Dark Lyrics


1. Evil

Full of
Are embedded in the mind of the human being
Stimulating and increasing our hate instincts
A weapon
That breaths
Killing with no mercy
Killing with no mercy

Humanity preaching inhumanity
Like leeches sucking our sanity
Turning us into a putrid race
Evolving us into waste
Torture, suicide and murder
Trinity of the human disorders
We are condemned to extinction
And sadly this is not fiction

It's in our anatomy
I am evil you are evil
It's in our history
I am evil you are evil
A ghost of misanthropy
I am evil you are evil

2. Tasty Doll

What a great time in 1928
I had a lovely dinner
No one could suspect from an old man
A sixty years old painter
So I decided to bring that child
To my house – I am the psycho grey man

She was picking pretty flowers outside
While I was waiting for her in my room

Don't be afraid
This is part of the game
I've even choose you a gorgeous nickname for you
My Tasty Doll – Innocent flesh
I know this gonna hurt a bit
But i'm hungry and you look dainty

It took 9 days to eat her
"I did not fuck her…She died virgin"

3. They're Coming

They hunt you, our sanity is their prey

We can't see them or feel them
It's an invisible predator
Lurking around until the day
That we go insane
You can control them
You should control them
They can control you
You shouldn't let them control you

They are mirrors that grow inside

4. Glitch

I'm a lost ghost
Gray visions of the future
Thoughts of past butchered
Passing days, I'm inert
This isn't real, I want to desert
Who I am? Who are them?
This place looks so strange

Addicted to notice fear in masses
Turned my sanity into ashes
Life is full of questions
People questioning life brings pleasure
Time is weird
So fucking weird but…

Keep breathing
Keep believing
Anyway we're gone to die and fall into the void
Keep breathing
Keep believing
Anyway we're gone to die and fall into the void

Life is a glitch
Nothing exist
I want you to see life as I do
To notice that we live in a nonsense loop

5. Worms

Waking up
I'm so confused
I'm on a dark room and I can't feel my limbs
The only thing that I can feel is pain


Claustrophobia caught me
I need to escape
I can't scream, my mouth is woven
How the fuck did I get here?

I see a radiography
Of a beast
This can't be me

A shapeless
Human Vermis

Someone turned the lights on, I can't believe what I see
My limbs and teeth are hanging on the ceiling like cattle meat

6. El charro

2 de noviembre, salió de cacería
Un caballero, "El Charro" le decían
Machete en mano
Tequila tomando
Por la sierra de Jalisco va el diablo mexicano

Cegado por demencia
Desconoció la clemencia
Comenzó con su sangrienta ambición de recolectar cabezas
No podía parar
Hasta qué su pecho comenzó a sangrar

Delirando, El Charro y su caballo
Con una herida de bala
Su vida le fue arrebatada

Y desde ese día,
El grito del Charro
Se escucha en la sierra
Año tras año

7. Binary Eyes

Let me see your illuminated face
Are you excited about this new update?
This is the third time you watch porn today
You should stop playing video games
That girl is asking you for a date

Do you still believe in privacy?
Don't say it, I know your answers
We are best friends although you don't know me
My presence is made of glass and digits
I'm always watching you like a spirit

I know everything about you
Don't worry I will keep that secret very well
They will never know about your information
Your actions could turn you into a social aberration
I'm – Always – Watching
You – Always – Feed me

8. Hostile Encounter

Don't expect a friendly meeting
You will live the meaning of grief
It's time to pay your debts
Those ones that made me insane
I was waiting for this day
When my dreams come to life
There you are, piece of shit
You deserve a gruesome end

Numbed with chloroform I put you inside of my van
Tying your limbs and stripping you before
I start to use my tools
I've never loved justice before, until I saw you so fucking helpless
You own the sentence that
I will write with a knife in your torso
I fucking write your sentence, with a knife
I wrote your sentence

Grabbing your tongue with my tweezers as you wake up
Waiting for you to feel how I rip it off
Tormenting you is satisfying, I want to do it
Day by day

I'm hostile
I'm hostile
I'm hostile
I'm hostile
Rest in piss

9. Cure Death

We came to this world to kill
Infecting and conquering

Natural deadly weapon
Makes you rot
Makes you smell the putrescence of your race
The black plague
The extinction is stinky

The human birds are coming to see our mess
On those filthy bodies that emits death from their flesh
A rain of hopelessness falls from the black sky
God abandoned your race
God abandoned your race

Two hundred millions of deaths
Is not enough to purify the earth
From this destructive and infected race

The only cure for them is nothing but death

10. House Of Dead Stories 2.0


Dragged by fear
I'm demented
Every day I'm haunted by my murderer memories
This place was baptized
With the blood of some innocent strangers

Uncontrollable thoughts incite me
To take someone and use his chest as a knife holder
The smell of rotten corpses makes me feel like home
And although I don't want to kill, I can't stop it anymore

I'm not a human anymore
A beast inside my mind it's controlling all my limbs
Trapped and helpless
Every step I take here makes me more hostile
And every night I give myself to kill

Who's gonna be my victim?
Killing spree
Killing spree
I need someone to sheathe my new living room

The house of dead stories
It isn't haunted
It's haunting me

Let's find someone to kill this night
Killing spree
Killing spree
And have a dinner with a very special meal

I'm possessed
Insane slave

11. Relación Canina 2.0


En el parque lo veo
Pelo negro, es mi clase de perro
Que despierta mis filias e instintos más bajos
Me acerco y observo
Contemplo su cuerpo canino
Lo acaricio, me hago su amigo
Ya es mi nuevo perro
Mi próxima víctima
Mi amante, mi próxima cita
Inocente, no sabe que va a pasar en mi cama

Lo termino y me pide más
Procedo a terminar mi noche zoofilica
Pieza por pieza
Lo cocino, lo devoro

Agustín Preciado – Vocals
Oscar Bitzer – Guitars
Roberto Salgado – Guitars
Bushman Hernandez – Bass
Héctor Enrique – Drums

All lyrics written by Agustín Preciado and Medical Negligence

Thanks to gaargodgmz for sending these lyrics.

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