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1. (Creation) The First Temptation

Writhing in the garden, in sin and lust
Waiting for humanity, their God they
Trust forbidden by command, of a
Holy power damnation of the land, at
The unholy hour falling from the
Grace of God into a darkened hell
Where temptation is the pleasure of
The flesh the place where evil dwells
Satan’s way, was not the way, Gods way,
was the only way! His desire of
Arrogance, and of one way to exist
Burn forever or to be on his list
Come rot in the flames with me there
Is no escape when your eyes
Cannot see!

2. Manifestation

Into the trance never mind the pain
Violent deprivation, of your soul oblivious
To the hold knowledge beyond all light
Eternity is what you know held ‘til death
In my mortal blood manifestation!

3. Witches Spell For Death

The eve, of the Devil’s witch spell-cast forth
Your incubus infinite nightmare, from which
She can’t awake if only her lord could save,
For the nuns sake die! Demonic force destroys
Your tortured soul intense death! Feel the
Minds reality losing all control an inquisition,
Power bestowed keys to the ritual, now a
Sacrificed owed the Lord’s holiest, shall be the
Beasts feast screaming in the blackness of the
Night slowly falling further from the holy
Light witches spell, into the realm, she will fall
Where the tortured bodies adorn the sinful
Walls witches spell for death!

4. Baptism At The Skull

Rotting flesh falls from the cross
Blasphemy by the evil priest sinners take
Communion at the altar of death upon the
Holy Lord they now feast with each piece of
Flesh they further desecration Christ is
Falling to hell the lords that haunt the
Gates of damnation take him to where they
Dwell baptism at the skull come and join the
Sinners… in hell bathing in his blood, his
Disciples watch in fear the crucifixion ends
In sin the existence of their Lord is now
Ruled by Hell they feel Christ’s death within!

5. Oath Of Revenge

You have been wronged
The time has come to make it right
Rip out the fucking eyes victim to
Your fate sliced in half ties down,
Ice cold with a stare of death
Consciousness intact still time to
React with hate and no remorse
Sever the fucking head screaming in
Agony a sight to see brain stimulates
Immortality blood and vomit flowing
Visceral descent you will… die
In agony!

6. The Evil Of The Night

Ancient rites in the night seeking immortal
Insight circle cast for nocturnal candle
Palms open… manifest my need the evil… of
The night spells… cast in full moonlight
Manifest… nocturnal entity flames… grant me
Immortality using a sacred spell for a power
Brought from Hell the powers too immense
Try to contain its agony moralistic fatality
Invoke my destiny!

7. Christians Of Gamorrah

Claims of great salvation lived in lives
Of sin you’re the false of your religion
Your soul will rot in Hell I have no God
You should live like me my mortal blood
paid in flesh my soul shall be set free
Christians of Gomorrah indulge in sin
And lust godly claims from mortals your
Immortality and not of your own misery
But the sins that you have made have
Already laid your grave false
Repentance of your soul you will rot in
Sinful death there’s nothing you can
Pray that will stop the path you lay!

8. Convictions

A fanatical deceptive reality this life is truly
Killing me far- beyond the greatest perceptions
Lie my own worst fears and dreams beyond a
Reality most cannot see
Is where my true destiny writhes in agony
Fear of their holy majesty false human life of
Fantasy their only true reason, for belief in a
Christ, is a rotting pit they fear the complete
Betrayal of an older soul has affected all time
For me one fateful day yet to exist, I may take
All life from thee
I fucking swear it!
These are my convictions…

9. (Prepare The Soul) Taken Beyond

The great tempter, our lord, and your
Deceiver he will torture you, Son of God
The seer his unimaginable power will
Possess your soul as the demons scream,
You lose control taken… beyond…
Darkest form of evil from past the
Furthest gate dawn of existence, your
Destiny lies beyond its fate grasping his
Power, and understanding your mistake
Faith in the lord God, is a foolish choice
To make!

Dan Holder — Guitars, Drums
Andy Torres — Vocals, Bass

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