I, we're out of life.

Until it finally comes,
360 fence around,
The problem is too thick to now remember what have been told you clown!

What do you say?
Cruelness is meant to reassign,
Rage in you, (Never mess their sight!) rage in me, rage them all.

Another day in this real world, alive.
Bringing fast deep storm, torments red cries.

I hear low sounds, breaking in our doors,
You've got to hear this sound, delight.
You hear low sounds, feels like blowing bombs; I've got to, got to have some fun tonight.
Fell sharp thorns stretching in my soul
You've got to be my soul, delight!

Teach... me, I can feel
Teach me, odd to feel
Teach me, yearning is gone away, now do it all again
Yearning is gone to be a hollow way.

It's up to me to choose the frame of your whole life,
So you'll be there, hands revolving your twisted mind.
Lonely world, blue is all gone, plain gray all long,
Where is life? Mine, mine, this time hell's gonna get you through.

Fugitives won't escape; there is not a single door.
Frying chances of believing on noble feelings.
Games of love, beating inside this heart, dying.
Nothing can hold this weight!

Crumbling in, my reason of being is in there!
Who says your fate can't be left over mind.

There'll be my love and I

10 minutes waiting on a living sound won't fade nor else delay
Walk away; tear to shed among the trees.
(Turn around down where feather I found)
Here's this boy, another ache. Turning down again.

Here I go, there is life! I hear cries from hearts everywhere!
The day I saw life!!! Emerging...
Who's got the will to lead the way?

Whoever he may be,
Got to make it right!

A love for life,
Embrace around.
Floating in I go
Ahead there's snow,
I'm my wind
A love for dreams,
... I'm alone.

Hard to know that I crawl,
I beg, for a long, long time.
Regrets in mine common life,
Cover fight to receive the right a better cradle of my

Uh! Let the rain fall and wash the sand,
Clear my own fight.

What do you say?
Cruelness is meant to reassign.
Rage in you, rage in me, rage them all!
Another day in this real world, alive.

Bringing fast deep storm, torment red cries!

To do, what the others do.
To lie like the others do to me.
To fake like the others do.
To steal like the others do to me.
To act like the others do. It can't go on,
To kill like the others do to me like below,
To bribe like the others do. Jungle war... To steal like the others do to we. Start countdown.

To like like the others do.

8. Follow Your Instinct

[Pensado, Hidalgo, Winandy - 15:50]

Dole your veins,
Till I'm done

Rope and hang,
Your narrow soul

Undone vile
Memories to fall

Dread of your h.a.t.equals:

1... maybe you were used.
2... abused?
4... hmmm... lie (cold?)
Wise to deny the dirty
(betrayed?) you like. (index)

Remove my moonlight (final row)
Drop the knife,
A little of me wants a dramatic role.

Grow your lines,
A runaway guides to a locked room.

Hold me lilac rose and...
Hide inside my eyes.
Long run to learn me and live as one
Life: why me?
Drain it down
Put in me your will to live, realease me of
This endless wave, wakeful awake!

why do they can hope like two rays?
true. many even breaths alone.

Well sometimes i think i only caught you because of your lipstick.

A roaring tongue,
Final raid of a plastic tube
Internal crave of a blind man's youth

Helpless male behind the brume
Triad: painfull, denial, and guilt,
Signing memos inside his bruise.
Eternal jigsaw with no left clues.

Wiling on and on to free my way.
Wet, the load of rain forms a rite.
No longer resembles her,
We can lust and earn it all.
Mind invaded.

Uh... eventide, light a candle for
The reflex of all your own,

And reunite, erase yourself away.
Learning to be no one.

Candid isolation worried
Worried about your face?
You will forget about your mind!

It ain't alive until they rule, devour around.
(naive inside!)

Bound down brain, bow now real (not even real love)
It under my faith.

Let a little flame light inside,
All alone, yet so full of lives.
Unless you close your eyes

Find me and them,
Hurdle race,
To hurt, save, take

War! why?
What are they digging in my brain?
Hand a knife!
You're a toy!

You listen to me! what a fool you are
Imagined i apologize for anything!
What do you want from me?

Do i lie?
So tell me what's under naked eye.
Supposed to live a life in your lie,
Fair i try. (i won't allow)
I won't allow this! (i won't allow)
Enough! tell me your answer!

Will i lie to be alive?

