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1. Eerie I Shall Become [And I Shall]

i've seen the signs, and nine times i have been rejecting
the leprosy of rationality and the stench of the truth
to see ruin in every picture
and ruin of myself within
in every sound i hear the mistune of human hands
and in every human deed a purulent wound of humanity
marking with its burden a single thought
i despise therefore nothingness seen through man's eyes
so i will burn your eyes out
until the ashes mix with the blood
and with mud flood the nostrils of every living being
for nothing here has right to live

i've heard the voices, and nine times i've been rejecting
the venom of belief in the present and mustiness of wisdom
to hear the last sigh in every voice
and the end of myself within
i despise everything i've seen
oh blessed be the blind and the deaf and the dumb
and those deeply suffering every passing second
and those staring at the cross with mouth full of foam
and the dead above all
for they've forgotten the pride of being a man
for no-one no longer has right to be proud

i've touched the wounds with rusty nails
and nine times i stabbed infant's head with bayonet
to open its mind
and transgress myself within
to hurt you beyond the limit
and kill myself finally
i wish every nerve would provide pain
and naive shine of dawn shall be carried away
by knife stabbed in the stomach
for the flame of hope has no right to flicker any more

2. Assault The Nature...

let the stars tremble and let the earth in convulsions toss
let the decay-eaten foundation of the world open wide its thighs
for the seas, the forests, the mountains and the human dreams
crash into heart of the earth
which not by lava but with hatred of one man was filled
within this womb a stench of abortion
in this very moment, all fires of wars and cataclysms
all spilled blood of every crime and human suffering
all rapes of mothers, daughters, sisters and wives
with resounding thunder of scream lasting for few thousand years time
bow before me
for to give you or not the alms of tomorrow
with a single motion of my thumb

i do not know myself neither i recognize my voice
i listen to words i didn't mean to speak
i see the motion, not the intention
i see the blood not feeling the pulse

waking up to life stabbing out a cigarette upon my genitals
with claws through throat extorting my liver
disfiguring my face and shattering my flesh
(for my own, silent, anonymous harm)

i scare to open my sweat-flooded eyes
to tear my hand off from my molten skin
hear a gust of fury
and into her womb plunge a glowing crowbar
until that whore spit with sparks

once again in revenge i shall burn down her entrails
i shall hurt, humiliate and disfigure her
for the passionate kiss of pain would taste better than ever
i am yours
i am yours with crime in my hands

3. Rape The Presence [For To]

i’m shattering the hours of belief
'cause not through but by death i want to breathe
and by glowing metal upon my skin
i'm drawing the only true path
i'm yearning
i hear the voice of mine, but i will roar the voice down
when in deepest devotion my flesh
a flame or a knife becomes
when my flesh in deepest humility
with arms wide open a dagger in my entrails hosts

when you speak through me
do not spare no-one
do not spare me

let the madness speak today by embers
and let fists tremble in convulsions
while fire is burning out my eyes
and i’m bleeding with smoke
stench of molten skin and fear

i have created the nightmare, for its fangs
i'll hang children of mine and sell my own friends
for these shallow gasps when i tear my face off
when my robes are torn apart by filth of damp soil
from which i have grown and owing to you i've returned to

let the madness speak today by ice
(and in veins clotted blood pull down
livid lips and eyes behind the fog
shall let you live anyway)

i have created the nightmare for to curse it for nine times
and its steel claws plunged into universe
dead body opens its mouth today and the purulent tongue speaks
with the voice of madman tied in chains
though this yelp soundless remains

so let the madness speak
so let the madness speak
but always let the madness speak through me

and do not spare no-one
do not spare me

4. Praise The Whoredom [And]

let the envy and breath-taking anger
before the madness throw a scarlet carpet of blood
and let the scream quench every candle

it is i who's coming
the one who raped the death
opening the graves
burning the names, thoughts and the need of being remembered

