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1. I Am Colossus

[Music: Hagstrom, Thordendal]
[Lyrics: Haake]

I'm the great Leviathan, insatiable colossus
Titanic engulfer of lives, I reward you, absorb you
I'm the monstrous mouth that hungers for your awe
Immense construction of lies. I own you, disown you

I am life. I'm death. You empower me

I'm a mammoth king evoked, conjured by your dreams
Summoned by your fears. You need me, you feed me
I'm the imposing giant. Infallible dictator
My rules apply to all. You'll heed me, bleed for me

I am life. I'm death. I decide your fate
You empower me. You'd even kill for me

Guzzling down your dreams - the tears of unheard pleas I drink,
Imbibe with such delight the fear that floods your temporal shell
Raging red rivers and streams - the kingdom of my shadow
Where dread of man in endless night revives my every cell

To those who doubt - your wounds will never heal
To those who question my creation - I'm not real

I am pain. I am grief. I'm the things you fear
I'm the lie whispered into your ear
I'm the great Leviathan. I'm dominance and greed
You imagined me, so I was conceived

I am life. I'm death. You belong to me
Call me what I am. I am colossus

2. The Demon's Name Is Surveillance

[Music: Thordendal]
[Lyrics: Haake]

Mechanical compound eye
Imposed observance. Sentries in the sky
Vigilant lenses. Objectives belied
In blackened heavens covertly they hide

They see you. They see all. They know all indiscretions
Compiler of your dreams, your indignations
Following your every single move
They see you

All-seeing instrument. Supreme perception
Omnifocal accumulator
Thief of integrity. Its gaze upon the blind
Information divinity by man designed

The lives of all they occupy. Their eyes in dismal gloom
The all-piercing, dead oculi - mirrors of our doom
Oblivious to the trespass as you gaze into the black
The demon of surveillance insultingly staring back
- Into you

They own your every secret, your life is in their files
The grains of your every waking second sifted through and scrutinized
They know your every right. They know your every wrong
Each put in their due compartment - sins where sins belong

They know you. They see all. They know all indiscretions
Compiler of your dreams, your indignations
Following your every single move
They know you

3. Do Not Look Down

[Music: Haake, Hagstrom, Thordendal, lyrics: Haake]

Strive, strive, surmount the obstacles
Become the essence of your goals
Hereditary dream
Pray that you may attain that destiny
Fall into the coveted line
Where life is but a theme
Of pretense in lustrous guise

Claims and values
Charts of means and status
Plaques to show your strife
Do your neighbour clones approve

Picture perfect illustration
Imitation of life
Where the path is evened out
All obstructions removed

Great viable citizen
Are you happy now?
Then praise your God and bow

Shimmering surface
The gleam of blinding lies
Become the product
The thing you so desire

To what length would you go to reach your goals?
What mantra will you use to justify your means?
Who will you betray to secure your dream?
What sins will you commit to avoid your sins to be seen?

Do not look down
Do not look down
Or the abysmal beast of non-conformity
Might stare some unpleasant truth
Into your desensitized mind

Shimmering surface
The gleam of blinding lies
Become the product
The thing you so desire

4. Behind The Sun

[Music: Kidman]
[Lyrics: Haake]

Carelessly you sentence. How indifferently you kill
The prophecies of mans corruption fulfilled

Arbitrarily you harm. Snap your fingers, cue demise
Murder on impulse. Your evil inclinations wrapped in lies

Divine man. Appointed. Claiming the stern voice of god
Absolute judgments passed from where you cowards hide
- The lair of snakes. Your dark haven
Where you and your ophidian partisans abide

The doctrine of your unholy trinity
- The violence, the spite and the enslavement
You awesome monarch, you man of dominance
All shall be as you decide

Illustrious ruler of all things
Wield your razors, cut the flesh of man
Control, govern and lead us
Into the nightmare of your wishes fulfilled

Grab the reins, you awesome puppeteer, you conductor of chains
Redeemer. Unbreakable strings. Damnation leashes
Remote cords extend, the trusses they run
They stretch all the way behind the sun

So vain our attempts, the useless tugging
This meaningless gnawing at restraints by which we're bound
Hail the tyrant saint, the great bereaver
You will bow before the emperor crowned

5. The Hurt That Finds You First

[Music and Lyrics: Hagstrom]