Moulder inside,
Oily heart, i did all to feel refined
You're not worth of life
Unmeant harm
Meant pain
Weary and wrong
Murderer onward way
Dated novel rakes
Both the stalkers
No way radar gives it
A light of danger
Comes around them:
Door way!
This war sets no warning!
The hall's growing gray

Crow nocturnal rain, from nocturnal loaf,
On a ritual often well done,
Curb, to my dear fallen,
A lagger on the lane,
Rather wait, rubber erase
It washes stains of time,
Long rail goes.
Feel. the air is getting all,
Fill my lungs,
Not alone, and on.
Render i...

Bring to me your own,
Leading one more round,
Try to leave this crown.

Turn, tame, i
Don't respect the sign
Either way have i.
To there, cold sigh.

Left the night
With no trace...

Cry a river for my enrapt
Behavior: one to random.
Leading the rank of
All the rays, yet,
Fade out the sight,
I'm afraid of the light

Fatherless for all my life,
A reason to want and wait this alibi.

Go far,
Too late
Gold and wine,
An intervention to die
Fury latent, all alone,
Time for a faint

I am alive in you,
When an empty vice is used.
You've read the lines I've written on,

Drew many along the way,
Time to give it a time. bit hard, paralyze

Pay for all the crimes.

We are alive to redo all
The wrong and pain,

We have a live conscious,
(me too I've always been here)

We are alive.

...ring my own with die

Where are the...
Near my home... not in hole.
Nerve break? don't you tell lies!
We will lie...

..to live

Hold me lilac rose and...
Hide inside my eyes
Long run to learn me
And live as one
Life: why me?
Drain it down
Put in me your will...

Needle, rive!

Aim at the nape line.

Could little red eyes,
Turn in gold?

Wrecking the letters
Alone, borderline
Long live the murder in i,
Rout it!
Like a lyrical highway,
Nothing is really too
Not another right in i,
Another night on the
Light of dark.
Now i lay tight with my
So unbearable life,
Lone life, lonely life

Not alone, I'm alone
Not alone, so alone
Not alone, just alone
Not alone, I'm home.

Not alone, I'm alone
Not alone, so alone
Not alone, just alone
Not alone

Begging to be bad,
Bleeding to be a sad
Ballet of dreams in
Bagging the bale of
Begging to be sad,
Bleeding to be a sad,
Ballet in black.

9. Hide And Seek

[Hidalgo - 9:51]

[Personality #1]
Where are you?
Is that you hiding under (the) bed?
I think so.
I see your screaming little eyes.

[Personality #2]
Damp in my lungs
On the day I found love
But I won't let you down again care without mind
Like your own merciful so

[Personality #3]
Overcome this fear,
Of letting (all) go.
And take a ride
To all that matters in life
Breath slow
Blow all away
Untamable fire

[Personality #1]
But in the "Reign of the Lost",
You can't remember your name.
Carrying hate for the weaker of all,
Spreading rightful hand.

Roundabout you,
They will waste you,
You will rove the road!
When they, when I corrode.

[Personality #2]
Library of empty lines
I rather ache than to crave your untried caress

Wait, I am moving on
Did I displace your own hideaway?

Convicted for love awake
Where did I go wrong?

You have another major killer alliance yes a killer alliance
Ready to roll again oh yeah

[Personality #1]
Hall, steps,
Silence everywhere,
Blindfold his way.

[Personality #2]
Oh I ain't going to never
Hurt you little girl

[Personality #1]
Why don't you open the damn thing?

[Personality #3]
Harm ego lies to know,
That all that stand will steal the light,
From those who never were.

I, teacher of mine,
Follow me into this try.
They didn't mean it to embrace you like
An empty mind, and then hide for all this time.

Raise your will
And all relay before your eyes.

The midway neglected,
When are some things wrong.
Mathematical feel of hope.

[Personality #2]
A breath with no lungs
Waste all your dreams
Girl I won't let you drawn again believe in my lie
Prey of you

[Personality #1]
Don't terrify

[Personality #3]
In the name of it all,
Please remind this:
Carrying hate for the weaker of all,
You will succumb in tears.

And they'll dry.
May knowing evil is a river in your way.
Everytime you underline (your feelings) with my blood.

(I feel alone)
But now, it doesn't matter cause
I still believe you lost in me everything,
(Field of lull)
And all I have been,
I've been for you.
(A dead end wherever you go)
I believe in you.
Part of me will always be you.

(Surrender to me)
I'm ready to break all these walls.
(Bring down to me)
Untie me to live on dreams I've sold long ago, yeah...
(I'll risk all to see)
Oh... I'm ready to die

(Turn this down)

[Personality #2]
Riming home with a break room
Tearing all the painful colors of my soul

A second from Explode away
uh Blow up away


[Personality #1]

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