here's the one who has torn the innocence out of children’s' tight slits
the one who has covered the horizon with mountain chains of smoke
(and the heavens with the stormy clouds of ashes)

from now on…
every branch shall weigh down with the burden of infants
which livid entered this world through fusty and putrid women's wombs

along with life-giving rain
the ruins of temples and thrones,
bricks of brothels and prisons
and challenging spires of human advance
will fall piercing you

there is blood everywhere and strength beyond the limits
crushing the steel melting the air

even though i'm tearing the trees out with my anger
though i'm crushing steel and a concrete burying you in ashes
and when i swallow venom especially
nothing but silence comes

my nose along with ears and gums bleeds
teeth along with nails and along with lungs crack
(yet they knit together again when the wind finally calms down)

this is my fanaticism, this is my orthodoxy
my blindness and stupidity
this my devil disguised as whore

5. Horrify Through Self-Destruction

and laughing at the chains i’m the first one
who voluntarily submits to her will
because this love blooms in humiliation
and in self-mutilation i cannot express
because her filthy womb demands a greater sacrifice
then a handful of silver coins
then a handful of everything

in effable pain i'm squeezing in my hands
my putrid brain though
there is not enough strength

to extract out of it just another poisonous drop
which may infect at least one additional life

with cracking white shell upon my face
each neuron crumbles and each cell withers
i do not know myself anymore
neither my own memories

i see only fingerprints, horror and ashes
i see cut face which fragments i collect
and 'cause i'm unable to cut with them a throat of mine (or the throats of best others)
again i'm throwing them aside
i scrape a mask from my face, a wreath of pink slices of dead meat
revealing all the bruises, scars and abscesses depicting a map of my anatomy
and i a dead of the world won't tell you anything beyond the ruin of my life
the ruin of my life!

6. Overcuming The Whore Of Hate [And]

beneath me an abyss stinking of darkness
full of days extorted from memory
full of days that can't be born for me
at least alive

i behold
i deceive myself
maybe it's not inside

(maybe) anger of mine or at least my mediocrity
restrained thick air within nostrils of mine

so well that its claws could not reach further
so well that if not heart at least mind
is still able to choose

now i’m almost certain of it
certain of advantage

i am able to accept even those all lost days
mysterious hours, which i cannot count
to rejoice that i’m able to assemble
all the pieces of broken mirror
and not to remember all pictures it holds
and not to remember words
which poured out of me
like a pus...

who am i able to become
if deep wounds made by nails
most likely made by madly clenched fists
are able to be seen upon my hands?
and arms and neck are decorated by
jewelry of crust
taking particular forms
not because of accident?

7. Even If The Fate Is About To Change...

after taking away everything from myself
i have lived through half of my life
never abandoned and never forlorn
yet within this hermitage
i feel that this fate isn't my property
and this place belonging to on-one
just pretends hosting me

is this the very moment
when i close my eyes and see the darkness
and not the abyss hanging above me
suspended within me?

now i see through
i have never been arising but
like a sack of meat i'm constantly nailed
onto your enormous fang
so that you could stare within me for too long
so that you could take my life away

like a women pregnant for 20 months languid i wonder around
in my entrails carrying this huge sack
which i'll bestow to my child so that earlier it could die
or not lose time for conscious living his life
i'll take hours away from him, and save him from useless days
alive ones, which from now on
shall be an eternal curse for my entire kind...

(then through wrapped by black web eye
i'll look at people unseen to me for so long
whose gaze will speak to me the only language
greedy for tasting another one tragedy)

there is no turning back...
to win means to lose everything

8. Eerie We Have To Be!

eerie we have to be!

eerie we have to be
because only the stench of life and mumble of delusions
only disfigured faces and hearts especially

shall let us obtain everything which we are able to lose
do not even try to understand these words

and remain whores, remain traitors
do not stop stink and disgust
we don't want any dialogue
and single chance for peace

and even if the fate is about to change…
fuck you all!

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