Dark Lyrics


1. Broken Cog

[Music & lyrics: Mårten Hagström]

Inside, watching the core
Of whatever we had left of our lives
The multiplications divide
We drink to quench the thirst to come
With the bones that we left the trap was sprung

Blind ancient and malevolent, cosmos divides
The truth is we never ever had truth in sight
We spat on this purpose
We ate of whatever was left
The chasm beneath us will open and swallow the rest

Me the broken cog
You seem to not have understood
Knives out, strings set in motion
You act like you're surprised
Preemptive strike. Ruin. Chaos. Focus

Whispers Murmurs Voices Voices
Whispers Purpose Voices Murmurs
Whispers Murmurs Voices Voices
Whispers Murmurs Voices Purpose

2. The Abysmal Eye

[Music: Dick Lövgren]
[Lyrics: Tomas Haake]

Relentless and inexorable, this menacing creation
That we ourselves conceived with covetous verve and credulity.
Something this intensely profound can never be allowed
The fabric and all that holds it, will all burn. It will all be torn down

To contain it in its lair - Pandora's quantum prison
In wave after wave it will see us fail

Consign to oblivion this thing we cannot grasp
Bury deep this entity. Unlearn it ever existed

This is our omega. Factitious nemesis
The great dismantler of our dominion

If ever there was a reason - Maintain this greatest lie
That never did we look into the abysmal eye

3. Light the Shortening Fuse

[Music & lyrics: Mårten Hagström]

Blinded, gagged and bound by confirmation
On this premise we iterate a lie
Why will stay unasked
They know, we know. It doesn't matter

Barren hollow words. No information
We're led to believe in self-applied deceit
This trope of ignorance. Disinformation
Made to confuse, to light the shortening fuse

Wading through the rubble of ideologies
Cherry-picking madness to the gospel of suckers
Sustenance for the greatest of ideas
Life is a machine. It will cater to me. Bow. Serve. Comply

Bared teeth, the lesson is complete
The stench of strange raw meat
Draw acolytes to feast
Rotting thoughts the treat

So who came up with your ideas
Before you spat them out like they were yours
Play the pawn, knowing where hope lies
Where it goes to die

4. Phantoms

[Music: Dick Lövgren, Tomas Haake]
[Lyrics: Tomas Haake]

From the realms of past my demons howl
Beyond bridges I lit they learned to fly
Apparitions, these ghosts of distant memory
Spectres. Remnants that just will not die

All my wrongs, my indiscretions they carry
From across the boundaries of time
The burdens I left for them to hold
Presented, laid out before my eyes

In their frozen gaze the blame
The questions to my lies
How hard I have tried to bury this
Yet here they stand before me

5. Ligature Marks

[Music & lyrics: Mårten Hagström]

So here we are. Tearing at flesh to scar
Carving the mark in servitude of the dark
Realign the weaponry of your mind
A surgical strike. Nothing left to find

The ghost of sacrifices made, lingering in the shadows
Perversion is the trade. So this will hurt in every way
But you will crave me, beg me to stay

And it flows through every fiber, runs through every vein
Twisted energy. Tracing insanity through ligature marks
Bruises formed in the dark

Facing the music, you've never heard this song before
A solemn requiem, a shroud for your machination and strife
Intent to euthanize

Empty sheet nothing left to deplete
The loop becomes complete
The void will swallow the melting stars
Suspended in emptiness
Torment turns to bliss. A stillborn genesis

6. God He Sees in Mirrors

[Music: Dick Lövgren]
[Lyrics: Tomas Haake]

On the throne sits the snake
Coiled and irate. Self righteous. Unforgiving
Lies lining the fork of his tongue, drip from his fangs
Inflicting wounds that never mend
Omnipotent God he sees in mirrors. Seraphic

From atop the growing tower of our bones,
Indifferently condemning all
At his whim our dismal fate
From his mouth but venomous gall
Ophidian. Slithering. Deceitful serpentine

Illustrious morph of man
Despot in guise of savior
Any blame he will carelessly relinquish
Like shedding his skin

Ophidian. Slithering. Deceitful
Through the vast of death he caused he winds. Serpentine

Never again shall we suffer the hissing
The subversive, malicious lies lining the fork of his tongue
Drip from his fangs
Inflicting wounds that never mend
Omnipotent God he sees in mirrors

7. They Move Below


[Music: Mårten Hagström]

8. Kaleidoscope

[Music: Dick Lövgren, Tomas Haake]
[Lyrics: Tomas Haake]

This untethering from logic
This beautiful, terrifying state
Astonishing. Uninhibited
Maddening. Euphoric

I now see through you. Translucent entities
Gone is the veil of sanity
The colors I now discern
Veracity as a boundless spectrum

A vast kaleidoscope
Spiraling enlightenment
Magnificent altered condition
Confined no more my vision

Inert and bursting. Here impossibles co-exist
In this vibrant domain truth is anything you dream it is

Here I can sense true fulfillment
Shedding the old, finding a new I
Devoid of restraints. Exempt from your lies

9. Black Cathedral


[Music: Mårten Hagström]

10. I Am That Thirst

[Music: Mårten Hagström]
[Lyrics: Tomas Haake]

Look at him yearning. Desirous
His craving, his hunger. Constant needs, constant wants
Nothing will quell, nothing will slake
Insatiable vacuous man

Hollow and see-through. His emptiness has made him frail
That dying thing still believes others drive the nails
Incendiary god complex. Such gift to flammable man
This is what it made of him. This is what remains

Behold, how he devours. Unappeasable and cursed
That arid soul, famished and desiccated
I am that thirst

His gluttony can not be stilled
This state can never be reversed
Hollow and empty. Endlessly

11. The Faultless

[Music: Mårten Hagström]
[Lyrics: Tomas Haake]

A slow violence of words
This injurious game you play
Spiteful syllable strings
Arranged and tied into weapons

The incisions of your tongue, the slashing
The deliberate cuts run deep and wide
Whatever carved the pedestal you occupy
Was set on this resulting divide

I see through your vain pretense
The veil of you has been parted
Pure and fair you fly on wings up high
Pharisaical. You are faultless

Oh all the wounds I expected
- Heartbreak, bereavement and despair
I never saw these coming
- The gashes of your betrayal

12. Armies of the Preposterous

[Music: Dick Lövgren, Tomas Haake]
[Lyrics: Tomas Haake]

The awe it instills. How grand this revolting spectacle
Beyond what we can fathom. So far detached from reason
I quiver before it, I tremble
I see your vision. This bleak truth you contrive

Magnificent this vile display
The march of a recurring echo
Jericho trumpets blaring - again they sound
And the old armies of the misled rebuild. Reassemble

I will not swallow the bile, the putrid ideals you regurgitate

A conviction saturated with imbecility
Adopting the course of the blind
Unanimous in your revolting declaration
Conjured by offensive, feeble beehive minds

A pandemic, this contagion you embrace
The poison that seeps from your piteous souls
Armies of the preposterous, trapped in misguided thrall
Your mere existence shames us all

I will never assimilate your point of view
I see your vision, this bleak truth you contrive

13. Past Tense


[Music: Mårten Hagström]

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