Dark Lyrics


1. The Beginning Of The End

The fighting's started
the war's just begun
Screaming soldiers blindly run
Smoke and fire claiming your last friend
And the bodies bleeding on the sand, it's the...
Beginning of the end

Broken heroes live through these wars
All the thousands remembered never more
Shattered pieces drift with the tide
Shot up faces, screaming through your mind

Marching towards your death
take your last breath...Now !

Feel the hand of doom
take control of you...Now !

The fighting's over
the war is done
Battered soldiers are dead and gone
Smoke and fire light up the light
Remaining nightmares rip through your mind

See the war is done
you're the only one...Now !

2. Bates Motel

Into the night you can see her go
Down to the Bates Motel where her blood will flow
Psychos are everywhere
death is in the air
Norm's eyes drift then stare his mind ain't all there

Bates Motel

Room one the scene for craines last living days
Marion's sick way out was with Norm's blade
Stabbed times she died in her own blood bath
Not a single word was said and no last request

Bates Motel
it awaits you...

Stabbed sliced flesh torn away
She fell to her knees
Blood flowed out her veins
She was down but they stabbed her again
Stabbed sliced flesh torn
Bitch fell to knees
Blood flowed out veins
In Bates Motel

3. Meliah Rage

4. Deadly Existence

As the fire's burning
death in the street
Smell the masses burning
commies at our feet
Teach us to kill
teach us to hate
Teach us to rip away
and to seal your fate

It takes you away

Hypnotized & Paralyzed,
the killers are all here
Decay of rotting bodies lingers in the air
Suicidal rampage,
immense mental death
Silver bullets rippin,
claims all the rest

It takes you away
Your final day
It takes you away

Beaten battered tortured men slain in the night
Breed man for puppetry to kill and lie
Flaming flesh bodies burn the scene and sight
Lies, cries, screams of pain dissolve the brain
Feel my clenching death, it takes you away
Feel impaling you life's sucked away
Slaughtered bodies fallen, fallen down to me
I see corpses coming, nothing ever leaves

It takes you away
Your final day
It takes you away

5. Enter The Darkness

Time has run out for you, your last rights are now due
Has life come to an end?
No it's all just begun

Now your bodies drifted from your soul, from your corpse dead and cold
See the people round your bed they're all cryin' cause your dead

Enter the darkness
Enter the light
Enter the darkness,
It's your death tonight....

As you walk through the gates, your soul is cold and sedate
As this nightmare in you, is now tearing through...you


Now which way will you go?
Up or below because...
The devil wants your parted soul, for the evil things that you do
Heaven's hands reaching through,
Hear hell's angels calling you

6. Kill To Survive

I live for killing, because killing is my life
I kill for money, I don't care who lives or dies
One hundred thousand for this retched fucker's life
One knife or bullet in his brain he'll fall tonight

I kill to survive
You're gonna die tonight

You see the death that this night has brought to you
You see the blood flow see the blade rip through
His corpse so cold and his eyes open wide
I got my cash
I don't care who lived or died


Hunt him down, read his past
Find the way, to take his life
Deal was made, he was next
No escape, for him tonight...

I'm paid to shoot, to rip, to slice, any man's heart
I'm paid to finish any job I fuckin' start
And in the end, if down to hell I go
I'll make damn sure that I take down you too

Hunt you down, read your past
Find the way, to take his life
Deal's been made, you are last
No escape for you, tonight...

7. Impaling Doom

They gather in the fields
For satanic sacrifices there
They burn cut flesh
To give us presents to their Gods
The moon will light the way
Where the meat will soon lay
The orders given to slay.

Now they take away your lives,
Impaling doom is here tonight
Death calls for you!
Feel the blade rip through you

No way to escape your death
The hills have eyes and they see
Devils, demons sent from Hell
Will bring your bodies back to me
Dagger awaits you tonight,
Your blood I drink in a toast
For human sacrificial roast.

Now we take away your life
Impaling doom is here tonight
Death calls for you!
Feel the blade rip
Feel the blade slice
Feel the blade tear through you

You wait in the dark,
To meet your fate
Demons laugh and scream,
They love to slay
You die and see red,
Now you know
You're a serpent Lucifer's pet
You're down below

Now we take control of you.

Now as you see through death,
And taste the blood you just received
You drink and feast on flesh,
Dismembered bodies still bleed
Your fate lies below,
The master now has control
Of your lost forgotten soul.

Now we take away your life
Impaling doom is here tonight
Death calls for you !
Feel the blade rip
Feel the blade slice
Feel the blade tear through...you

8. The Pack

As this day of hell comes to an end
Hear the pack emerse, from their den
See them moving towards your mighty prey
See the closing in, your final day
They can sense your fear, deep inside
You're their prey tonight so pray for life

The Pack
The Pack

You can feel death's grip from the pain
Ripping through your flesh, like a blade
Their piercing teeth, and their iron claws
The pack moves in now, nature's call
Try to run, Ha ! Ha !
try to hide
No escape,
The pack will find....


The sun now shines across the grounds,
Revels the feast last night but not a sound
the snow now stained with human blood
For these lost souls life is done
So pray for souls, wandering endlessly
Until the next feast, the pack sleeps


Line Up:
Anthony Nichols - Guitar
Jesse Johnson - Bass
Stuart Dowie - Drums
Jim Koury - Guitar

Thanks to luxuskaizer for sending these lyrics.

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