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1. Gemini

Gemini had turned to dust,
AM forever gone away from this life,
January you left me dying on my own,
Rendering the memories of you,
I am trembling and falling along,
Hardest way to live like normal way before, your miles ahead and I’m lost,
The big H in your heart is the reason of all,
I see a side I never thought I’d see,
I can’t believe what my eyes have seen,
Memories is memories are,
Meaningless to you,
I wrote a song to convey the soreness in me,
I’m not sure if I’m on the right way,
To bring the life down on me,
If I could turn back the period of time,
Will it be the same?
December, AM.
The reason for me to get through the day,
Are the memories of you and me.

2. Indifferences

Differences that you bring,
The thoughts that you shared, blast the whole matter,
Different story everywhere,
Pointless, totally depraved,
Regardless of how you point the words that you said,
Why you have to spread something that worthless?
Come to reality; fuck what you've shared,
As day-long shade gave way to months of midnight sun,
Impact begin to light up the whole group,
Your thoughts, your conclusion,
Against all the sensitivity,
Could it turn to something bad,
Will it affect the whole faction,
The world is just a transitory,
And it won’t last too long,
Now what are you going to trust,
Evermore nothing could change the truth.

3. In Between

Sometimes it’s hard to see,
When hearts that never feel, what’s there between two sides of holes that hard to trust?
How long does it takes for us to realize the real meaning of it,
Or it just a phase of life that will forever runs in our minds,
Hollow means,
Just a shallow mind that will make you understand,
Will never last too long,
Try to hide away as if someone was looking,
When bells took it tolls,
There’s a time for us to part away,
Please go away from this heart and souls
Because it’s too hard too hold.

4. Envision

Unspoken words,
I fucking hate the feeling that keeps on haunting me;
I can’t take any more of this mind game,
I’m not reborn for nothing,
Taste of this lifeless way,
No more any shapes of sadness; let’s go to a place that can set our minds free.
Free from all the poisons,
Burn all the sorrow,
Killing the confusion,
Envision, leaving the agony, what’s left for us to seize,
Foresee a greater life ahead.

5. Divine

Down we go through the day,
Finding the worthy things that can keep us stirring,
Everyday we keep on trying to generate the different,
From what we had in past,
For us to run this life free,
What we need from this life,
All that’s left to see,
Repeating the same shits,
Its time to look onto the ground,
This sure will burn all the desire
Divine day, divine way all are yours to see,
We’ve tried so hard, to give the best, all are yours to think,
Divine day, divine way all are yours to feel,
For the path that will prevail the divines value of life,
At all you whispered,
I will still be alive and you can watch me,
Fucking burst in your way,
Ain’t the way,
It was supposed to be,
The rises of the power are spread in me,
Ain’t the way,
It was supposed to be.

6. Abandoned

Living through this lifeless world,
Fear keeps on longing me,
Can’t stop thinking,
Can’t react with anything, these moments
I can’t avoid,
Keep pushing little lower,
Nothing could ever stop this hope,
The life
I’ve been yearning for,
If I could not see what is living under,
And it means nothing last forever,
Years in shambles,
I’ll walk away,
Where should
I lay this emotions of mine?
Where should
I place this gloomy inside?
Killing from the inside,
Passes through emotions,
Will it ever stop, will it ever end.

Thanks to khairifirdaus26 for sending these lyrics.

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