End this debate. No need to dream of solace
I'll be your truth in this game that is life
Your will withering away
Among the comatose but insight's not your fate
Minds align to fire the sequence
You will feel the knife as it turns
Taste visions of ruin and thirst
Make for save haven but I will find you first

Capitulate, you know this fight is over
Spiritual flesh, my stomach starts to churn
A perfected mindjack. Confirmed illusion
Euphoric state. You gag, you choke
Words, virus. They echo in your ears
True bliss through bondage and oh here come the tears
I find my joy in fear
A soul cadaver I'm the hurt that finds you first


Hide, you'll be mine either way
Grind my teachings on the soulless
In a sense, devastation's structure bleeding through my sermon
The repose of true angels paves my way to power

Parasite a state of which you'll be proud
Under my soothing shroud
This systems roaring howl
Deafens all reason
Questions reduced to silence

6. Marrow

[Music: Haake, Hagstrom, Thordendal]
[Lyrics: Haake]

Lasciviously they move
Two powers bound for unity
Like magnets, they align, under immunity
The product of their congress, their libidinous deed
Insatiable mouth of conflict and greed

Beware the soon to be born bringer of pain

One evil by another inseminated
Pure hatred conceived
The pairing of blood and power
A spawn of harm produced
Death and profit begotten, fused

A ghost-producing offspring. Immorality's embodiment
Spite and disgust incarnate. A progeny insane

Tar-black ejaculate
The seminal bile of conspiracy
- The blood of those who died
Their innocence, their marrow

The pursuit of ruin. Murderous ambition
Bloodshed, the careless taking of lives
A conduct symbolic of its condition

Behold the newborn monstrosity
Descendant of avarice
Indifferent war machine in all its violent glory
A callous iron god born to reign

Tar-black ejaculate
The seminal bile of conspiracy
- The blood of those who died
Their innocence, their marrow

7. Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion

[Music: Hagstrom]
[Lyrics: Haake]

Tremors, reverberating
Frequency of doom
How strongly the violent thoughts of vengeance echo
Setting in motion the strings of hate


This is the soundtrack to our hostility
To our mailcious intent
To the pointless grudge forever held
The callow dream, the dismal wish to harm

Animate now
The twisted sounds
Of our disdain
Our rage
The notations
To our contempt
To unforgiveness and loathing

A sonic declaration of spite
And resentment
Its resonance grinding to dust our souls
The twine of revenge tightly strung

Its subharmonics
The undoing of all
So enticing
The retaliation
Chords of man
The all-deafening
Oscillation of the damned

Let forth the hateful
The murderous
Let their malignant prayers resound
The reverbant
Odious request
The wish of death abound

So enticing
The retalitation - chords of man
The all-deafening
Oscillation of the damned

8. Swarm

[Music: Haake, Hagstrom, Thordendal]
[Lyrics: Haake]

Insectine man, carnivore. The shape of us, the conduct of flies
All-consuming swarm in inconspicuous disguise
Bloodseeking, parasitic. Ecstatically tracing decay
Thriving in the glow that death emits, the warm perfume it radiates

Revolting conformity. Hive mind unity

Excitedly their mandibles grind, aroused by vile ambition
At the sickly sweet promise of decomposition
Deliriously ingesting. Liquefied ruin absorbed
Innocence devoured by the elated horde

They are us, let's not even pretend

Aroused and frenzied they scurry, encircling death
A vile swarm awaiting the final breath

Myriad eyes visualizing the end
Blackened skies. Rabid heavens descend
On the bereft, unforgivingly

Precious life debased. Our dipteran legacy embraced

Crack the shell. Ascend the sky
Rise, extend your palpitating wings
Crack the shell. Ascend the sky
Fly you disgraceful wretched things

9. Demiurge

[Music and Lyrics: Hagstrom]

Writhing and embraced,
Retribution. Soul eclipse turns solid
Energized. Sucking vomit acting like it's honey
Deprived of I
Falling while thrusting squares through circles
Serving one single new dimension

Terror rising. Agnostics nemesis. A prophet of extinction

I scorch the skies before your very eyes
My deliverance - enslavement labelled: love

Just trust this nemesis to sign and seal extinction

10. The Last Vigil


[Music: Hagstrom]

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